Leadership: A Global Perspective

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This fall, I embarked on a worldwide quest to gain insights and perspectives on global leadership in the 21st century. Opening your mind to global perspectives can inspire you to improve yourself and the people around you too.

One Cost of Increased Globalization: More Industrial Accidents

Harvard Business

Industrial accidents can be devastating to the people and communities involved. In a recent study, we examine one crucial, yet overlooked, factor: economic globalization. We thought it was likely that two interrelated aspects of globalization – growing international economic interactions and the state policies that facilitate them – are likely to increase the probability of industrial disasters. Globalization Labor Regulation Digital Article


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John Iino on How Reed Smith Builds an Inclusive Culture Globally

HR Digest

John Iino talked with The HR Digest about the various Diversity & Inclusion programs which have put Reed Smith on the global map as one of the top diversity employers. It’s important to remember that a commitment to DEI doesn’t have to be a zero sum game.

The Great Resignation Calls for Values Rededication and Integration

The Practical Leader

Client satisfaction was high, and the firm won awards from industry peer groups for the professionalism and effectiveness of their services. Declarations versus Applications: The Commitment Continuum. Their commitment is a road to lofty values paved with good intentions.

Education and Corporations – A New Partnership

Lead Change Blog

Moreover, when 3,000 corporate leaders from 25 countries were surveyed as part of General Electric’s Global Innovation Barometer , their top concern was “a need to better align the education system with business needs.” Intergenerational collaboration, industry language, and professionalism. New industry interest in relocation to city. Leadership Growth Change Coaching Alignment Commitment

3 Reasons Global Firms Should Keep Investing in India

Harvard Business

While India remains a formidably challenging market, there are at least three reasons why global firms cannot overlook India without consequences. Industrial companies like JCB, Cummins, AECOM, General Electric and investors like Brookfield have successfully capitalized on India’s infrastructure investments. In fact, JCB makes half its global profits in India. Emerging markets Global strategy Economic development South Asia Digital Articleboris sv/Getty Images.


Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Go Global?

Harvard Business

Ask managers responsible for global business development how they determined their companies’ growth potential when they entered new international markets, and most will cite an array of positive factors external to their organizations, things such as favorable country-specific economic and market trends, rising GDP, a growing middle class, increasing incomes, and strong demand for high-quality goods and services. laura schneider FOR HBR.

Germany’s Midsize Manufacturers Outperform Its Industrial Giants

Harvard Business

Germany is ranked fourth in the global economy, but it’s home to only 28 companies in the Fortune 500. They possess an extreme focus on the wishes of global customers. Talk to these midsize firms and you will hear the same thing: “We want to be the best in our field” and “We want long-term commitment to this field.” These personal relationships last and support a collaborative spirit and a shared culture of trust and commitment.

How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? This 2×2 Matrix Will Tell You

Harvard Business

The topic of industry disruption — “a process whereby a smaller company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge established incumbent businesses” — is rife with misconceptions. Industry disruption, as Accenture research has found, is reasonably predictable. For the latter, we measured incumbents’ operational efficiency, commitment to innovation, and defenses against attack. Consider the newspaper-publishing industry.

Equifax, the Credit Reporting Industry, and What Congress Should Do Next

Harvard Business

Of that number, 29% involved the use of personal data to commit tax fraud. More than 32% reported that their data was used to commit credit card fraud, up sharply from 16% in 2015. And the lax response imperils global data flows. The credit reporting industry is fundamentally flawed. The essential problem with the credit reporting industry is that it does not work. Reforms should not just fix these issues but also aim to transform the industry for the better.

Abbe Luersman from Otis on Creating Communities to Win as One

HR Digest

In a remarkable interview with The HR Digest, Luersman talks about the various DE&I programs which have put Otis on the global map as one of the top employers for LGBTQ+ employees and executive women and minorities.

CPO 36

Industry Knows No Gender

Harvard Business Review

Every year, 20-first's Global Gender Balance Scorecard looks at a single measure of progress: the gender balance of the Executive Committee of the TOP 100 companies in three key regions of the globe. For the Natural Resources Industry we surveyed 24 companies , with a collective total of 221 ExCom members. Half of the major global natural resource companies we recently surveyed have not a single woman on their Executive Committees. But it does take commitment at the top.

Behind China's Roaring Solar Industry

Harvard Business Review

It previously approved the Golden Sun initiative for the first half of this year and committed prodigious amounts of government cash to the sector. More than 15 percent of the country's investment goes into real estate, and around 12 percent of GDP comes from property-related industries. China Global business Sustainability

Priorities for Jumpstarting the U.S. Industrial Economy

Harvard Business Review

Retooled industrial-age machinery sits alongside robotic-manufacturing equipment. Aquion is a modern success story for American industry. But in order to create and foster more such firms, we need to recognize that today’s most cutting-edge industrial players are not monolithic; they straddle the lines between manufacturing and services, and production and innovation. We call this super-sector “advanced industries.”

2020 Top CHRO List – The People Leaders To Watch

N2Growth Blog

We find ourselves amidst the challenges of living and working in a triple-threat world of a global pandemic, economic instability, and political unrest. Impact on their industry and in the broader communities they serve.

What’s Holding Women Back in Science and Technology Industries

Harvard Business Review

The presence of these women would imply that science, engineering, and technology (SET) industries welcome women. The fact is, senior female leaders in SET industries are still too few and far between. women working in SET fields are 45% more likely than their male peers to leave the industry within the year. Brazil, China, and India are committed to their work and their careers. Gender Tech industry Virginia Rometty at IBM. Marillyn Hewson at Lockheed Martin.

How IBM's Sam Palmisano Redefined the Global Corporation

Harvard Business Review

The real story behind IBM's success is the course Palmisano set for 21st century global enterprises. Palmisano reorganized IBM into a "globally integrated enterprise" focused on worldwide collaboration. His ingenious first step toward creating a collaborative culture was a massive, global collaboration. The most active and successful leaders today see themselves as part of the global community and peer groups. Global business Leadership

The Industries That Are Being Disrupted the Most by Digital

Harvard Business Review

Every year, Russell Reynolds Associates surveys more than 2,000 C-level executives on the impact, structure, barriers, and enablers of digital technologies across 15 industries. The barometer below shows the percentage of executives surveyed who responded that their business would be moderately or massively disrupted by digital in the next 12 months, broken down by industry. The Global Digital Economy. Commitment. We’re at a critical time for the digital economy.

B2C 9

What Trump’s Trade War Could Mean for the WTO and Global Trade

Harvard Business

industry for national security reasons. Taken together, these tariffs have baffled businesses, created uncertainty at home and abroad, and sown doubts about Washington’s commitment to free trade. Yet the global economy is not descending into chaos. doesn’t wait, other countries will innovate their own unilateral tariffs, bringing the rules-based global economy to a standstill. Globalization Policy Digital Articlefrank mckenna/unsplash.

Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm … on “Good Company”

The Practical Leader

” “… companies that closely mesh their external brand with their employee experience outperform peers … tight alignment between a company’s external message and its employment “deal” — the rewards and experience a firm offers to workers — leads to increased employee engagement and retention, a superior customer experience, and a 15 percent higher market premium compared to industry peers.”

IPO 46

First Look: Leadership Books for March 2021

Leading Blog

He has served on many boards and is a sought-after mentor for CEOs of global companies. Leadership is getting harder as the speed of disruption across all industries accelerates. Horsager offers a road map for how to become the most trusted expert in your industry.

Books 308

Trust the Process

Chris Brady

Commitment means you will persist with the process long before it appears to be working.

Sustaining Collaboration for Decades

Mills Scofield

MPC) transformed its culture from a staid, old-line traditional industrial one into a 21 st Century innovation and collaboration one. The continuity and stability of MPC’s core values is a bulwark against market, industry and global cycles. Authenticity Business Core Values Corporate Mission Corporate Values Culture Culture of Collaboration Culture of Innovation Employee Passion collaboration commitment credibilityMenasha Packaging Corp.

Unify Your Global Company Through a Common Language

Harvard Business Review

One of the biggest challenges facing any company in global expansion mode is how to maintain swift and sure communication. At Rakuten we faced this challenge and have embraced a solution that not only improved our communication as a company, but it propelled us into the ranks of global expansion leadership. It is the commitment to English as the company''s official language. It was purely a practical choice, drawn from my own experiences in the global marketplace.

Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common

Leading Blog

And with today’s digital economy and globalized markets making organizations more and more decentralized, it’s getting harder than ever for workers to create meaningful relationships with others. This self-awareness helps them lead with confidence and share their true passion and commitment.

The Best Leadership Books of 2020

Leading Blog

As Harvard lecturer and global trend watcher Vikram Mansharamani shows in this eye-opening and perspective-shifting book, our complex, data-flooded world has made us ever more reliant on experts, protocols, and technology. 2020 has tested us.

Books 368

Buying Gold in the Olympics and in the Global War for Talent

Harvard Business Review

Entire nations are going head to head in the global war for talent — and using citizenship to buy it. They become less loyal to their country than to their profession or industry. The phrase “mobile talent” implies rootlessness, but the ability to commit to one’s new environment — broadly and deeply, as Ahn did — is crucial to succeeding in it. They require infrastructure, training, and commitment. Competition Global business Talent management

How To Get Funding Through Horizon Europe?

Strategy Driven

The three pillars include excellent science, global challenges and European industrial competitiveness, and innovative Europe pillars. In contrast, the global challenges and European industrial competitiveness pillar invests in societal challenges research.

No Company Can Solve a Massive Global Problem on Its Own

Harvard Business Review

But they must also contend with threats that lie far beyond any company’s control and that require whole industries to be transformed. How can one organization even begin to attempt to solve a complex global problem like climate change, food insecurity, deteriorating infrastructure, or economic inequality? Companies committed specific investments and developed new business models to extend value chains to poor farmers.

Three Key Criteria for Choosing the Right Custom Learning Partner

The Center For Leadership Studies

Criteria 1: Industry Visibility. When researching potential providers, assess their visibility and longevity across the industry. You can get a very accurate indication of an organization’s commitment to supporting L&D by evaluating their response during COVID-19.

Why the Apple Watch Is a Gift to the Swiss Watch Industry

Harvard Business Review

The launch of the Apple Watch this week has raised questions about its impact on the Swiss watch industry. A similar phenomenon has recently occurred in the book industry. One of many reasons for this revival is that booksellers have benefited from continued demand for children’s books, which remain near the top of the fastest growing segments in the publishing industry. The Swiss watch industry no longer competes on the same dimensions that will drive Apple Watch sales.

Leading Through Language

Eric Jacobson

"When you convey your vision, you must show your passion for it and commitment to it," explains Bart Egnal in his book, Leading Through Language. For example, here are two examples from Egnal that demonstrate how to take a generic vision and then deliver it with language that shows the speaker's emotions : Emotionless : "To become Florida's industry leader in caring for seniors in their retirement by 2020." Let's choose that path and become a global fertilizer company."

GP Strategies partners with The Center for Leadership Studies to offer Situational Leadership® Training

The Center For Leadership Studies

Cary, NC – May 16, 2022 – GP Strategies, a global leader in workforce transformation solutions, partnered with The Center for Leadership Studies to offer their suite of influence-centered programming globally to GP clients. This curriculum is offered in more than 25 languages and multiple modalities, and it has been leveraged by small and large organizations globally to build leadership capability and depth.

Addressing the Need for Custom Learning Solutions

Experience to Lead

Customer centricity is a mega-trend impacting many industries, and L&D is no exception. What this co-creative approach guarantees is alignment and commitment to the effectiveness of the learning solution.

How To Use Words That Create Excitement And Passion

Eric Jacobson

"When you convey your vision, you must show your passion for it and commitment to it," explains Bart Egnal in his book, Leading Through Language. For example, here are two examples from Egnal that demonstrate how to take a generic vision and then deliver it with language that shows the speaker's emotions : Emotionless : "To become Florida's industry leader in caring for seniors in their retirement by 2020." Let's choose that path and become a global fertilizer company."

How To Convey Emotion When You Speak

Eric Jacobson

"When you convey your vision, you must show your passion for it and commitment to it," explains Bart Egnal in his book, Leading Through Language. For example, here are two examples from Egnal that demonstrate how to take a generic vision and then deliver it with language that shows the speaker's emotions : Emotionless : "To become Florida's industry leader in caring for seniors in their retirement by 2020." Let's choose that path and become a global fertilizer company.".

How To Navigate The Ever-Changing Public Relations Landscape

Eric Jacobson

These experts provided me with countless valuable recommendations, and their insights were particularly important in making this handbook reflective of the global nature of modern public relations. I’m expecting a dramatic growth in the industry.

Use Words That Show Your Emotional Investment

Eric Jacobson

"When you convey your vision, you must show your passion for it and commitment to it," explains Bart Egnal in his new book, Leading Through Language. For example, here are two examples from Egnal that demonstrate how to take a generic vision and then deliver it with language that shows the speaker's emotions : Emotionless : "To become Florida's industry leader in caring for seniors in their retirement by 2020." Let's choose that path and become a global fertilizer company."

The Leadership Vacuum | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

The text that follows is meant as both a rebuke of my industry, and a challenge to my fellow practitioners…It is my hope that this post stimulates vigorous discussion, and a great deal of thought on how we evolve the practice & discipline of leadership, not for our own glory, but for the good of our clients and society as a whole. You point out that some leadership so-called experts might just be in the industry to make a quick buck.

Blog 241

Cloud Computing and Business

Lead Change Blog

Most people understand the general concept of cloud computing, but fail to grasp the specific impacts it has on their industry. Cloud computing will continue to change how all industries do business, even those not directly related to software and internet services. So if a company’s busiest time is during the holiday months, they can increase server load for that period and then reduce it afterward and lower their financial commitment.

Talent Search in a Digital Age

N2Growth Blog

Sometimes, lack of technical skills keeps them from designing a powerful LinkedIn profile, and very often, this a matter of the number of time commitments that prevent them from online acitivities. Global talent search. Many corporations face challenges in responding to the expansion of the global market. In the past, companies focused on local candidates for executive positions, but now the target is increasingly globalized, as it extends outside of the country.

How This Crisis Will Change the Future Of Leadership

Lead from Within

A global crisis of the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic brings wide-ranging changes—changes that not only affect a single organization or industry or nation but that cause us to rebuild the way we think about leadership.

Crisis 155

5 Ways to Lead Change in a Change-Averse Environment

Lead Change Blog

Despite the constancy of change in today’s global marketplace, the environment for change in many organizations is unfriendly at best. How can a leader initiate and navigate change in a change-averse industry or culture? This approach invites commitment to change as a trial run. Few organizations have the appetite for change found at Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other innovative firms.