What is a Participating Leadership Style?

The Center For Leadership Studies

A participating leadership style is a low task behavior, high relationship behavior approach to leadership that helps followers solve problems. What a participating leadership style looks like: The leader: Encourages input. Is losing commitment or motivation (regressing).

How to Involve Participants in a Leadership Training Program

Great Leadership By Dan

Even the most brilliant, credible, and talented instructors with the most dazzling PowerPoint slides won’t guarantee participants in a leadership training program are actually going to learn anything. I was recently asked by one of our professors for some ideas on exactly how to involve participants more in one of our leadership training programs. Then, have participants pair up or form triads to discuss their answers. "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.


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Don’t Let Inexperience Stop You from Participating in Meetings

Harvard Business

The problem, of course, is that unless you do participate, you won’t catch the attention of your senior colleagues who have the power to bring your career to the next level. In some companies, participation from junior staff is essential, a key part of the career development process. Discern what quality participation looks like in your particular organization and team. When the actual meeting rolls around, look for ways to participate meaningfully.

Stop Scheduling Conference Calls and Finally Commit to Videoconferencing

Harvard Business

If there is a topic that is a priority or is critical to success, and you believe the quality of individual participation is important, try a videoconference. Maskot/Getty Images. If you knew about a technology that would help you improve organizational alignment, cut meeting times, and increase engagement in discussions, surely you’d use it all the time, right? You may be surprised to learn this powerful tool is already at your disposal.

Are You Getting an A in Social Excellence?

Lead Change Blog

Acting in a responsible and respectable manner with high expectations of others the highest level of societal participation and contribution. Leadership Development Self Leadership Authentic Character-based Leadership Commitment emotional intelligence Self Development Values Social Excellence [n]: A state of perpetual generosity, curiosity, positivity, and openness to limitless possibility. A desire to intentionally connect with others.

Education and Corporations – A New Partnership

Lead Change Blog

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate, experience work culture, participate in real-world problems and solutions, and present findings alongside professionals. Leadership Growth Change Coaching Alignment CommitmentWe all know that companies compete fiercely to stay ahead of the technological curve. We can’t always afford to hire employees who need extensive training and skills development.

The Secret of Teams: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

The Secret of Teams: What Great Teams Know and Do Mark Miller Berrett-Koehler Publishers (2011) High-impact leadership + high-impact teams = high-impact community Mark Miller is the co-author with Ken Blanchard of a previous book, The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do, now in a second edition. The “secret” to which the title of [.].

The 12 Team Behaviors That Drive Team Performance

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

There are 12 team behaviors that directly affect the quality of your team’s results, the ability to make smart decisions and the commitment to implement them. Team Effectiveness High Performance Teams Participant - Observer task and maintenance behaviors Team decision making Teamwork What makes a high performance team? The characteristics are described in The 6 Benchmarks of High Performance Teams.

Team 198

Abbe Luersman from Otis on Creating Communities to Win as One

HR Digest

We choose to commit to the change we aspire to see, and as an organization we will continue to commit to change. Managers around the world participated in a learning program designed to help break through unconscious bias.

CPO 36

Weight Watcher Ron - My Role Model for Commitment and Goal Achievement

Building Personal Strength

For another, he had the support of his wife, Eileen, who participated in the program with him. Since Thanksgiving, the same thing happened to me that happens to millions of Americans during the holidays - I gained more than 5 pounds. Parties, family gatherings, food, wine, football, basketball, snacks, beer. Woo-hoo! If that isn't enough to drive me to a New Year's resolution, I don't know what is. During that same period of time, a good friend of mine LOST more than five pounds!

How to Participate in Your Employee’s Coaching

Harvard Business Review

But today, executive coaching is often viewed as a strategic investment in human capital – a perk reserved for employees with high potential — and managers have realized that they need to participate in the process. At the outset, the more specific you can be about how you define success for the participant, the better. For instance, the head of a division in a pharmaceutical company had a staff member with a reputation for being brilliant but over-committed.

Higher Ambition: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Higher Ambition: How Great Leaders Create Economic and Social Value Michael Beer, Russell Eisenstat, Nathaniel Foote, Tobias Fredberg, and Flemming Norrgren Harvard Business School Press (2011) Valuable lessons from 36 CEOs who create simultaneously value that has both economic and social impact The CEOs featured in this book agreed to participate in a four-year research [.].

How to Participate in Your Employee’s Coaching

Harvard Business Review

But today, executive coaching is often viewed as a strategic investment in human capital – a perk reserved for employees with high potential — and managers have realized that they need to participate in the process. At the outset, the more specific you can be about how you define success for the participant, the better. For instance, the head of a division in a pharmaceutical company had a staff member with a reputation for being brilliant but over-committed.

Is a Corporate Board Seat in Your Future? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

By Bonnie Marcus This past week I had the opportunity to not only attend the MA Conference for Women, but also to participate in a leadership panel about women and corporate board positions. Look at the opportunity strategically and focus not only what you can contribute, but what this commitment can do for you.

How to Manage Up Top Google Hit - Really About Command and Control?

Management Craft

Let's stick with this idea of command and control for a moment, as I think we still struggle to transform our workplaces and often half-heartedly venture into the world of participation under the umbrella of engagement programs. Levine found that participation practices increase positive outcomes to a point but then had the opposite effect. Management OD Training command and control managing up organizational democracy participation

Sustaining Collaboration - Part II: The Journey Continues

Mills Scofield

In fact, one person who refused to participate in the first year was eagerly involved by the 3 rd year, even engaging those who were still skeptical and challenging to become part of the process. Jerry and the union president’s commitment were paramount. Authenticity Business Core Values Corporate Mission Corporate Values Culture Culture of Collaboration Culture of Innovation Education and Training collaboration commitment credibility

How to Ensure High ROI Training

Let's Grow Leaders

These mistakes compromise your ROI and participant experience. 7:37 – Third step: leaders attend the training or commit to modeling what’s taught. ?. Nothing burns time, energy, and leadership credibility like wasted training. Three specific mistakes undermine training.

ROI 142

Ten Things to Say Besides Yes

Next Level Blog

In the interest of preserving your health, sanity and well-being, I’m offering ten things you can say besides, “Yes,” when someone asks you to attend their meeting, join their project or take on another commitment. – This one is about prioritizing the request against other commitments.

Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmm … on “Good Company”

The Practical Leader

technologies and a corresponding culture of participation and disclosure, whereby millions of people are publishing their experiences and opinions online. ” “… studies find that primary contributors to employee commitment include : management concern for employees and customers. participation in decision making and autonomy, along with supervisory career support (information, advice, and encouragement).

IPO 45

Sustaining Collaboration for Decades

Mills Scofield

Despite the fact that management had training requirements in the union contract, one of the first employee groups refused to participate claiming the training wasn’t in the union handbook and the time of day for training conflicted with handbook rules. Authenticity Business Core Values Corporate Mission Corporate Values Culture Culture of Collaboration Culture of Innovation Employee Passion collaboration commitment credibilityMenasha Packaging Corp.

When Smart and Fast Leaders Leave Their Teams Behind

The Practical Leader

A participant sent me an e-mail after the session asking for advice on how to change that: “I have often struggled because I tend to see things faster and more clearly than others. Consultative – made by a smaller group, the manager, project or team leader after consulting others who have knowledge or who must be committed to the decision; and. The further the team moves toward the consensus end of the continuum, the more buy-in or commitment there is to the decision.

How to Book the Right Motivational Speaker

Career Advancement

Many speakers claim to provide keynote speeches that inspire and teach, but if you are committed to excellence, you’ll need to choose carefully. To reach your conference participants, the keynote speaker must truly know your company and its people, environment, and culture. Look for someone who understands your event’s objectives and will spend significant time preparing for it by gathering information, communicating with event coordinators, and interviewing key participants.

Interacting with Me Live

Kevin Eikenberry

As time goes on, and I have more responsibilities and Client commitments, I find myself less available to my readers, listeners, and past participants. This is just one reason why we started experimenting with Facebook Live several months ago. There is an important reason why I’m telling you about that today. For the most […]. The post Interacting with Me Live appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

Beware the Leader’s Curse

Lead Change Blog

Make sure you participate in your own succession planning. . Stay grounded in reality by making a commitment to keeping an open mind, to being humble, and to surrounding yourself with those who will always, always give it to you straight. As an entrepreneur or founder, the bond you have with the company you created can be as strong as that of a parent with her child. CEOs who take command of a company also forge intense bonds, even if they are not the actual founder.

Mentor 206

How to Build a Resilient Company Culture That Will Help Every Employee Thrive

N2Growth Blog

” Ultimately, this commitment will shift the company’s culture over time. How To Begin to Make The Commitment to Resiliency. There are several steps that I advise my clients to take in order to promote resiliency within their businesses, including: Build a Program: You have to show commitment by establishing an ongoing program that delivers the needed tools and techniques to help your team become more resilient.

3 Guidelines that Help Avoid Resistance to Change

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Here are three guidelines that invite people to participate in the change process and minimize resistance to change. They will have a better understand what the change is about, why it is important and will be more committed to it. People don’t resist change. Change is a normal and natural part of living. The only time you stop changing is when you’re dead. What people resist is having change imposed on them.

How To Say “I Don’t Trust You” Without Saying “I Don’t Trust You”

Lead Change Blog

When I conduct workshops on building trust, participants often ask me for advice about how they can tell someone they don’t trust them. Those kinds of behaviors look like meeting deadlines, following through on commitments, being readily available or getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time, and holding themselves accountable for the results of their commitments. Addressing low trust in a relationship is a challenging issue.

How To 238

Success is Oftentimes Wrongly Associated with External Gains

Leading Blog

But success is actually something much more personal, reflecting an internal commitment to specific values, characteristics and belief. Success comes from helping others, from being the best you can be through fair and considerate participation, from a commitment to honesty and integrity, and from giving everything you have to achieving a specific goal. Joe Frontiera and Daniel Leidl present a valuable commentary on success in Team Turnarounds.

Three Key Elements for Making Change Happen | You're Not the Boss.

You're Not the Boss of Me

Here are three things that must be in place for it to happen… Focus, Commitment and Capability. Here’s the impact if one or more are missing: Focus & Commitment without Capability = Change that you WOULD make if you knew how Commitment & Capability without Focus = Change you MAY make if you were clear about what it was. Capability & Focus without Commitment = Change you COULD make if you were willing. How will you gain commitment from others?

Speak-up Culture: How to Encourage More (and Better) Ideas

Let's Grow Leaders

When you ask them for their best thinking at the moment or a range of ideas, it gives them permission to explore, rather than commit to something they haven’t thought through yet. Your silent wounded need encouragement to participate in a courageous culture.

Are you a passionate leader?

Lead on Purpose

Successful leaders possess a deep passion for their work and other activities in which they participate. In describing how leaders demonstrate passion, Erika Andersen gave the following advice in her Forbes.com article Passionate Leaders Aren’t Loud, They’re Deep : True passion requires honestly committing to something about which you feel deeply, and staying committed through difficult circumstances.

The 8 Elements that Bring People Together

Leading Blog

Value alliances are “a group of participants with aligned interests in pursuing an outcome with value for each f them.” Value alliances require that participants subordinate their egos, their agendas, their preferred styles, and their biases—not to mention their organizational agendas—in favor of a shared benefit.” The collaborative participants must bring the right mix of experience and expertise for legitimacy and have the authority to make decisions.

Three Classic Negotiating Mistakes

Great Leadership By Dan

I set up a buyer–seller role play scenario and I asked two participants to work through the scenario in front of the rest of the class. Such a scenario allows participants to focus on how best to work through the money issue.

Class 258

Cascades: 6 Principles for Creating Transformational Change

Leading Blog

For Gandhi, the Salt Law was a grievance shared by everyone, and everyone could easily participate. Create Platforms for Participation, Mobilization, and Connection. A successful movement makes it easy for people to participate. A nonviolent uprising invites more participation. Unsuccessful movements rally the faithful and demonize those who don’t share their ideas or their commitment. T HE NATURE OF POWER has shifted from top-down to the center of networks.

Corporate Training for Your Company | 3 Step Plan

Career Advancement

Prior to the corporate training, a good speaker will interview company leaders and key decision-makers as well as seminar participants to understand company dynamics and employee pain points. By sharing anecdotes, interacting with the audience, and asking questions, a good speaker ensures that participants are hanging on every word and leave fired up to work together as a team. Email participants for feedback on the event or organize a post-event anonymous survey.

Team Meeting Checklist

Mike Cardus

The team will feel a sense of accomplishment that increases commitment and willingness to do project work. To my surprise, participants routinely rate this time as highly valuable. How to Have an Effective Project Team Meeting.

Team 135

Reskilling for Virtual Facilitation

The Center For Leadership Studies

Corporate trainers that were accustomed to reading the room or making eye contact with participants need to adapt how they train in a virtual training session. Start your session with an icebreaker activity that prompts participants to practice with the platform tools.

FAQ 52

A Simple Lesson from the Declaration of Independence

N2Growth Blog

With each quill stroke, the men committed treason and placed at risk their lives, fortune, and sacred honor. While the Continental Army had been at war for a year and relations with the crown were tenuous, the signing of that document signified a clean break, a moral purpose, and each leader’s commitment to the cause. Their leadership both framed the argument for the Revolution and left no doubt to their commitment to that cause.

Change on the Run: Surviving Workplace Uncertainty

Leading Blog

Committing to sharing updates as they become available builds confidence that official communication channels are the best sources of information. The type of help you ask for could be as simple as requesting honest feedback or asking someone to participate in a meeting.

The Four Leadership Styles of Situational Leadership®

The Center For Leadership Studies

The leader also actively recognizes the enthusiasm, interest and commitment of the follower for learning and gaining task-related experience. STYLE 3 – PARTICIPATING, FACILITATING or COLLABORATING.

Coaching people: you can do this!


It’s always felt right to teach these skills this way because the participants walk out with some confidence that they can do something that doesn’t always come easy. Therefore, I only agree to do the workshop if the organization sponsoring it will commit to having some follow up to keep the skills alive for their leaders. And commitment is exactly what it takes to learn to coach. Photo credit: 123RF.

What You Don't Know About Doing Great Work

Leading Blog

Team members need to “debate the issues, consider alternatives, challenge one another, listen to minority views, scrutinize assumptions, and enable every participant to speak up without fear of retribution.” But after that is done, the team needs to come to a decision quickly and commit to a decision. That means people on a team have to commit to a decision—to agree to it and exert effort to implement it.” W HY DO SOME people outperform others?

The You Matter Marathon’s Next Step

Lead Change Blog

2) Two major corporations had each committed to $1 million in matching funds. Many companies, schools, and community organizations benefited from participating. I was so happy to participate in the You Matter Marathon last year. If you or your company is interested in participating but can’t be a sponsor, you can still sign up at www.YouMatterMarathon.com.