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Where Dan lost me was on point #4 – Teams Decide by Consensus. And as odd as it may sound, one of the greatest impediments to building productive teams is practicing management by consensus. Consensus isn’t the goal. That's consensus.

The Culture That Surrounds Technology

Tim Milburn

My observation is that the cultural norms and right/wrong procedures within social networking tend to flow from an organic, grassroots consensus from the user (insert Tron quote here: “I fight for the user!&# ). It’s not enough to own or obtain the technology, one must understand the culture that surrounds the technology as well. Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to use social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin?

How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s Health Care System

Harvard Business Review

Across industrial sectors, from healthcare to energy, from construction to retail, engineers are creating new technologies with potentially disruptive implications for the current architectural order of the global economy. One of the technologies, an “ AI doctor ”, shows great promise for the future of healthcare in Africa. In most African sectors like agriculture, energy, and healthcare, we have not experienced the deeper impactful benefits of technology.

Twitter: Technology for Scaling Good

Harvard Business Review

It can be the technology that scales good deeds to the global level. The rate of committing acts of good is only bound by the speed of technology. Consensus is the only authority. Social enterprise Social media TechnologyThree years ago, I developed " Random Acts of Shaqness " — Twitter stunts designed to help Shaquille O'Neal bridge the virtual and physical worlds by, for example by posing like a statue in Harvard Square so fans could take pictures with him.

Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact

Harvard Business Review

I see the two movements of Technology Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship beginning to converge into a promising solution. has come from high-growth technology companies.

Audience Mind-Meld: Real-Time Data Makes It Possible

Strategy Driven

There is a way to find out what audiences are thinking in real time: Audience response technology. Polling technology can allow presenters to embed questions directly into a PowerPoint presentation and enable audiences to respond using keypads or smartphones.

Thank You for Being Late

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The three largest forces on the planet—technology, globalization, and climate change—are all accelerating at once. The more technological we get, the more we need people who have a much broader framework.

Socrates on Communication

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A proponent of open dialogue, Socrates would undoubtedly encourage face-to-face communication as the best way to build community, consensus, and trust.

How The More Human Leader Can Demand Excellence – And Get It

Terry Starbucker

” In it, the authors Melissa Korn and Rachel Feintzeig write: At a time when the default mode of the workplace is one of cooperation and consensus, being a hard-edged leader is riskier than it used to be, according to executives and people who study leadership.

Improve The Quality Of Entrepreneurial Negotiations With Teamwork and Brainstorming

Strategy Driven

According to our research, the single biggest threat to entrepreneurial success is an inability to handle the negotiations that arise at key interactions in the evolution of a start-up.

How does IT influence your organisation?

Chartered Management Institute

There is an increasing consensus that decisions should be made lower down the organisation. It seems reasonable to assume that communications technology will play a massive part in achieving this more 'bottom up' approach to management. New research looks into what kind of technology helps to achieve this and what kinds do not. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Ethics Is Serious Business

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by John Hooker : Everyone knows that an organization can’t function without physical infrastructure communications, transportation, computer technology, and the rest. The third stage is autonomy , in which people acknowledge the validity of different points of view but strive toward a rational consensus. It gives those with autonomy the intellectual tools they need to make responsible decisions and build consensus around them.

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Kicking Leadership Clichés

Great Leadership By Dan

the environmental crisis, increased individualism and value pluralism, digitization, demographic change and technological convergence. Old dogs need to learn new tricks To be agile, leaders must accept new technologies they do not always understand and cannot control.

Leading in a World of Change: Lessons from Downton Abbey

Great Leadership By Dan

At the same time, the advent of new ground breaking technologies such as electricity and motorization – today we would call them disruptive – allowed the estates to operate with significantly less staff. Don’t try to resist technology in the workplace.

The One GRAND Leadership Illusion That Sinks Organizations & Performance

The Empowered Buisness

We need more knowledge or technology to beat our competition. Consensus: Your team, industry peers, the media, etc. They buy into the same reason. “ Of course, the economy is to blame.” Consensus grows and resignation becomes contagious within your company and industry.

Challenges for Founder Leaders and How to Make Things Easier

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After discussion, debate and thinking through the options, the team reaches consensus about the best course of action to take, or how best to solve a problem. And with the explosion of digital technology, you don’t even need to be in the same city, much less the same room, to start connecting!

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Five Ways that Coaching Can Help During Times of Divisiveness, Hate, and Violence

Great Leadership By Dan

Coaching and facilitation helped the leaders of these organizations to reach consensus and be accountable for results – more so than if they had tried to move forward without this kind of support.

Effective Online Communication

Coaching Tip

Applying technology to provide easy access for societal dialog has the promise of peer-to-peer co-creation of knowledge and rapid consensus solution-building. Today's technology holds the promise of quickly connecting problem solvers with problems, converting actionable knowledge into value that transforms the world.

What’s that Group Really Saying to You?


Flip charts and sticky notes flow, ideas get jotted down, and ultimately you arrive at a consensus -- the path forward. While I’m not in the product promotion business, I was so impressed by a new crowd-sourcing technology I recently encountered that I can’t resist sharing my experience. I was struck by how quickly James and I could generate the collective views of a group of business communicators with Codigital’s technology.

The I in Team

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Management consultant Kal Bishop found that with creative teams in particular, larger teams were inclined to seek consensus rather than explore novel ideas. De Rond concludes: “Team leaders may choose to increase their reliance on sophisticated technological gadgets to up performance but will only ever be effective when they use these tools to unlock that basic, shared humanity. The often repeated phrase, “There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM” is only half true.

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How Sales, Marketing and Social Can Facilitate the Decision Path

Strategy Driven

let’s begin listening for, and designing, tools to facilitate the movement along the decision path that change decisions goes through; let’s ensure the right people are all involved (some not so obvious) and address consensus-building. Relate Articles: A Technology Case Study: Implementing What the Customer Wants. Sales, marketing, and social marketing attempt to place solutions and create relationships by supplying great content, discovering likely prospects, and creating trust.

Steps in a Buying Decision

Strategy Driven

These terms define a specific set of sequenced actions buyers take to enable internal consensus and change – change management issues, if you will – rather than define steps that address needs or vendor/solution choice which come later and are the focus of sales. You must: Assemble and get consensus from the appropriate people to determine if there is any agreement to making changes to your current site. Long meeting to get consensus.

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5 Leadership Lessons: Tim Elmore’s Generation iY

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Their world has been defined by technology and shaped by the Internet— iPod, iBook, iPhone, iChat, iMovie, iPad, and iTunes—and for many of them, life is pretty much about "I," says Tim Elmore in Generation iY. Or will they be individuals who can think and act on their own without consensus from others? Generation iY are the younger Millennials born after 1990.

Do you want to push your solution? Or implement creative, collaborative change?

Strategy Driven

What issues would need to be agreed upon for a solution to get group consensus and buy-in? Relate Articles: A Technology Case Study: Implementing What the Customer Wants. Here’s a scenario: as you’re just leaving the house one morning your spouse says to you: “ I think we need to move. ”. How interesting! You tell her you’ll continue the conversation when you get home, and go out the door. On your way home, you see a terrific house with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it, and you buy it.

Behaviors of Collaborative Leaders

Great Leadership By Dan

Publish the parameters for these decision rights and tell people which leaders have these rights -- that information is crucial to breaking through any consensus logjam; decision-rights holders should have 51 percent of the vote when collaborative teams can't reach natural agreement.

Marketing Success | N2Growth Blog

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Good consultants build consensus and unify management focus, they do not splinter opinion.

A Brief Review of Hillary Clinton’s Innovation Plan

Harvard Business Review

Late in June, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton surprised business leaders by issuing a detailed technology and innovation platform. ” No technology company would object to that proposal. Policy Technology Technology Digital Article

How to Lead in High Turbulence – 5 Lessons from the Tunisian revolution

Strategy Driven

This dialogue reached a consensus among political parties stipulating that the incumbent Islamists hand over power to a technocratic transitional government. I was asked to be Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Information & Communication Technologies. Just like a technology company, we intentionally physically set up our “lab” on the opposite side of Tunis, far from the main body of government.

Leadership: 6 Pointers on Having Face Time with People


Face time may be enabled by technology, but the ground rules don’t change. It can be used to build consensus, to educate others or to simply assess progress.

What a Visit to an AI-Enabled Hospital Might Look Like

Harvard Business Review

Harnessing the power of machine learning and other technologies. Monetary, non-monetary, and consensus exchanges are three common forms of value exchange. Meanwhile, a simple consensus or agreement can also deliver value exchange on the veracity of a medical claim with an insurer or an agreement on a patient treatment protocol. Information & technology Technology Healthcare Digital Article

How Safe Are Blockchains? It Depends.

Harvard Business Review

Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology underlying bitcoin, may prove to be far more valuable than the currency it supports. As we begin to put distributed ledger technology into practice, it’s important to make sure that the initial conditions we’re setting up aren’t setting us up for security issues later on. How Blockchain Works Here are five basic principles underlying the technology. How technology is transforming transactions.

The Four Regions of the Thinking Brain Made Simple - Part One

Building Personal Strength

Recent advances in sensing technology and computers have created breakthroughs. The current scientific consensus about how the brain works is widely published and discussed.

What to Do When Each Department Uses Different Words to Describe the Same Thing

Harvard Business Review

In the face of such discrepancies, companies usually seek technological solutions, including data integration , enterprise data architecture , and master data management, since the issue presents itself as a tech problem. This is a consensus process, so implement a formal voting procedure and require a large majority to adopt the standard definition. Data Communication Technology Digital ArticleJorg Greuel/Getty Images.

Biometrics Won’t Solve Our Data-Security Crisis

Harvard Business Review

Therefore, in order for new identity verification approaches to be widely adopted by government and business, they will need to leverage multiple layers of currently available information and technologies to help individuals prove identity to a prospective employer, creditor, educational institution, etc. You can use old technology like a land line to enter your SSN or you can relay it to a call center employee in India who can verify it. 4×6/Getty Images.

We Interviewed Health Care Leaders About Their Industry, and They’re Worried

Harvard Business Review

The consensus is the challenges facing them will be daunting and organizations will be strained to finance and manage it. The transformation will necessitate substantial investments in finance, technology, human capital, operations, and infrastructure, and a substantial disinvestment of legacy resources in these areas. This pivot will entail a transformation of the workforce, physical infrastructure, and technologies that support and drive the care of patients.

How Physicians Can Keep Up with the Knowledge Explosion in Medicine

Harvard Business Review

While basic technologies such as Google and Pubmed exist that can help automate the search for specific information, they are not sufficient and will prove even less tenable in the future as the advancement in medical science continues to accelerate. Another strategy is to translate consensus clinical guidelines to standardized practice protocols with clinical decision support algorithms (e.g. Information & technology Collaboration Healthcare Digital Article

What Blockchain Can’t Do

Harvard Business Review

Blockchain technology has the potential to do amazing things. This is achieved through a clever combination of economic incentives and cryptography, and ensures that at any point in time, digital records reflect the true “consensus” among the key stakeholders involved. Therefore, storing records that contain a baby’s current location in a way that makes these data points immutable and verifiable seems like a great use of blockchain technology.

Who Controls the Blockchain?

Harvard Business Review

How Blockchain Works Here are five basic principles underlying the technology. Any change to the network rules requires coordination and consensus among all of the stakeholders. But despite much sturm und drang, these efforts to alter bitcoin’s power structure and circumvent bitcoin developer consensus have thus far failed. As a blockchain community grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult for stakeholders to reach a consensus on changing network rules.

Some of the Most Successful Platforms Are Ones You’ve Never Heard Of

Harvard Business Review

In fact, some not-for-profit multisided platforms — hardly household names — have helped drive the major technological revolutions of the last several decades, including the internet and mobile. Product development Social platforms Technology Digital Article

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Leading Those Who Don't Want To Follow | N2Growth Blog

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Never be swayed by consensus that calls you to compromise your values, rather be guided by doing the right thing.

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Experts Have No Idea If Robots Will Steal Your Job

Harvard Business Review

Conventional wisdom has long held that, while technology may displace workers in the short-term, it does not reduce employment over the long-term. This encouraging bit of historical consensus was illustrated in a poll of economists taken this February by the University of Chicago.

The Company Cultures That Help (or Hinder) Digital Transformation

Harvard Business Review

IT management risks losing control over enterprise technologies because in a fast-paced business world, teams — unwilling to wait for IT to rollout official solutions — solve their own needs quickly by resorting to cloud-based, consumer tools to manage projects and share information.

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What U2 and the US Navy Have in Common: Connecting with Core Employees

Michael Lee Stallard

The Value Bridge Admiral Clark described his strategy as using the Navy’s “asymmetrical advantages” of the “best technology in the world” combined with the “genius of our people.” This made it safe for people to disagree and express views that were outside of the consensus view.