7 Things Tax-Savvy Business Owners Should Do Before Year-End

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Steve Moskowitz founded the full-service tax law firm of Moskowitz, LLP with the firm belief that everyone with the drive and commitment to start and operate a profitable business should not be held back by fear or ignorance of the tax code.

Types of Chargebacks You Should Know About

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While your employees may not intentionally commit a merchant error, its consequences can be dire. Managing Your Finances business management chargebacks Entrepreneurship managing your finances Risk Management strategydrivenChargebacks have become a menace for online businesses.

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“Can I Deduct That?” 8 Must-Know Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

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Look at what you fork out every month to keep your business operational: Rental commitments, utility payments, internet costs, and phone usage are all crucial costs. Managing Your Finances business management managing your finances Small Business Finances strategydriven

Actionable Steps To Improve Your Business’ s Financial Position

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Businesses have been hit hard in recent times, as the pandemic situation has given many business owners cause to worry about their finances. If you have an accountant or any other type of financial adviser , sit down with them to discuss your finances.

How to Make Your Money Grow in Business

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These fees can eat out of your finances if they aren’t carefully managed. However, in order to see the growth you want, you’ve got to commit to learning and trying new strategies. Managing Your Finances business management Finances Scaling Your Business strategydriven

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Leadership & Initiative Overload | N2Growth Blog

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Women, Finance the World You Want

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So if you feel uncomfortable as an investor, here are two bullets to pack in your pistol: Investing is about financing dreams. Some of the dreams I finance are close to home. Investing also finances the kind of world we want. Commit to investing $1,000, which you will mentally label as "tuition for learning to navigate uncharted waters while investing in people's dreams." Finance Gender

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7 Things Tax-Savvy Business Owners Should Do Before Year-End

Strategy Driven

Steve Moskowitz founded the full-service tax law firm of Moskowitz, LLP with the firm belief that everyone with the drive and commitment to start and operate a profitable business should not be held back by fear or ignorance of the tax code.

A Quiet Revolution in Clean-Energy Finance

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Solyndra's example has been particularly stark: it raised over $1 billion in equity finance in addition to receiving a $535 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy, all prior to a cancelled IPO and the recent FBI investigation upon its bankruptcy. Between 2006 and 2008, more than $1 billion venture-capital dollars were channeled into startups focused on solar, wind and biofuel technologies.

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Tips to Reduce Loan Burdens

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So, you need to consider all of these points before you commit to a credit union. Remember that this represents a serious commitment and that you have the obligation to pay it!

How Your Personal Credit Score Could Affect Your Business

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But there is one area where it will affect you the most, and that’s when trying to get financing. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to circumvent these obstacles and still have a chance of getting financing for your business.

Understanding Hard Money Business Purpose Use Loan and The Benefits for Investors

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Specific to small business financing, hard money loans are available to both consumer and business owners. However, the best thing about applying for this loan is that you get fast access to financing. Managing Your Finances business management Hard Money Lending strategydriven

Two Simple Stress Relievers – Remarkable TV

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There are more than a few reasons for additional stress during the holiday season… Family, giving gifts, finances, over-commitment…the list goes on… So today, I’m giving two simple stress relievers to help you de-stress and relax as we head into the busy holiday season.

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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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And they apply whether your goals focus on physical health, finances, relationships, career or spirituality. Commitment By definition, a goal represents a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. For some reason, many of us wait until January 1 each year to set new goals.

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The Importance of Testing in an E-marketing Campaign

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To Increase Sales, Get Customers to Commit a Little at a Time

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To better address this reality, sellers should ask prospects to make incremental commitments throughout the process. Along with improving sales results, research has shown that incremental commitments can boost charitable giving, increase show rates for blood drives, and reduce smoking.

Survive and Thrive

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Commit to saving. business development Finance Management citibank survey survive thriveOne thing women are good at dealing with is change, especially women business owners and entrepreneurs. We adapt, change and morph with the times. It’s how women and women-owned businesses still thrive. A Citibank survey shows that women still have hope that their own personal financial situation will change for the better, despite what is going on with most of the economic world.

Why CEOs Should Commit to Many Small Battles Instead of a Single Big One

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Too often, senior executive teams favor horizontal, internally focused actions like “building a world-class finance function.” Such vertical goals often require embedding someone from a central function — say, finance — on the team, which helps reconnect matrixed functions to what’s actually happening on the front line.

Author Chris Brady's Leadership Blog: Leading Through Adversity

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 I really enjoyed my time with men so committed to the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Grab the Money!

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I know the requirements are vigorous but by seeking out a community lender, you will gain a partner committed to helping you get a piece of that pie. It’s no secret that you need capital to operate and grow, but then comes the question how do you get it? For some of the lucky ones they have the personal cash to use or they are able to tap well heeled friends and family for the money. For the unlucky ones, you need money to operate and grow, but where do you get it? Tap your community bank.

Management Week in Review for February 11, 2011

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Fair warning: I take a broad view of management, so my selections will range from leadership to innovation to finance and personal development and beyond. This week's selections feature content on corporate struggles in a changing world, ideas on creating organizations that drive remarkable commitment from their employees and customers, and a buffet of great leadership reading options at the February Leadership Development Carnival.

Trust the Process

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Commitment means you will persist with the process long before it appears to be working.

Preview Thursday-Dare to Serve

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I am a teacher, a counselor, a social worker, a mom, a minister, a finance advisor, and more. Purpose and meaning at work raise the energy level, commitment, and performance of the team.

How To Give More To Your Family

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When you begin to pay attention to how your spouse and children feel love, you can begin to commit acts which speak to their love language. Commit to shutting off communications to work by setting a do-not-disturb mode on your phone. Make a commitment to be better.

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Does Your Team Have a #1 Priority?

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The finance person’s priority is budgets and profit/loss statements. When the entire leadership team committed to customer service as its top priority, they communicated it across the division, divided up tasks, and initiated a thorough project plan to address the issue.

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10 Guiding Principles That Will Lead You to Future Happiness and Success

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Make your commitments a priority, and you’ll earn something invaluable-- trust. Take care of your health and finances on a daily basis. W E SPEND SO MUCH TIME focusing on credentials, experience, intelligence, and presentation.

4 Aspects Job Seekers Are Looking for in 2019

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Employee engagement refers to the level of emotional connection and commitment that your employees have to your company. This type of program can include help for employees who are feeling stressed out about finances or who are dealing with anxiety, both at work or at home.

Stephen Schwarzman’s 25 Rules for Work & Life

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This is where he really learned about finance and discovered his strengths. Gather the right people and resources; then commit.

6 Practical Strategies to Take Care of your Financial Future.

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A financial plan is a strategy that allows you to manage your finances so as to observe financial health and achieve your goals. What we forget is that such acts take a toll on our finances. This will allow you to organize your finances and achieve your long term goals.

Susan Mazza: The Character-Based Leader Co-Author Interview

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She is also a contributing blogger for the Lead Change Group, Polymash, and Talent Culture and was among the founding “leadership instigators” in the Lead Change Group.With a commitment to unleashing the human spirit at work, Susan is a leadership coach, motivational speaker and business consultant. in mobile app development.Susan graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Finance.

There Is No Time To Hurry Up And Wait

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M aking any progress, process transformation or change across American communities and throughout the global business communities as usual is always hard and usually requires a significant investment of resources – people, finance and effort. In the end, the lessons you’ll walk away with will outline everything you don’t know that you don’t know about creating commitment, accountability and most importantly a sense of urgency. By Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts.

A 5 Step Action Plan to Require of Colleges.

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Parents will not be willing to risk their family finance and retirement without greater assurance of achieving the end goal—JOB OPPORTUNITY. This is a powerful article from my good friend, Hans Hanson — a National College Advisor who helps families save college costs and win admissions.

Saving Face: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust

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As an example of how to save face, I often share the story of Jeff, the finance director of a multinational company. As Finance Director, Jeff had designed and deployed the entire cash flow process that allowed this employee to commit the fraud undetected.

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Choosing Courage

Terry Starbucker

Larry is a fellow partner with Social Venture Partners Portland , an organization committed to ensuring all children in the community have thriving and productive lives. A former finance controller at Intel, his passion was and continues to be helping people realize their potential.

How to Increase Church Staff Without Spending a Dime

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They may not be leading yet, they may not even appear committed at this time, but it also could be they are waiting for an opportunity. When I left the church where I was pastor we had seven amazing people on our finance committee, for example.

I Love Capitalism!

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Ultimately capitalism is about personal responsibility, ownership, and commitment. Again, personal responsibility, ownership, and commitment. To make that claim, would be to commit a grave sin against all the many, many people who helped me get to where I am.

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The Lion on the Desk

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Take a new competitive threat for example… (SENSE) Sales people might hear and observe their customers’ reactions to that threat – as might your market researchers, call center folks, external market experts, and even your finance team as they watch the erosion of market share and revenue.

Know Your History, Purpose and Direction


My career from that point has almost always been in leadership roles within the retail, hospitality, finance and contact centre industries in Australia and overseas. Industries we have worked within include finance, architecture, recruitment, health, government and local council.

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How to Build ROPE Teams in Sales Organizations

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Our Inside ROPE teams were comprised of colleagues in our company’s marketing, accounting, finance, engineering, support, purchasing, and other functional units. But the members of your team will be much more likely to go the extra mile if you demonstrate a sincere commitment to helping them succeed in their own careers. This is a post by Susan Ershler co-author of Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales.

Advice For Becoming A Better Entrepreneur

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Commit to nurturing long-term business relationships with other professionals and customers as well. Proactively Manage Your Finances. Be proactive about managing your finances by setting budgets and holding regular meetings to discuss the status of your business and your profits.

Does Your Wellbeing Need a Boost?

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You can structure your finances to minimize the worry caused by debt. And you can make commitments to community, religious, or volunteer groups, knowing that you will follow through once you’ve signed up in advance. Gallup scientists have determined that there are five universal and interdependent elements of wellbeing that differentiate a thriving life from one spent suffering: Career : liking what you do every day (Tip: Every day, use your strengths.).

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Some Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

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Products and Services (price, quality, Finances (stability, profitability, debt to equity ratio). Organizational (leadership, accountability, commitment, engagement). A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization''s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The purpose of using the SWOT tool is to uncover or reveal the organization''s competitive advantages, and what opportunities (sales, profitability) to capitalize upon.


July 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

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What about in your finances, or in your relationships? ” This post shares four principles leaders can follow to inspire trust, loyalty, and commitment. Welcome to the July Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, team building, and more. Communication. Beth Beutler of H.O.P.E. Unlimited contributed How and When to Apologize.