Shared Ethical Values: Global Consensus?

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As we struggle day-to-day with what ethics means in business, groups of concerned leaders around the world are studying common ethical values that could clarify ethical behavior and unite us in a common global code of ethics. There are resources readily available that present ethical values in a global context and provide guidance for ethical corporate behavior.

Ethics Is Serious Business

Great Leadership By Dan

The field that provides this kind of know-how is called ethics. This means that ethics is serious business. Ethical dilemmas are at least as hard to resolve as engineering problems, and at least as urgent, particularly in our complex and fast-moving world. When organizations go astray ethically, it is usually due to a lack of ethical competence, not bad people. But how does one recognize ethical competence? Ethics training can take at least three forms.

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Leader Competence: Will it Be A Multiplier or a Divider?

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Ethical leadership competence is an issue that is gaining attention. Expectations of "good leadership" are increasing and leaders and organizations are scrambling to keep up. While sometimes people disagree about implementation, there is a strong consensus among scholars and research organizations that today's leadership requires broad, high level thinking.

First Look: Leadership Books for September 2020

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Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in September 2020. The Grit Factor : Courage, Resilience, and Leadership in the Most Male-Dominated Organization in the World by Shannon Huffman Polson. Build your leadership library with these specials on over 32 titles.

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July 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the July Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, employee performance and engagement, personal and professional development, productivity, team building, and more. Paul states: “ The old ‘chain of command’ leadership style is outmoded. Ken Downer of Rapid Start Leadership provided Leading When Things Go Wrong: Playing Soccer on the Ice.

April 2015 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the April 2015 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival. of Germane Consulting submitted 5 Ways Women Redefine Leadership. She shares: “Women have improved and redefined leadership in a number of important ways, which men have also adopted. Bruce says, “Appreciation is a powerful leadership tool. Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership submitted How To Give Feedback. David’s article outlines 12 principles of quality leadership.

Overcoming Leadership Myopia

Michael Lee Stallard

We want to be respected, to be recognized for our talents, to belong, to have autonomy or control over our work and our lives, to experience personal growth, and to do work that we believe is worthwhile and in a way that we feel is ethical. Leadership is all about the human experience. Individuals who don’t demonstrate that they care about people will never be true leaders and, frankly, have no place in a position of leadership. Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard.

Five myths about leadership

Lead on Purpose

John Maxwell — author of the book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership — does a masterful job of explaining the leadership principle of influence through the five myths about leadership: The Management Myth: Management focuses on maintaining systems and processes. Influential leadership is about influencing people to follow. The Knowledge Myth: Mental superiority does not necessarily equate to leadership.

Leadership and Product Management

Lead on Purpose

Their success depends on their ability to build consensus and inspire the other team members to do great things. Product management — at every level — is a leadership role within the organization. Reply Essential Pieces for Strategic Product Leadership « Where the Product Management Tribe Gathers , on December 12, 2010 at 11:04 pm said: [.] Leadership – the personal side is next on my list.

NCAA's Leadership Failure in Governing the Commercialization of College Sports

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1, but a kind of dispirited consensus has taken hold about a sport that has been played on American campuses since 1869: its reputation has never been more damaged. Current Affairs Ethics Games Leadership MemesThe NCAA's core purpose is to: govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount.

Are You Ready for Recovery?

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Transpersonal Leadership is a concept that my colleagues and I at LeaderShape Global have been developing for over 10 years. This means they are making decisions in full consciousness of their sense of purpose, ethics, and values. Anybody can travel the path to Transpersonal Leadership.

Effective Online Communication

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Applying technology to provide easy access for societal dialog has the promise of peer-to-peer co-creation of knowledge and rapid consensus solution-building. Books Business Coaching Career Communication Current Affairs Ethics Leadership Memes Personal Life Self-Awareness Skills What is Work life Arpanet Beranek and Newman Bolt Boston-based email addresses Internet message network society Ray Tomlinson Today Upstate New York

A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now To Make It A.

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now To Make It A Great Year by Starbucker on January 3, 2010 As a leader, I’ve learned that getting off to a great start in a new year is very important. You’ve kind of summarized great leadership in ten points. Leadership traits can create a virtuous cycle for the ?rm’s

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies Today at 87

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I am not a consensus politician. Consensus: “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner: ‘I stand for consensus?” "If On Work Ethic. On Leadership.

Thank You for Being Late

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☙ Social media is good for collective sharing, but not always so great for collective building; good for collective destruction, but maybe not so good for collective construction; fantastic for generating a flash mob, but not so good at generating a flash consensus on a party platform or a constitution. I N Thank You for Being Late , journalist Thomas Friedman affirms that we are living in one of the greatest inflection points in history.

Leading in a World of Change: Lessons from Downton Abbey

Great Leadership By Dan

Part of the attraction for me is the weekly escape to an unfamiliar world – a time, a place and a culture that seem light-years away from the daily challenges I face consulting with businesses on leadership issues. Accelerating globalization, technology convergence, volatile world financial markets and demands for ethical, environmentally responsible business practices are presenting organizations and their leaders with unprecedented challenges.

Why Mission Statements Fail


Consider a few examples: “The company’s primary objective is to maximize long-term shareholder value while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates and at all times observing the highest ethical standard.” And how are we defining leadership?

Why Mission Statements Fail


Consider a few examples: “The company’s primary objective is to maximize long-term shareholder value while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates and at all times observing the highest ethical standard.” And how are we defining leadership?

Book Review: It's Not Just Who You Know

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Leadership grows and develops through building effective relationships. I highly recommend It’s Not Just Who You Know as guidebook to building effective relationships and increasing your leadership potential. PMs who build consensus and inspire team members develop a high ROI on their products and ROR with their colleagues.

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Don’t Delegate More – Delegate More Effectively

Marshall Goldsmith

” Honest, ethical and legal behavior is always appropriate – delegation isn’t. This helps direct reports understand the agendas of the peer team members and allows them to develop their skills in building collaboration and reaching consensus. Employee Engagement Leadership When C-level executives are asked what change they could make to become a more effective leader, one of the most common answers is, “I need to delegate more!”

Meeting Minutes–10 Steps to More Effective Meetings


Of course, minutes-takers have to behave ethically. Was the decision the result of a team vote, a consensus, or a “decider” who made the decision for the group? Just Ask Leadership Meeting ManagementHe who keeps the meeting minutes controls the history of the meeting. In meetings where there is no formal secretary, the convener will ask for a volunteer to take the minutes. Few, if any, hands will usually go up for this responsibility.

Checklist for Influencers: questions for sellers, coaches, leaders, change agents

Strategy Driven

and miss the unspoken metamessages, values, history, rules, and consensus issues that make up our CPs status quo. I can teach you how to unhook from your personal biases and enter conversations in a way that leads/ discovers/ creates all that’s possible through win/win, servant leadership and congruent change. Imagine being able to enter every conversation and have it reach its most ethical, financial, and creative possibility.

Why Great Leaders Are in Short Supply

Harvard Business Review

We're living with something of an irony right now regarding leadership. On the one hand, the topic has never been more studied and written about; my recent Google search for leadership research by academies and institutes returned some 375,000 hits. On the other hand, we are experiencing a dearth of leadership in society. Even more seem to have run out of ideas, or simply appear unable to craft the necessary consensus to lead. Leadership has never been easy.

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What U2 and the US Navy Have in Common: Connecting with Core Employees

Michael Lee Stallard

Following are a few of the ways Admiral Clark and his leadership team built bridges so that everyone felt connected and a part of the Navy. He intentionally reached out to the Master Chiefs to show them he valued them and he asked the Master Chiefs to value the sailors under their leadership and see to it that they prospered. This made it safe for people to disagree and express views that were outside of the consensus view.

Different Cultures See Deadlines Differently

Harvard Business

Failure to meet them could be interpreted as having a poor work ethic or being incompetent. What Leadership Looks Like in Different Cultures. Well, Japan’s business culture prizes group consensus. We all have the tendency to look at other cultures through the lens of our own. While this is natural, it can lead to misunderstandings when communicating with and managing colleagues from around the world.

How Philosophy Makes You a Better Leader

Harvard Business Review

The goal of most executive coaching and leadership development is behavior change—help the individual identify and change the behaviors that are getting in the way of, and reinforce the behaviors associated with, effective leadership. Executive coaching and leadership development programs rarely include much, if anything, about the power of clarifying one’s philosophical world-view. This ultimately yielded a consensus and reasoned decision-making.

How Do You Know a Great Person When You See One?

Harvard Business Review

The Times calls it "the admissions equivalent of speed-dating": nine eight-minute conversations about an ethical dilemma, on-the-spot decisions, even health-care policy that aim to capture who candidates are, not just how smart they are. "We It's your job, as a group, to reach a consensus about who else gets in. Leadership Morale Talent management

Can HP Change its DNA?

Harvard Business Review

It's the company's deeply embedded belief system, its prevailing ethics, and the way people within the company interact with each other and with customers. Usually when people talk of DNA they're raising questions of corporate culture: Does the company rely on consensus among managers or are strategies and tactics directed from the top?