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Diversity Policies Don’t Help Women or Minorities, and They Make White Men Feel Threatened

Harvard Business Review

companies spend millions annually on diversity programs and policies. For the other half, the materials did not mention diversity.

How to Achieve Better Gender Balance through Succession Planning and Development

Great Leadership By Dan

There’s a “Diversity” strategy driven from one office, and a succession planning and development strategy driven by another. Your thoughts?

Can You Push Diversity Without Creating Resentment?

Harvard Business Review

A typical syllabus among Heads of Diversity. They mutter about quality, compliance and competence. Diversity Gender Global business

What Is A Leader’s Most Important Role?

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“This means having the capacity to build trust among diverse groups of people to advance toward a shared goal. click to tweet).

How to Respond to an Offensive Comment at Work

Harvard Business Review

“He said sorry right away, but in a compliance sort of way that wasn’t overly genuine.” ” Difficult conversations Conflict Diversity Digital ArticleYour colleague says something that immediately makes you feel uncomfortable. What should you say or do if you find yourself in this situation? What the Experts Say.

Going Global? Choose Your Country Wisely

Great Leadership By Dan

They can see huge success in China or the United States simply because of its pure customer diversity and thirst for constant improvements. Clusters can form for the following reason: · Compliance with your government’s trade advisory rules. · Facebook, Apple, or PayPal, all enjoy global success. OEM models are ready to go.

Employee social media use: How to minimize your risk

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This is a guest post by Jon Strother, Senior Copywriter/Editor and Social Media Manager at Global Compliance. About the author: This article was written by Jon Strother, Senior Copywriter/Editor and Social Media Manager at Global Compliance. You’ve probably heard the stories. But do you know how to minimize that risk?

Why HR Gets a Bad Name

Let's Grow Leaders

I’ve been noticing a pattern with some of my clients when I utter the word “HR”–the proverbial eye roll. Weak Talent.

3 Ways Leaders Can Help Bring Great Ideas To Life

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Kotter International President, Russell Raath on behalf of The Economist Executive Education Navigator.

Research: Your Firm Probably Isn't an Equal Opportunity Employer

Harvard Business Review

is tackling diversity head-on. The odds are that diversity is no better, and probably worse, than before you were sued. workplaces.

The Leper in the Room: Workplace Violence

Women on Business

Provide professional development that deals with team building and diversity training. Don’t just focus on typical race/gender diversity; really make an effort to help your employees understand each other and your customers. What you should look for. When evaluating your organization you should look for: Verbal threats. Intimidation.

Should CIOs Be Compliance Cops?

Harvard Business Review

The Chief Diversity Officer of a Fortune 1000 company wanted to know if email exchanges and digital communications inside the firm reflected any biases or imbalances between senior executives and women and minority employees. Much of this is as straightforward as monitoring compliance with a legal requirement. The CIO acquiesced.

Back by Popular Demand: Movies and Management


Diversity "What we have here is called 'failure to communicate.'" Compliance "Now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules." This was first posted here on November 4, 2006. Here are some obvious candidates although some are obscure.

Uber Is Finally Realizing HR Isn’t Just for Recruiting

Harvard Business Review

All of this indicates that Uber leaders prioritized immediately useful services like recruitment over, for example, legal compliance systems, audits, and leadership development. That is like setting up a finance organization to do exotic risk hedging before putting in place basic reporting and compliance. This is a laudable response.

Leadership Matters

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I had joined the Rio Board in 2009, so I already had broad oversight of the company’s diverse operations. (as featured in

Advocacy to Shift Culture

Women on Business

This is very true as it relates to organizations that are working to increase gender diversity at the leadership levels. Bennett. Mary L.

Your Diversity Officer Should Be a Cruise Director

Harvard Business Review

I'm uneasy with the idea of affinity groups , the single-dimension networks that are all the rage in the corporate diversity world. Rather than forcing a corporation of clones, affinity groups help maintain some of the outward manifestations of diversity. But woefully insufficient to drive real value from diversity. All good.

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Diversity "What we have here is called ''failure to communicate.''" Career Counseling "I just want to say one word to you - just one word. Compliance "Now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven''t broken any rules." Answers are at the bottom of the post.]

Generation to Generation: How to Save the Family Business

Harvard Business Review

Diversity. We found, alas, that FOB boards trailed behind non-FOB boards on diversity. Director Profiles. and 6.0, Skills and Assessment.

FOB 11

How Leaders Can Help Others Influence Them

Harvard Business Review

For example, we assess whether leaders are able to generate compliance with or genuine commitment to their plans. How does that sound?”

A More Effective Board of Directors

Harvard Business Review

In the corporate model, you equate a "foundational board," which provides basic compliance oversight, to basic survival needs such as food and shelter in the human hierarchy. Foundational — survival — boards focus on compliance; they play it safe. Companies need boards to help them meet regulatory compliance basics.

More of Us Are Working in Big Bureaucratic Organizations than Ever Before

Harvard Business Review

Who else is going to meet all those new compliance requirements around diversity, risk mitigation and sustainability? to 33.4%.

Yes, Your Résumé Needs a Summary

Harvard Business Review

Strategy leader for brands with complex and diverse product lines. Six seconds, says online job search site The Ladders. Communication Book.

What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

The senior leaders in the study told us that, in contrast to what corporate compliance officers would like us to believe, their organizations’ codes of conduct and ethics training wasn’t particularly helpful when it came to managing ethical dilemmas. Build a strong and diverse personal network. Enron. Wells Fargo. Ethics.

The “Business in Society” Imperative for CEOs

Harvard Business Review

CEO acumen on business-in-society issues is thus imperative in addressing fundamental corporate issues, from business strategy to compliance to ethical standards to risk management. The contemporary CEO must not only be expert at addressing the commercial verities of products, markets, and competitors. The U.S. But the U.S. In most major U.S.

Career Bankers Alone Can’t Solve the Financial Industry’s Problems

Harvard Business Review

A lot has changed in the banking industry since the crisis in 2008 , especially in terms of regulation and compliance. The cornerstone of bank recruiting strategies should be experiential diversity enabled by a broad range of personal experiences and networks. The banking industry is mired in a state of permanent crisis. First, hubris.

The Internet of Things Will Change Your Company, Not Just Your Products

Harvard Business Review

So instead of creating another pill dispenser, it launched a compliance-enhancing system. In addressing the billion-dollar adherence problem, Vitality (since acquired by NANTHEALTH ) considered the interests of the players in the diverse ecosystem, including pharmaceutical companies, retail pharmacies, and health care providers. Sales.

There’s No One System for Paying Your Global Sales Force

Harvard Business Review

Diversity makes a global sales incentive plan impractical and dangerous.” Unfortunately, that sort of consistency doesn’t happen.

Alternative Selection – Total Benefit of Ownership

Strategy Driven

That's only a small sample of this article. Not a StrategyDriven Premium Member ? Copyright 2007-2011 by StrategyDriven, Inc. All rights reserved.

How the Navy SEALs Train for Leadership Excellence

Harvard Business Review

” In other words, training divorced from excellence is mere compliance. But Navy SEALs go uncomfortably beyond. That scares me. ” 4.

The Subtle Ways Our Screens Are Pushing Us Apart

Harvard Business Review

But compliance is not the same as collaboration. I once asked a former U.S. It’s pitch black. He doesn’t have any depth perception.

Create a Strategy That Anticipates and Learns

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Using machine-learning tools, for example, data that currently exists in different enterprise systems and diverse external sources (production, supply chain, market, customer trend, financial and economic data) can be ingested and mashed together to reveal meaningful patterns and highlight gaps in markets. Strategy can anticipate and learn.

How We Transformed Emergency Care at Our Hospital

Harvard Business Review

We were on ambulance diversion for at least eight of every 24 hours, often longer. That’s a very broad-based responsibility. Wrong.

What It Will Take to Fix HR

Harvard Business Review

Delivering HR-related operational, compliance, and administrative tasks with distinction is important, but let’s be clear that doing so is table stakes. Success demands a far more diverse set of experiences and skills. Really? Break up a strategic function in response to underperformance in the wake of severe market disruptions?


What High-Performing Companies Track

Six Disciplines

For example: 71% of higher performers measure compliance or completion of diversity plans (52% in lower-performing companies). Want to be a high-performing company? Then track your talent. A study on HR metrics by i4cp shows that higher-performing companies are more apt to measure talent-related metrics than lower performers.

What You Should Know About Dodd-Frank and What Happens If It’s Rolled Back

Harvard Business Review

and Germany than in a lot of other countries, like the UK, France, Italy, and Japan, where the financial system is even more concentrated and less diverse. “First, the costs of compliance with these stress tests and disclosures and new capital rules on banks and other financial firms are extremely high. This is better in the U.S.

Research: Index Funds Are Improving Corporate Governance

Harvard Business Review

But critics say passively invested funds, with their lower fees, lack the resources and often the will to monitor their large and diverse portfolios.

Don’t Let Regulation Make Your Business a Rube Goldberg Machine

Harvard Business Review

From there the chain reaction winds through a wildly diverse array of actions which culminate with the band members being sprayed by paint cannons.

How Merck Is Trying to Keep Disrupters at Bay

Harvard Business Review

But, because of EB’s diverse set of employees, it’s able to stimulate ideas from other industries and counter “paradigm bigots.”

Headhunters Reveal What Candidates Want

Harvard Business Review

Some candidates also seek inclusive cultures that welcome diversity and authenticity in leadership style. Platform and track record. The job.