Possibility Maximizer: The Conference Board

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Department of Labor HR.com, your human resources community for knowledge, expertise and resources IQPC Worldwide - Business conferences, events, workshops, seminars & masterclasses IQPC Personal Accountability - a CORE Foundation for Customer Experience Creation Without QBQ Personal Accountability, no organizations culture will flourish, no Customer Experience will be maximized.  However, The Conference Board does much more than just report on leading economic indicators.

Partnership: A Crucible for Innovation

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Realizing the path to innovation would require revolutionary new thinking; all three leaders grasped that it would also take a new way of coalescing and harnessing talent. Reading Collective Genius , The Innovators , Creativity, Inc. and The Google Guys yields a strong confirmation that the pursuit of innovation might require a partnership approach, not a traditional teamwork style. Sourcing Innovation Collaboratively. Luca de Meo at Volkswagen AG did it.


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ASQ Buffalo Quality Conference 2013 :: Mike is Presenting

Mike Cardus

ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference. October 15 Quality Conference. I will be presenting 2 workshops at the ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference – October 15 & 16. 10/15 – Conference Day. Thinking Differently – Enabling Innovation :: 1:30-2:30pm. Competitive demands require quicker, more effective and innovative problem solving. Outcomes from Thinking Differently – Enabling Innovation. ASQ Buffalo 2013 Quality Conference.

Hiring Former Offenders

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Companies need employees now, and if companies do not meet their staffing needs to operate, doors will close—maybe permanently. Workforce Management construction HR trends innovation leadership recruiting restaurantsHelp Wanted! Now Hiring! Sign On Bonus to Work!

The Wrong Way To Innovate: When Unrealistic Expectations Meet Antiquated Management

Strategy Driven

Innovation has always been culturally synonymous with ‘the latest and greatest’, the ‘next big thing’, and on the surface this true. Companies like to rollout their innovations at trade shows and industry events to garner attention and praise for their good work. Innovation luminaries like Coca Cola, General Electric, Shell Oil innovate effectively because they have structural elements in common, and they work to avoid a number of key pitfalls executing innovation work.

Courageous Questions: How to Make It Easier to Get Better Insights

Let's Grow Leaders

Laura thanked her and hurried to a quiet conference room where she could call her team. Humility is at the heart of the question that Don Yager, Chief Operating Officer of Mural Corporation, consistently asks his frontline team: “What are our policies that suck?”

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Becoming A Visionary Leader Through Leadercast Live With Keith Wilmot – Podcast Episode 10

Joseph Lalonde

In this capacity, he founded and launched IGNITOR, an internal creativity and innovation approach. Things like: Being people first, compassionate, operating with empathy, or integrity. Some of the best leaders tend to operate best under duress. How is the vision of Leadercast different from other leadership conferences? Leadership Podcast Keith Wilmot Leadercast leadership conference podcast

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New Technology Won’t Automatically Improve Your Operations

Harvard Business Review

Advanced tools for creating and testing new products and the operations that will make them are all around us. They are not only changing the economics of innovation and operations, they are also pushing the frontier of what’s possible. While it is encouraging to see this rapid progress, tools — no matter how advanced — do not automatically confer benefits on organizations. The Future of Operations.

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Video Conferencing HD Quality to your PC or MAC on public Internet


Expensive room systems have been deployed in deluxe conference rooms. These room systems have been somewhat complex to operate and typically require expensive dedicated networks or quality of service enhanced bandwidth. The idea of bringing suppliers, business partners or even customers into the video conference was rarely considered since it was not realistically feasible.

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The Benefits of Taking a Slower Approach to Innovation

Harvard Business

In our experience, managers tend to focus their innovation efforts on processes that are either large in scale (new products and business models ) or swift in development (hackathons, rapid prototyping, or emerging platforms). But there’s also another type of innovation that is more gradual and smaller in scale. We call it slow innovation. Slow innovation projects can be just as impactful in the long-term. The nature of slow innovation poses challenges, however.

Applying Deming’s Management Ideas at the Great Plains Coca Cola Bottling Company

Deming Institute

This webcast shows Bob Browne ’s presentation, Profound Knowledge of the Real Thing, at the 2012 Annual Deming Conference. The difficulty in changing is often mostly about our psychology (not the technical difficulty of operating under changed systems and processes after making adjustments to adapt to take advantage of new opportunities). Guest post by John Hunter.

How to Prioritize Your Innovation Budget

Harvard Business Review

Leaders and organizations are under more stress than ever to do two things simultaneously: deliver on today’s pressing commitments by troubleshooting and refining processes; and find and invest in innovation opportunities that will create tomorrow’s success. The problem is, this instinct crowds out longer term, innovative thinking. To find out how they do this, we focused on the two key questions underlying the challenge: How much is your organization spending on innovation?

What Leaders Need To Do To Create A Thriving Organization

Tanveer Naseer

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 28 th Annual Material Handling and Logistics Conference (MHLC) alongside thought leaders Patrick Lencioni and Guy Kawasaki, as well as The Container Store’s VP of Logistics and Distribution, Amy Carovillano (not to mention live performances by Jay Leno and REO Speedwagon).

What Is Real-Time Speech to Text and How Does It Benefit Businesses?

Strategy Driven

Either way, the technology offers several benefits, such as competitive advantage, increased efficiency in day-to-day operation, and enhanced customer experience. Speaking engagements, conferences and events. Innovation business management innovation strategydriven text to speech

When You Can't Innovate, Copy

Harvard Business Review

To mitigate the investing risks associated with eroding market opportunities due to copycats, investors always look for companies with strong competitive resilience or those that are operating in markets with a high barrier to entry. In traditional investing philosophy, the most innovative firms are potentially the most profitable. So, from business books to business schools and corporate boards, everyone is talking about innovation. Competition Innovation Strategy

How To Promote Continuous Learning In Your Organization

Tanveer Naseer

It’s a recurring theme found in some of the talks I’ve given this year, going from my keynote speech given at a leadership conference in Chicago last month to my next presentation in Utah in September: that as leaders, we need to do more than simply paint grand visions of the future; we also have to provide an environment where our employees can see the opportunity to grow, evolve, and help build the kind of future that they want to be a part of. “The mediocre teacher tells.

Turning Customer Intelligence into Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Intelligence should drive better innovation, but unless it is strategically collected and used, it functions like a summer beach novel — an engaging distraction. Thoughtful companies intertwine customer intelligence throughout the three phases that characterize most successful innovations. Innovation starts with discovery — where an innovator pinpoints an important problem to solve. Want more intelligent innovation? Customers Innovation

How Leaders Are Creating Engagement In Today’s Workplaces

Tanveer Naseer

This was the focus of HCI’s 2012 Employee Engagement Conference where business leaders from NIKE, Warner Bros. After attending several of the conference’s presentations last week, I’d like to highlight some of the lessons shared by these leaders in the hopes that – like for those in attendance – it inspires you to consider what measures you’re taking to help engage and empower your employees to succeed.

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Look to IT for Process Innovation?

Harvard Business Review

David Bogaerts and Jael Schuyer are process improvement experts (" Lean Master Black Belts " and "Agile coaches") in the IT and operations group at ING , a leading bank based in the Netherlands. They have weekly planning meetings and conference calls twice a week to work on internal customer service improvements. As a result, process improvement activities have begun rippling out from the IT project team level to the core operations of the business.

3M's Sustainability Innovation Machine

Harvard Business Review

Paul, MN, headquarters of the perennial innovation leader, 3M. For good reason, the $30-billion company has long been held up as a role model of how to manage innovation. our new vision" of growth and innovation. I saw this technology paired seamlessly with some regular fluorescent lighting and working well in an interior conference room. The new CEO is making sustainability, growth, and innovation a powerful trifecta. Innovation Sustainability

The Making of Legends

Strategy Driven

I have spoken at conferences, strategic planning retreats, symposia, workshops and board meetings for hundreds. Non-profit organizations operating more business-like. Innovating programs, strategies and methodologies. I have written several books, on business, entertainment, history and pop culture. The Legends series is an amalgamation of all of them.

The Persistence of the Innovator's Dilemma

Harvard Business Review

The most punishing innovations, they argued, were the ones that were easy to dismiss at first blush — simple, affordable solutions that took root outside the mainstream market. Academic journals have dissected the disruptive innovation theory and hundreds of thousands of students around the world have seen Christensen's famous model. Yet, the innovator's dilemma persists. These biases are particularly acute for companies trying to drive disruptive innovation.

Responsive Leadership: Needed Now More Than Ever

Leading Blog

The idea that leaders are trustworthy, honest, and can be relied on to operate in the best interest of the public, the employee, the student, the parishioner, or even the shareholder has been shattered. A culture of continuous learning will bolster organizational creativity and innovation.

What Leaders Can Do To Encourage Learning And Growth

Tanveer Naseer

This was also the focus of last week’s HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference where leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds offered their viewpoints and experiences on learning, leadership and fostering growth in your organization. business communication culture leadership Recent Posts behaviour community employee training failure growth innovation learning success teamwork values

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Road to Reinvention: Leadership in the Digital Age

Marshall Goldsmith

As a part of The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine, the Center conducts research and develops programs for the business community that address the full impact technology has, and will continue to have, on how businesses think, operate and grow. The full program and list of speakers are on their conference website. Innovation

Leadership: A Global Perspective

N2Growth Blog

We carefully planned our route based on a series of speaking events, conferences, and workshops that maximized our ability to gather as many diverse leaders in one location at the same time.

A Systems Approach to Leading Through Transfomation

Great Leadership By Dan

After developing a clear strategy and setting its direction throughout the organization, we quickly evaluated our operations and moved to reorganize around the client into one company. First, I had to align our leadership team to drive the service-oriented, flexible and innovative culture.

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The 5 Requirements of a Truly Innovative Company

Harvard Business Review

Can you think of any business topic that’s been hotter for longer than innovation? By now, your company probably has a new busi­ness incubator, an idea wiki, a disciplined process for mining customer insights, an awards program for successful innovators, and maybe even an outpost in Silicon Valley—all fine ideas—and yet, most likely, it still struggles to meet its growth goals and seldom thrills its customers. So it is with innovation. Innovation

Avoid the Deadly Temptations that Derail Innovators

Harvard Business Review

Any promising new initiative — a stand-alone business venture or an innovation in an established organization — hits roadblocks and unexpected obstacles. Recently I''ve advised entrepreneurs and innovators about a different, seemingly better, dilemma: pop-up opportunities that look like short cuts to success. She started a non-profit organization with lavish foundation funding and a high-profile board in order to spread an innovation in health care.

The Right Way to Plan an Innovation Tour

Harvard Business Review

Innovation tourism: it’s a thing. These well-intentioned professionals travel the world in pursuit of the secret sauce of innovation. Typically, tourism involves guided tours, pitch events, conferences with lots of panels, and well-planned visits to companies, universities, and government agencies tasked with increasing entrepreneurship and innovation. But an innovation tour can be valuable, as long as you know what to look for and think about.

The Most Innovative Companies Have Long-Term Leadership

Harvard Business Review

Call 2014 the year of innovation. Google Trends reveals that interest in disruptive innovation crept up to peak levels this year. It seems that every time you hop on a quarterly earnings call, the CEO mentions innovation. The M&A markets are frothy, corporations are investing in Silicon Valley labs, and even PhDs looking for jobs in business schools are finding it tough to find homes without “innovation” somewhere in their background.


The Real Secret to Thriving Amid Disruptive Innovation

Harvard Business Review

I'm sitting at DLD , a new-media conference hosted by an old media company (German magazine publisher Burda) in Munich. Lots of industries have been turned upside down by innovation over the years. One fascinating twist is that while Arthur Sulzberger and Hubert Burda can still show up at (and in, Burda's case, underwrite) conferences like this and talk of their minor new-media triumphs, there's no sign of such earlier disrupters as Yahoo!

Preparing for Re-entry into the Physical Workplace: Lessons from NASA

Michael Lee Stallard

Today, with the International Space Station in operation and anticipation of a multi-year human mission into deep space, protecting astronauts from the negative effects of disconnection and isolation has become an issue of greater interest to NASA scientists.

The Future of Cities Depends on Innovative Financing

Harvard Business Review

As I travel to urban development conferences, I often hear people bemoan an infrastructure funding gap, but the hard truth is there is no funding gap. Investors from hedge funds to insurance companies are operating in an environment of low yields, near-zero interest rates, and a glut of savings. Innovation in Cities. Social impact bonds could be one of the most innovative and effective. Today’s mega-cities have a footprint problem.

Transforming Today’s Bad Jobs into Tomorrow’s Good Jobs

Harvard Business

The blizzard of conferences, initiatives, articles, and reports on how to prepare for the changes technology will bring to our economy is important. Companies that offer good jobs today — with decent wages, predictable schedules, and opportunities for success and growth — do so by combining investment in people with operational choices that increase their employees’ productivity and contributions. Managing people Operations management Technology Digital Article

Top CEO Challenges

CO2 Business Leadership

In reviewing recent surveys of top leaders by The Conference Board, Bain, World Economic Forum the six most significant and top challenges CEOs face that need to be addressed by organizations are: Attracting, Growing and Retaining trustworthy and capable Leadership. Innovation Verses Trade-offs : Move from knowing to not knowing, become more curious and look for innovation rather than trade-offs. By: Gary Cohen.

CEO 40

Lead Change like a Slinky®

Lead Change Blog

Change can also offer an enormous amount of benefits, like growth in a career, innovation for the future, and discovering new possibilities in life. Joshua Lee Henry is the Director of Coaching on Purpose, a biblically-based leadership development consultancy that operates as a “BAM” –business as mission, organization. He is also a published author, conference speaker, and corporate trainer. This post is a part of our 2016 Lead Change Group Guest Blogger Series.

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How I Discovered My Leadership Secret Weapon

Terry Starbucker

Today’s story is about how I found my leadership secret weapon – an operational metric that could play a key role in our march to greatness, and provide a critical link between great customer service and profit. But on the other hand, there was a deeper issue – the cable operator just wasn’t liked. I knew that for us to gain back market share, and to grow and prosper as a company, we HAD to build a world-class customer care and service operation.

The Case for Improving Work for People with Disabilities Goes Way Beyond Compliance


A new study from the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) found that, according to the 2015 US government’s definition of disability , a significant portion of the white-collar workforce has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity: 30% of a nationally representative survey of 3,570 white-collar employees. ” But there are ways to remove the challenges faced by people with disabilities and open up innovative opportunities.

HR Challenges (And Solutions) For 2022

HR Digest

The goal is simple: HR professionals need to adopt innovative approaches to meet new demands. It also helps if you learn how to embrace and promote innovation instead of stifling it. After all, if your company doesn’t innovate, how will you attract top talent?

Quality Team and Leadership Development

Mike Cardus

I’ve delivered variations of this workshop and talk at conferences and to teams in many places. Hope you enjoy the presentation and notes, any questions and to hire Mike to lead this Quality Leadership Workshop, or some other team building & leadership consulting and development, for your conference and team contact mike@create-learning.com call 1-716-629-3678. Capitalizing upon the innovation and motivation of the people who work along with you to complete the work.

How to Ignite and Sustain Organizational Growth

Skip Prichard

The culture required to drive a strategy of innovation is different from the culture required to develop efficiency or operational excellence. Corporate leaders that operate with an ivory tower mentality are likely to find their tower tumbling down. Culture Spark.

Are You Feeling Disconnected As a Leader?

Great Leadership By Dan

They also felt they were operating at cross-purposes every single day. The talk of driving collaboration and innovation was just that – talk. Where they will break down silos and drive greater innovation, collaboration, and performance. An engaging speaker, he conducts keynote presentations for corporations and conferences. Guest post from Vince Molinaro, Ph.D.: It was a tough day. I had finished leading a one-day leader forum event with a new client.