How To Ask Remarkably Better Questions To Encourage Great Ideas

Great Leadership By Dan

You’re also committed to MBWA (or in today’s pandemic-constrained world, Management By Clicking Around- MBCA). You ask in ways that draw out people’s best thinking, new ideas, and customer-focused solutions.

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New Leadership for a Changing Workforce

Great Leadership By Dan

So, for these Second-Wavers, I’d recommend focusing on the three P’s: Personal Attention, Professional Development, and Purpose. Purpose After observing focus groups of Second-Wavers, one thing really stands out: They want to know not just what to do and how to do it, but why.


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7 Strategic Questions Your Team Should Be Able to Answer

Let's Grow Leaders

I just wish they would focus on the day-to-day work.” There’s no long-term commitment. I ask this question every time I go into a focus group. I’ve never met an executive who said, “my team’s just too strategic. ” Nope in fact it’s quite the opposite concern. “How do I get my team to think more strategically?”

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3M’s SVP of HR Kristen Ludgate on a Better Way to Attract Top Talent

HR Digest

We launched a new culture framework in 2019 to articulate what our culture is – and what we aspire it to be – with a focus on building on our strengths and committing to stretch ourselves into the future. COURAGE UNDER CHANGE.

Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Creating a renewed focus for each person to be working for shared values and commitment to the organization, teams, the community, stake holders, and each other. The coaching commitment consisted of 10 one on one meeting lasting from 45-90 minutes, with each of the managers meeting separately. Within these coaching times focused development, feedback and field work assignments were discussed and explored to develop the defined objectives.

How to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth

Skip Prichard

This is a company that has focused on its culture from day one. And because of its ongoing commitment to culture, Zappos continues to perform well, even weathering an acquisition by Amazon—without doubt an extraordinarily different corporate culture. Culture Spark.

19 Tips & Ideas on Starting & Running Your Own Business

Miles Anthony Smith

If you want your business to be a success, you need to make a long-term commitment to it, so you’d better make sure it’s something that you truly feel passionate about. See if you can't put a small focus group together, preferably strangers. While a focus group can't fully represent how your idea will do in the wild, it will at least give you an idea of how it could be received by the public. Starting Your Own Business?

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Trust Busters in Mergers and Acquisitions

Coaching Tip

Regular feedback sessions at all levels can help people reflect on where they’re at; their confidence, commitment, and energy, and what it will take to regain it. Additionally, employee surveys and focus groups can be beneficial. Acknowledge lessons learned and commit to concentrating on problem solving, not blaming. By Dennis and Michelle Reina.

For the L of It: Leadership and Love

The Practical Leader

As someone in a focus group quipped, “The most dangerous place in this organization is at the exit door around quitting time. When we’re excited about our work — when we feel like valued partners and have a commitment to our team and to reaching our goals together — we’re much less likely to call in sick. Is your leadership sparking and smothering the flames of passion and commitment in your team?

Selling is not a ‘common’ practice.

Strategy Driven

By jumping on these online requests immediately and illustrating your commitment by setting an appointment, you are already showing your professionalism that in most cases goes far beyond the competition. Based on recent focus groups with clients who are involved in buying/procurement departments, we heard loud and clear their frustration with trying to get someone on the phone to quote prices. Selling is not a ‘common’ practice. It is NOT easy.

5 Leadership Signals that Turn Culture into Advantage

Skip Prichard

That example highlights the glaring importance of focusing on culture. I’d need to conduct a dozen customer and employee focus groups to fill in the gaps if I wasn’t having regular check-ins with the shoeshine guy.” Team members FEEL local leaders are genuinely committed to our agile transformation. Make Your Culture an Asset. “Your organization’s culture: It’s either an asset or a liability.

To Retain Employees, Focus on Inclusion — Not Just Diversity

Harvard Business

Picture, for example, a Muslim who prays in his car because he doesn’t want to advertise his religion, a mother who doesn’t put up pictures of her children so that coworkers won’t question her commitment to the job, or a gay executive who is unsure whether he can bring his partner to company functions. Three of the most effective ways to find out are survey assessments, focus groups, and one-on-one conversations. Ellen van Bodegom/Getty Images.

Kellogg Company’s Melissa Howell on The Value of Recruiting Veteran Talent

HR Digest

We seek (and listen to) qualitative feedback from our employees through our global opinion survey, focus groups and roundtables with our Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs). The HR Digest: Can you tell us about Kapable, Kellogg’s newest Employee Resource Group (ERG), for individuals with disabilities and their supporters; and KVets, which focuses on supporting veterans at the Kellogg Company and local communities?

7 Vital Steps Prior to Implementing Major Change

Ron Edmondson

I’m not saying it will come to this, but it is the level of commitment you need to have before you introduce major change. Use a focus group. On major changes, I like to bring in a group of people who are generally supportive of my leadership, but represent all the major groups within the church. Many times this group become supporters of the change, or at least they don’t work against it, because they feel included in the process.

Building Great and Nimble Teams - An Equation #management

Management Craft

This work is sometimes done in the form of focus groups, interviews, or team training sessions. Emotional commitment is critical for all employees in all industries. The opposite of emotional commitment is detachment. While most managers are clear that they need to improve accountability, fewer also focus on building ownership or they don’t understand how the two concepts relate and are different. Groups are important to us.

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7 Vital Steps Prior to Implementing Major Change

Ron Edmondson

I’m not saying it will come to that, but that’s the level of commitment you need to have before you introduce major change. Focus group – On major changes, I like to bring in a group of people who are generally supportive of my leadership, but represent all the major groups within the church. Many times this group become supporters of the change, or at least they don’t work against it, because they feel included in the process.

7 Vital Steps Prior to Implementing Major Change

Ron Edmondson

I’m not saying it will come to this, but it is the level of commitment you need to have before you introduce major change. Use a focus group. On major changes, I like to bring in a group of people who are generally supportive of my leadership, but represent all the major groups within the church. Many times this group become supporters of the change, or at least they don’t work against it, because they feel included in the process.

The Big Picture of Business: The Colonel and Me

Strategy Driven

’ I commissioned focus groups. To test the premise, I staged a focus group dinner meeting at a prominent inner-city church, eliciting ideas and insights. Building corporate cultures and successful businesses means making and sticking to commitments.). Business Know-How Comes From Experience – The Value of Life-Long Mentoring. The Business Tree : Growth Strategies and Tactics for Surviving and Thriving. by Hank Moore.

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How Facebook Uses Empathy to Keep User Data Safe

Harvard Business

Online security often focuses on technical details — software, hardware, vulnerabilities, and the like. Engaging with your users on a regular basis — through reporting tools built into your product, online surveys, or focus groups, for example — is a necessary step for understanding, rather than assuming you know, their challenges and needs. A focus on outcomes rather than inputs.

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Why Women Aren’t Making It to the Top of Financial Services Firms

Harvard Business

To find out, Oliver Wyman surveyed 850 financial services professionals from around the world (both men and women), interviewed over 100 senior female executives globally (C-suite and board members), and held focus groups with Millennial women working across a number of financial institutions in the U.S. When the “deal” involved in committing themselves to getting to the top is worse for women, it is no wonder that fewer women take it.

Let Your Call Center Reps Collaborate

Harvard Business

Transforming an organization’s climate to one of network judgment takes time and commitment, but can be done. Often, there remain underlying barriers to collaboration that companies only surface once they engage reps in listening tours and focus groups. Walk into any customer-service department and you’re likely to encounter a scene that looks more like a factory floor than a knowledge-worker environment.

How to Strengthen Your Reputation as an Employer

Harvard Business

The company conducted employee focus groups and found that working there didn’t actually feel like working for a global company. Internal marketing around your employee value proposition serves to re-recruit staff, reminding them why they joined, strengthening their commitment to stay, and prompting them to refer others to the company. Juj Winn/Getty Images. Many companies are aiming to be more transparent and authentic about their products, services, and costs.

How Self-Care Became So Much Work

Harvard Business

Our focus is shifting away from the actual self — our bodies, minds, and spirits — and toward data about the self. I have led focus group discussions about meditation apps and created websites and content campaigns for prominent skin care lines, juice cleanse companies, and mental health apps. Mindfulness meditation has also been shown to reduce levels of interleukin-6 , a biomarker in the blood that is elevated in high-stress groups.

How Atrius Health Is Making the Shift from Volume to Value

Harvard Business

For years, Atrius Health had been focusing on standardizing processes, removing waste, and improving efficiency using improvement activities employing lean. The first innovation project, Care in Place, focused on patients over 65 years old. It must be acknowledged that assigning full-time clinicians to such roles, those that don’t entail directly delivering care to patients, is a large commitment. prior focus groups, surveys, and Press Ganey data).

How Women of Color Get to Senior Management

Harvard Business

To increase diversity at senior executive levels, more must be known about one group in particular: women of color in midlevel leadership, who successfully developed and progressed beyond individual contributor and first-line management. Sixteen women were interviewed and seven others participated in a focus group. These situations involved complex assignments focusing on strategy, product development, business operations, and financial management.

Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Going Social in the Business World.

Strategy Driven

You also need to make sure you have the wherewithal to commit to growing and sustaining your Social Nation, and you’ve got to make sure that you have buy-in from within your company. One of the best strategies for going social as quickly and effectively as possible is to designate employees and subject matter experts to act as community success managers focused on fostering community growth and member satisfaction.

Case Study: When You Have to Choose Between Core and New Customers

Harvard Business

Market research had shown that committed maniacs like Toby were already shelling out that kind of money (sometimes more) just to travel to registration sites. They thought Danny would go for this solution because it was more targeted, focusing on price increases for only those willing to pay in order to save on the hassle and multiple registrations. “Like in focus groups? It was the Monday morning after the Phoenix race.

The Turnaround that Kept Spider-Man on Broadway

Harvard Business Review

They believed in the project, the committed cast and production team, and themselves. They focused on fixing the mistakes and improving the show. Preview audiences were leaving Spider-Man confused, so the co-producers conducted focus groups, asking early questions about specific aspects of the show. Harris and Kohl triumphed with fierce imagination, commitment to customers, unwavering focus and a strong partnership.

Rethinking the Work of Leadership

Harvard Business Review

As the program began to gain traction, another idea surfaced: Customer Commitments. Think of the commitments as customer promises — specific actions that any TELUS team member would carry out to help a customer regardless of role. Instead of locking its most senior executives in a room to decide what the Customer Commitments were going to be for the organization, we designed a collaborative process that involved the entire organization.

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Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem

Harvard Business Review

I featured Ronn, a former P&G executive (and current executive coach and entrepreneur), in several places in The Little Black Book of Innovation , most notably for his rant against the evils of focus groups. Form a growth group! Any executive that doesn't make innovation a strategic priority, ensure there is ample investment in it, and approach the problem strategically is committing corporate malfeasance.

Capturing the Innovation Mindset at Bally Technologies

Harvard Business Review

The company combines this with an intense focus on execution and weekly course correction — but also uses innovation as a means to get the employees energized. Focus groups are also used to understand how engaging the games are, whether they need to be redesigned or fine-tuned, and whether the opportunity needs to be shaped before it becomes practical. Its Innovation Lab focuses on ideas and technologies two to five years out, not all of which come to fruition.

Attract and Keep A-Players with Nonfinancial Rewards

Harvard Business Review

One such dad commented in a CTI focus group, "I'm the primary breadwinner, so I can't take time off now. Thanking people for their hard work and commitment is the key to making them feel appreciated. Even when I send a recognition note to a big group or team, I try to add a personalized paragraph in each person's email, so it's highly tailored to the individual.". Attracting and retaining top talent are perennial concerns among managers, in good times and in bad.

You Need a Community, Not a Network

Harvard Business Review

To get serious results from a network, you need commitment and a continuity of relationships among the participants. Members of a community — as opposed to a simple network — expect relationships within the group to continue, and they even hold one another accountable for effort and performance. Eager to change that, Gilbert encouraged her group to reach out to women customers. Second, they couple the inspirational message with a real-world focus on performance.

Flextime Is Declining, But “Flex Around the Edges” Is Up

Harvard Business Review

In interviews and focus groups conducted during the depth of the Great Recession , we found that companies that gave a little got a lot back: Employees reported greater engagement in their jobs, higher levels of job satisfaction, stronger intentions to remain with their employers, less negative and stressful spillover from job to home and vice versa, and better overall mental health.

Engage Employees Using Customer Service Tactics

Harvard Business Review

Employee focus groups identify key themes and issues, and employee teams help develop solutions, which they present to store management. Conventional approaches to employee engagement tend to focus on overall workplace improvements and benefits because those things can be directed by staff from the center. Most companies claim they want enthusiastic, engaged employees — and with good reason. Employee engagement and financial performance are connected.

The Health Care Industry Needs to Start Taking Women Seriously

Harvard Business Review

Instead, according to new research from the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI), the fundamental issue is the health care industry’s failure to develop a nuanced understanding of, and commitment to, women as consumers and decision makers. These seem like no-brainers, but in our interviews and focus groups, women continually report these provisions absent in their own relationships with insurance providers.

Use Big Data to Predict Your Customers' Behaviors

Harvard Business Review

As immortalized in a "Smarter Planet" commercial from IBM, such insight can help deploy officers to locations where crimes are likely to occur before they are actually committed. Traditional market research generally involves unnatural acts, such as surveys, mall-intercept interviews, and focus groups. "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future." So said Yogi Berra, baseball great and amateur philosopher.

How Sephora Reorganized to Become a More Digital Brand

Harvard Business Review

When I joined in 2007, it was obvious Sephora had the right ingredients to become a world-class digital brand — willingness to take risks, commitment to customers, and passion for educating clients. Each group can imagine things are possible that the other might not have dreamed of. My kids are my best focus group. Sephora, the cosmetics retailer, has been widely recognized as a leader in integrating its digital marketing efforts into its overall strategy.

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Three Signs That You Should Kill an Innovative Idea

Harvard Business Review

Don’t confuse emotional engagement with focus group feedback or customer satisfaction scores. If measurably greater participation and engagement with your prototypes and simulations fail to move the emotional needles of your prospects, they’re not going to commit to you when the real challenges materialize.

How to Design a Corporate Wellness Plan That Actually Works

Harvard Business Review

Individuals may not focus on long-term benefits of a given action when a short-term reward (for example smoking a cigarette, consuming a large pizza, or spending hours watching television) is more appealing. Leadership commitment and support. A successful health promotion program starts with a commitment from company leaders, and its continued success depends on ongoing support at all levels of the organization.

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How Mayo Clinic Is Using iPads to Empower Patients

Harvard Business Review

With all this in mind, a group at the Mayo Clinic led by the four of us developed and implemented a standardized practice model over a three-year period (2010-2012) that significantly reduced variation and improved predictability of care in adult cardiac surgery. Those contributors included the four of us as well as “floor” nurses, education specialists, discharge planners, physician assistants, social workers, occupational and physical therapists and a patient focus group.

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The Eight Phases of Brand Love

Harvard Business Review

A wave of laughter hit the focus group observation room that was so loud that I’m sure the respondents could hear us on the other side of the 2-way mirror. Commitment, intimacy, dependability—she felt all of these, not about Diet Coke, but from it. This is the commitment stage, where the brand and consumer relationship has hit its peak – the brand continues to romance the consumer and the consumer stays loyal to the brand.

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