Team Engagement Brings Competitive Advantage

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There is a lack of employee engagement and productivity as accuracy levels decrease, absenteeism increases, motivation is lacking and an unhealthy degree of competitiveness exists. Team members make your company’s success and in an era that is so focused on technological advancements effective teamwork is your biggest competitive advantage. the business is losing marketshare and is failing to innovate.

Pixar’s Competitive Advantage? A Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

And because they are more engaged, Pixar employees put more effort in their work, are more trusting and more cooperative, all factors that affect productivity, quality and innovation.

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High Performance Teams; A Competitive Advantage

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High-performing teams are increasingly a competitive advantage. Steve Jacobs: The Behavior Breakthrough: Leading Your Organization to a New Competitive Advantage . The Innovative Leader "Out Thinks". A good way to build teams is through self-assessments and exercises that provide deep self-reflection and relationship evaluation. Actually, team building is not just about the team; it''s about looking inside ourselves to understand our default behavior. .

3 Ways Pixar Gains Competitive Advantage from Its Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

With 70 percent of American workers disengaged today, Pixar and Disney Animation provide a model for engaging and energizing employees by making culture a competitive advantage. Catmull understands that creativity and innovation are maximized in a community with a rich marketplace of ideas. The post 3 Ways Pixar Gains Competitive Advantage from Its Culture appeared first on Michael Lee Stallard. As seen on Fox Business.

Competitive Advantage from the Bottom of the Pyramid


In a world where global competition is absolute, companies are looking at new ways to gain sustained competitive advantages. Innovation Sandbox” was the term coined by C.K. [Editor''s Note: This is a guest post from Ajay Swamy.

How Networking Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

Mills Scofield

That’d be great, of course, but innovation expert Deb Mills-Scofield says connecting with a big name may not be as helpful as you’d think. Culture Dorie Clark Innovation Leadership Networking Strategy

Approach to Innovation

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Today's conventional wisdom says to survive, companies must move beyond incremental innovation and invest in radical, disruptive innovation. In "THE POWER OF LITTLE IDEAS" , Wharton professor David Robertson examines an approach to innovation; one that is neither incremental nor disruptive. This low-risk, high-reward strategy is an approach to innovation that all companies should recognize and apply when it will give them a competitive advantage.

How to Ignite, Scale & Sustain Innovation

Skip Prichard

How to Ignite Innovation. Innovation is one subject that each and every one of us should study because its powerful force is available to us if we know how to tap it. It’s no surprise that Tamara Ghandour’s book interested me because I read all I can about innovation and creativity.

Book Review: “Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage” by Scott Keller and Colin Price

The Practical Leader

In Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage Keller and Price reinforce the decades of accumulating research showing that roughly 70% of organizational change programs fail. Innovation and Learning&#.

Lessons in Management Innovation from Main Street

Management Excellence

During the past few years, I’ve marveled at the start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses in my community who didn’t need an army of consultants or MBAs to teach them the very relevant and important lessons that Reeves and Deimler share in their recent Harvard Business Review article, "Adaptability-The New Competitive Advantage.". Innovation Leadership Organizational Transformation Strategy Competitive Advantage Main Street Entrepreneurs Management Innovation

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from a brilliant article co-authored by Tim Brown and Jocelyn Wyatt for Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2010). To read the complete article, check out other valuable resources, obtain subscription information, and sign up for a free newsletter, please click here. * * * Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the [.].

Your Customers’ Behavior Is a Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

This point was powerfully reinforced when listening to Nadia Shouraboura , former head of Amazon’s Supply Chain and Fulfillment Technologies and founder of Hointer , an innovative “digiphysical” retail startup , at an Intel roundtable on the future of retail experience.

How leaders harness innovation to out think competitors

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Call it the age of imagination, ideation, conceptualization, creativity, innovation—take your pick. Creativity, mental flexibility, and collaboration have displaced one-dimensional intelligence and isolated determination as core ingredients of a competitive advantage.” In his book OUT … Continue reading → Integrity Leadership Trust energy enthusiasm Innovation optimism “We’ve entered a new era.

What is Your Innovation Style?

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Shoya Zichy: Innovation is critical to an organization''s growth and competitive advantage. If you chose more items on the left, your inborn styles is that of a "structured" innovator. If you chose more items on the right you are an "adaptable" innovator.

Business Network Transformation: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Business Network Transformation: Strategies to Reconfigure Your Business Relationships for Competitive Advantage Jeffrey Word, Editor Jossey-Bass/John S. Wiley & Sons Leveraging profitability and competitive advantage with operational excellence Marco Iansiti Mohanbir Sawhney Open Business Models Open Innovation Philip Lay Ranjay Gulati Ross Sullivan Shrinking core while expanding periphery of the relational architecture

A Culture of Voice

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A culture of voice occurs when each employee experiences the safety, confidence, and trust they need to contribute their fullest, resulting in open, honest, and healthy communication, innovative problem solving, knowledge transfer, and real potential for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Six social-media skills every leader needs

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a brief excerpt from an article co-authored by Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton for The McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company, in which they explain how and why organizational social-media literacy is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage.

Media 101

Companies Are Turning Drones into a Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

We expect the drone market to surge to nearly $7 billion by 2020 globally, driven by regulatory clarification, continuously decreasing component costs, and – most important– ongoing innovation that connects drone capabilities to big-data analytics.

The Law of Reciprocity

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What is a reciprocity advantage and how can an organization achieve this? A reciprocity advantage is the new, complementary business you create by sharing your assets to unlock additional growth potential--it''s a new competitive advantage. Grounded in research, " The Reciprocity Advantage " by authors Bob Johansen and Karl Ronn, argues that this strategy will enable companies to grow more and faster than ever before.

The Beauty Of Conflict… For Teams

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But what if you could reframe your thinking and utilize the conflict, crisis, and change to start seeing possibility, collaboration, and innovation? Webinars conflict Conflict Management crisis Innovation resolving conflict teams Teamwork Video Webinar

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Developing Global Leaders Is America's Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

American companies and academic institutions possess unique competitive advantages in developing these global leaders. Let's examine the reasons why America possesses this important advantage: 1. to take advantage of America's talented leaders. America fosters risk-taking and innovation by entrepreneurs who become global leaders. This post is part of the HBR Insight Center on American Competitiveness.

Leaders Can Turn Creativity into a Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

In 1985, Peter Drucker made a hopeful case for an entrepreneurial society in which innovation and the creation of new businesses would more than compensate for job losses stemming from the retreat of manufacturing industries in the U.S. has increasingly come to rely on innovation and entrepreneurship to drive growth — but we haven’t achieved the scale of entrepreneurial society we need to offset the effects of globalization and automation.

Invest in Proprietary Data for Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

Translating those insights into profitable new and improved services and sustained competitive advantage is another matter altogether. Without such data it is simply too easy for competitors to let you do the hard work of innovation, then copy your insights and erode your competitive advantage. It is difficult to sustain a competitive advantage via infrastructure technologies. And network lock-in may help them maintain that advantage for some time.

Relationship Excellence: Chick-fil-A's Competitive Edge

Michael Lee Stallard

Robert S. Becker: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Becker Sir Rupert Hart-Davis Spencer Johnson the Blended Learner blog The Brook Kerith the design genius of Steve Jobs that is channeled by Apple The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage Tim Brown Tom Lockwood University of Reading in England Winston ChurchillRobert S. Becker PhD founded Becker Multimedia, simulations and serious games — to enhance job competencies and performance.

0803 | How to Create a Culture of Innovation with Soren Kaplan


As a leading expert in disruptive innovation, innovation culture, and strategic change, he works with Disney, NBCUniversal, Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey, Red Bull, Medtronic, Roche, Philips, Cisco, Visa, Ascension Health, among others.

Kaplan 132

Book Review: Find Your Next


This is the problem Andrea Kates seeks to solve in Find You Next: Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge. Drawing inspiration from the human genome project, Kates asserts that leaders need to see their system less as a group of silos and more as a living organism, which DNA that can be broken down into six basic elements: Product and service innovation. LeaderLab book review competitive advantage forecasting kates

Creating the Conditions for Sustainable Innovation

Great Leadership By Dan

Here's some new research on innovation and a guest post by By Rich Wellins, Ph,D., Senior Vice President, Development Dimensions International (DDI): In the past year, innovation has risen to the top of the business agenda. is losing its innovative edge to emerging economies.

When Everyone Is Doing Design Thinking, Is It Still a Competitive Advantage?

Harvard Business Review

It’s a methodology always in pursuit of unforeseen innovation, so reinventing itself might seem like the smart way forward. And I’d argue that in order to create sustained competitive advantage, businesses must be not just practitioners, but masters of the art.

Zag: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries brand-building is a complete system in which five disciplines combine to produce a sustainable competitive advantage how companies can bridge the gap between business strategy and customer experience How to "zag" when everyone else "zigs" how to overcome barriers to attention with radical innovation: "the engine for a high performance brand" John C.

Rita McGrath, Part 1: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Rita Gunther McGrath, a Professor at Columbia Business School, is regarded as one of the world’s top experts on strategy and innovation with particular emphasis on developing sound strategy in uncertain and volatile environments. Her ideas are widely used by leading organizations throughout the world, who describe her thinking as sometimes provocative, but unfailingly stimulating. […].

N2Growth Helps Businesses Combine Strategy & Innovation for a Consumer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

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To stay competitive, brands must innovate and transform. Some business leaders eager to keep a competitive advantage often invest in new technologies without fully understanding how to harness their potential or fully considering how digital technologies will meet the company’s needs.

Book Review: Find Your Next


This is the problem Andrea Kates seeks to solve in Find You Next: Using the Business Genome Approach to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge. Drawing inspiration from the human genome project, Kates asserts that leaders need to see their system less as a group of silos and more as a living organism, which DNA that can be broken down into six basic elements: Product and service innovation. Strategy book review competitive advantage forecasting kates

Beyond Performance: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage Scott Keller and Colin Price John Wiley & Sons (2011) How to achieve and then sustain both outstanding leadership and management throughout the given enterprise Scott Keller and Colin Price acknowledge that although there is a “multitude” of books about business leadership and management already in [.].

What 10-Foot Noodles Have to Do with Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

"A properly integrated business model forms the essence of a company''s competitive advantage," my colleague Mark Johnson advises. It''s generally hard to copy this kind of interdependent innovation. To find some measure of lasting advantage in today''s markets requires companies to look for non-obvious ways to innovate. Competitive advantage from devising products and services that have more features or do more things fades seemingly overnight.

Ideas Don't Equal Innovation | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

As a result of our conversation, I decided to dust-off an old post, give it a few updates, and pass along my thoughts, which can be best summarized as “ Ideas Don’t Equal Innovation. Without a viral movement, ideas go extinct before innovation.

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Autism's Competitive Advantage, and Challenge, in the Workplace

Harvard Business Review

We share a common belief that innovation comes from the edges," said Luisa Delgado , an SAP HR director, who noted the company valued the ability of many autistic people to "think differently and spark innovation." The thrust of Kendall''s thesis — which also profiles such innovative obsessives as cosmetics'' Estee Lauder, ketchup''s Henry Heinz and aviation''s Charles Lindbergh — is that such disorders are frequently inherent for relentless overachievers.

Strategic Bets: When, How, and Why…or Why Not

First Friday Book Synopsis

Boards That Deliver: Advancing Corporate Governance from Compliance to Competitive Advantage Booz & Company Crown Business Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done Gerald Adolph India Jossey-Bass Justin Pettit McGraw-Hill Merge Ahead: Mastering the Five Enduring Trends of Artful M&A Michael Sisk MTN Group Ltd. Here is an excerpt of an article co-authored by Ram Charan and Michael Sisk for strategy+business magazine (February 7, 2011), published by Booz & Company.

Developing Competitive Advantage in the Cloud: Qualitative Findings

Harvard Business Review

How can managers generate competitive advantage from their cloud investments? A consolidated and standardized technical platform provides a good foundation for fast deployment and competitively priced cloud services. Finally, our findings suggest that cloud-based models offer advantages for some applications and to some clients but not others.

Revolution from the Edge

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by John Hagel III, part of the Edge Perspectives with John Hagel series, one that offers an on-going “exploration of emerging innovations on a broad array of edges that are rising up to challenge the core.&#

The Key to Building a Culture of Innovation


Innovation is clearly a hot topic with many leaders today. Yet how exactly do you foster innovation within your company? Every day, we hear more leaders call for increased innovation from their organizations. It’s often seen as the major driver of a company’s success.

Intangible Loss of Outsourced Innovation

Mills Scofield

And what about innovation? Many innovations arise by trying to do something one way and figuring out a better way or an entirely different way to do it. I wonderful how many opportunities for innovation we’ve lost because we weren’t ‘doing’ In the NYT article, Apple’s executives said the reason for outsourcing went beyond cheap labor; overseas factories could scale faster and workers were more flexible and skilled than in the USA.

061: The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Leaders Generate Great Ideas | with David Burkus

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Creativity is the starting point for all innovation, and most organizations rely on innovation to create a competitive advantage. Innovation is necessary for the successful development and implementation of new programs or better products.