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The Diversity Dividend: How Balancing Your Leadership Team Can Pay Off

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The call for greater diversity at senior leadership levels is not new, although it has itself become more inclusive, extending beyond gender, race and ethnicity, to encompass age, education, socioeconomic background and sexual orientation, as well as experience, skills and talent. “Is there a diversity dividend?” Only 4.6%

GC19: Game-Thinking at Work: Enterprise Gamification Examples | with Jim Wexler

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People Quit Their Boss… Not the Company!

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Retention is going to be the most important factor in the survival of companies in the next 15 years. Lead by being a positive example.

Three Millennial Mindsets to Embrace and Encourage

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Common Sense Action and The Can Kicks Back are two prime examples of Millennials leading with a clear problem-solving mindset. About the Author.

How to Signal That Your Company Cares About Diversity

Harvard Business Review

The fixed-mindset company talked, for example, about hiring employees “who have the intelligence and abilities that we are looking for.”

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

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A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable. Diversity Digital ArticleShare.

6 Things I’m Learning from Millennials

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There’s no doubt that millennial talent represents a valuable asset for the continued success of many companies. Take millennials, for instance.

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Does Your Leadership Bring Out The Best In Those You Lead?

Tanveer Naseer

Now, to be clear, I’m not simply referring to whether you have a toxic workplace environment within your company’s walls.

The Biases That Punish Racially Diverse Teams

Harvard Business Review

Tech companies, banks, consulting firms, you name it — all are scrambling to create diverse and inclusive environments.

Corporate Diversity Initiatives Should Include White Men

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Thus most of the work of diversity and inclusion approaches in companies to date has focused on empowering the “out” groups or training the “in” groups about their unconscious biases. The more companies talk about it all, the more skeptical everyone becomes. Who is calling whom diverse?

How U.S. Army Basic Training Turns Diverse Groups into Teams

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As I’ve seen from teaching over 960 recruits as a basic-training company commander in the U.S. Leading teams Diversity Digital Article

Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity

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Likewise, Rosalind Brewer, an African-American woman and Sam’s Club CEO, was called racist for advocating for diversity.

The Case for Team Diversity Gets Even Better

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We know intuitively that innovation goals are well served by cross-functional “SWAT” teams that are diverse in their membership. As Andy Zynga argued in an earlier post , diversity is a means to overcome the cognitive biases that prevent people from seeing new approaches or engaging them when found. Creativity Diversity Innovation

Dinosaurs, Big Consulting Firms and Disruptive Innovation

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Christensen calls this “ disruptive innovation ” and gives examples as diverse as the personal computer industry, milkshakes, and steel minimills.

How To Better Support Introverts In Today’s Workplaces

Tanveer Naseer

Balance in the C-Suite… Numerous studies have demonstrated that diversity on teams brings better results. Here’s how: 1. That’s no doubt coming.

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Women In Leadership Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

Tanveer Naseer

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We’re Making the Wrong Case for Diversity in Silicon Valley

Harvard Business Review

Silicon Valley has a problem when it comes to diversity — and everybody knows it. A Social Case for Workplace Diversity. economy.

Like It or Not, You Are Always Leading by Example

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Fortunately, a simple question evokes greater self-awareness and actionable insights than the typical 360 degree review: How do you lead by example? For one, it non-judgmentally presumes people already lead by — and thus set — good examples; for another, it pushes leaders to think harder about how others interpret their behavior.

Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better

Harvard Business Review

In numerous studies , diversity — both inherent (e.g., For example, a 2009 analysis of 506 companies found that firms with more racial or gender diversity had more sales revenue, more customers, and greater profits. With so much at stake, why aren’t these companies making more headway? health care firm.

Measure Your Team’s Intellectual Diversity

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For example, a group needs both expertise in relevant subjects and fresh eyes that can see beyond the established ways of doing things. 12.95.

28 Leadership Development Recommendations for your Individual Development Plan

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Examples: an accounting manager could shadow HR for a day or an person in operations could learn more about the sales process. Jennifer V.

The Biased Manager

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Here are a few examples: She’s available for travel. How are you limiting yourself, your company, and your employees with your categorizations?

Merging Two Global Company Cultures

Harvard Business Review

In the 1990s, P&G, like other companies, sought to take advantage of global scale and technology platforms, rolling out their products worldwide.

How to Prioritize Your Company’s Projects

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When I first joined BNP Paribas Fortis, for example, two younger and more dynamic banks had just overtaken us. Take another real example: a postal service company delivering packages to customers. Thousands of employees at this company were facing similar trade-offs every day. If not, it stalled or was killed. Priorities.

The Most (and Least) Empathetic Companies, 2016

Harvard Business Review

The Empathy Index seeks to answer the question: Which companies are successfully creating empathetic cultures? These are the companies that retain the best people, create environments where diverse teams thrive, and ultimately reap the greatest financial rewards. The leaders were asked to rate the companies’ morality.

To Address Gender Bias at Your Company, Start with Teams

Harvard Business Review

Women account for just 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs and fewer than 15% of corporate executives at top companies worldwide. Real diversity efforts require organizations to address the social patterns that stifle women’s careers, not just the symptoms that result from them. The gender pay gap provides an example of localized bias.


3 Ways Pixar Gains Competitive Advantage from Its Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

Encourage self-expression and diversity of thought. In most companies the overwhelming majority of employees feel that senior management does not value their opinions and ideas. The best ideas can come from anyone in the company so leaders must add to the environment whatever encourages self-expression and diversity of thought.

How Bayer Increased Diversity on Its Senior Team

Harvard Business Review

For the last five years, Bayer has been quietly transitioning from being an international company to a truly global one.

A Diverse Board Is an Independent Board

Harvard Business Review

While not all studies on board diversity reach the same conclusion, many agree that putting women on boards can be a good thing for shareholders.

The 2010 Execution Round-Up: Six Companies That Couldn't 'Get It.

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StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. What did 2010 look like for you and your company? But there’s only one that really matters: Did your company effectively execute its plans and initiatives? Juliano Howard T. Dickens Jr.

How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

BETTER BOTTOM LINE : - Companies with more women in leadership have a 35% higher return on equity. Focus on representation; 2. Your thoughts?

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Let me be clear: leadership and diversity should have nothing to do with one another. of virtually every diversity segment. LeRoyD Amen!

Attention Leaders: Five Attitudes to Take to work in 2014

You're Not the Boss of Me

For example, today’s organizations include people from three generations, each with their own set of experiences and expectations.

We Approach Diversity the Wrong Way

Harvard Business Review

I was giving a morning keynote at a diversity conference when I asked the organizer what the rest of the day's sessions would be. "In In 2012?".

The Example Larry and Sergey Should Follow (It’s Not Buffet)

Harvard Business Review

Liberty Media, Malone’s holding company, owns a portion of the stock in each business. Sound familiar? Why should Alphabet be different?

What It Will Take to Make the Tech Industry More Diverse

Harvard Business Review

In 2015, for example, there were 23 states that had fewer than 10 black students who took the AP computer science exam. What companies can do.

The Innovation Strategy Big Companies Should Pursue

Harvard Business Review

Take, for example, the challenge of bringing about any major innovation in healthcare. Big companies have all these processes in place.

Attention Leaders: Five Attitudes to Take to work in 2013

You're Not the Boss of Me

For example, organizations in 2013 include people from three generations, each with their own set of experiences and expectations.

What Big Companies Get Wrong About Innovation Metrics

Harvard Business Review

The fear of getting Netflix-ed or Uber-ized is spurring big companies to dial up their investment in innovation. Kenneth Andersson. The result?

50 Companies That Get Twitter – and 50 That Don’t

Harvard Business Review

At least that’s better than the 70% of companies that plainly ignore complaints on Twitter. This matters. Measuring empathy.