Disaster and Contingency Planning Lessons from the ICU

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In a hospital, lives are saved or lost long before patients’ treatment plans are written and implemented. Planning is Impersonal. Are you a leader tasked with planning for routine operations along with the response when routines are disrupted in ways big or small? When Plans Fail. It’s inaccurate to accuse Memorial Hospital of not having a disaster plan. If you are a line employee, acquaint yourself with your organization’s contingency and disaster plans.

Contingency Planning | N2Growth Blog

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While this is understandable, it is nonetheless naive, and it constitutes a major flaw in the business logic of most strategic plans. This is so much the case that the most often overlooked aspect of strategic planning is adequately addressing contingencies as part of the planning process. Smart leaders view obstacles as a constant rather than a variable, and incorporate that thinking into their planning.


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Succession Planning or Contingency Planning

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Succession Planning or Contingency Planning - Succession Planning or Contingency Planning is often talked about, but often considered too complex and expensive for many organizations or businesses to understand & put in action Related posts: Strategic Analysis and Planning Counter Offers, Human Capital & Retention Nine box grids for talent management.

Managers: What’s Your Plan B?

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Others, full of optimism, forge ahead with gusto, experience meteoric success, and later face a precipitous change in fortune due to a circumstance that could have been planned for. For career and business success, it’s worth pursuing a middle ground—one where we take calculated risks but have a fallback strategy in case Plan A craters. I found myself wondering if better contingency planning could have mitigated the damage. Some people miss out on life’s opportunities.

Preparing Your Business for COVID-19

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Preparations include creating a disease outbreak response plan, preparing for event cancellations, enforcing a more stringent cleaning process for offices, and cross-training employees in case some get sick or need to take care of family members who are. Planning Fallacy — We tend to believe that things will always go according to plan. This mental blindspot leads us to be ill-prepared for problems and contingencies.

Business Hacks to Navigate 2022 in Style

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Have a Backup Plan. Having a backup plan for your business is something that is even more important in the modern world. By having a contingency plan in place for your company , you will find it easier to thrive in difficult situations.

Life Lessons From The Ziplining Tortilla

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Businesses have Continuity and Contingency Plans (BCCP’s) in case disaster strikes, and they are supposed to test their systems periodically. Everything Else Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Change Management Ziplining When my son and I arrived on a North Georgia mountaintop several years ago for our first zip-lining outing, I did not know quite what to expect.

Extra Steps Your Business Should Take When Risks Are Involved

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Have a Plan for When Tech Disaster Strikes. All of these things need to be planned for properly. It’s a risk that should be simple to manage. Risk Management contingency planning risk management strategydrivenRunning a company is risky business. There is no risk-free way of doing it. So, you should try to learn how to handle risks better. Your business will face all kinds of different risks.

How to Lead a Team That Suddenly Has to Work From Home

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This week we’ve received so many calls from leaders trying to figure out remote working contingency plans and from managers faced with implementing these new work from home policies.

7 Ways to Manage Change

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Because we’re expected to both manage change well for ourselves and determine its direction for our organizations. 7 Ways to Manage Change. Plan the change. In terms of change management, many people start by immediately creating a list of what could go wrong.

As Brexit Negotiations Start, Companies Need Contingency Plans

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Any company with substantial exposure to Brexit that hasn’t yet devised contingency plans to deal with a range of outcomes, including very bad ones, is about as far behind the curve as Britain’s current government seems to be right now. ” The Brexit-related factors that he cites include exchange rate movements, share price shifts following policy announcements, and the cost of shifting investment plans in the light of anticipated shifts in trade policy.

Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty: A book review by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries “Voice of Experience” mini-commentaries relevant to the given context contingency planning crisis response Frederick Funston how to survive and thrive by making correct judgments its implications and possible (if not probable) consequences of risk must also be fully understood John Wilkey & Sons Inc Oxford University Press Risk cannot be managed until it is recognized within its context risk management Risk unmanaged is risk exacerbated Samuel B.

Top Tips For Construction Project Managers

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Construction projects are famously difficult to manage, and this is because there are often so many moving parts. So, what can you do if you are managing a construction project and you want it completed on time and within the pre-agreed budget? Establish Clear Plans.

5 Golden Rules for Managing Business Logistics

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Managing your business gets increasingly more difficult as you scale it, Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your company stays organized as long as you adopt some golden rules to help streamline your workflow and logistics processes.

Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

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Always have back up plans. A back up plan is vital, it means that if something were to inevitably go wrong – which let’s face it, happens all the time, no matter how prepared you are – you are ready.

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As Promised – Very Long Post on Managing Remote Teams | Survive.

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Tips for New Managers on Navigating the Transition from Individual Contributor to Team Leader Skip to content Home About the Book About Katy Recommended Reading ← A Different Kind of Rowe Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Management Team? While advances in remote access and flexible work options have been multiplying like bunnies, management practices have been slower to catch up. With this great new flexibility comes a change in how management happens.

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Aim Higher: Leadership during a time of crisis

Skip Prichard

The nature of crisis management is that you can’t plan ahead for them. Yes, we have business contingency planning but a true crisis is often completely unexpected.). So, if we can’t plan, how do we react? Leadership Podcast aim higher coronavirus COVID-19 Crisis Crisis Leadership Crisis Management Humanity kindness lead through crisis Leadership Skills patience podcastLead through Crisis. First reaction on hearing bad news? Take a deep breath.

10 Leadership Lessons From My Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie Quotes

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Regular readers of my weekly column have come to expect me to do my best in presenting them with fresh perspectives on how to manage the challenges that most of them face as leaders in their respective organizations. Take the opportunity to set direction and manage change. At my firm , we help clients develop strategies and create the contingency plans needed, if certain scenarios begin to emerge. Leadership Management Jim Kerr leadership leadership development

When in Doubt, Rehearse!

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Lately I’ve seen several leaders trip over the unexpected outcome of a grand plan. It not only gave me an opportunity to learn the logic of play calling but it taught me how to consider risk and plan for unexpected outcomes. Leadership And Contingency Planning. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth. They failed to anticipate the mistakes and mishaps that happen in all organizations.

7 Ways to Help Your Team Deal with Ambiguity

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Every manager and team member will be more effective with greater skill in this arena. Find a trusted advisor (could even be a team member) who finds change and ambiguity exhilarating to help you with your plan. Brainstorm those possibilities and develop contingency plans.

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4 Steps for Making Change Happen

Great Leadership By Dan

Our clients'' resistance to change was not irrational and it was up to us, not our clients, to manage it. Step 2: Have a plan for getting initial buy-in (include contingencies) Make sure your proposal takes into account all these legitimate concerns and potential dangers surrounding change. Make sure you have a plan for getting everyone affected by the change on board including a contingency for what you''ll do if people turn against you later on.

What Harvey Is Teaching the Health Care Sector About Managing Disasters

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All health systems have contingency plans and run drills for emergencies like a hurricane. However, the challenges wrought by a disaster can confound even the best-laid plans, and responding effectively requires using available resources in ways not previously considered. Crisis management Operations management Government Digital Article

Fear Of Change And 5 Ways To Overcome It

Tanveer Naseer

All authentic change goes through three stages: 1) Anticipation 2) Regression 3) Consolidation Anticipation is the exciting stage of change where we anticipate the benefits and make our transitional plans. Also compassionately remember that the people you are relying on to implement a new product, service, or management model may not have all the power you give them credit for. Anticipate all possible objections and create contingency plans for anything that could go wrong.

Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work

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In a research article in The Journal of Applied Psychology , we and our colleagues (Andrew Brodsky at The University of Texas at Austin, Subrahmaniam Tangirala at the University of Maryland, and Sanford DeVoe at the University of California Los Angeles) investigated how employees can take back more control over their work engagement through better self-management. We found that increasing your engagement and productivity at work could be as simple as making a plan for the day.

Preparing Your Small Business For A Disaster

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For many businesses, that is a plan for what you would do to get your business back up and running after a disaster strikes. Almost three-quarters of small business owners do not have a written disaster recovery plan. Small business owners wear many hats.

6 Mantras That Will Set You Apart as a Genuine Leader

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Strategic planning–the process of translating vision into realistic business strategies–provides you with a structure to balance long-term goals with immediate needs, update plans to reflect changing circumstances, and develop contingency plans for the wider range of possibilities. Your strategic plan is worthless unless you have a strategic vision. Leadership Management Mantras Success Workplace

Rethinking Perks: Goodbye Stocked Kitchens and On-Site Gyms

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How can companies going remote full-time, or those planning to work remotely, still provide perks to their employees working from home? When workers were asked how well their managers boosted motivation and engagement during this time, the average score was 65/100. .

What is Your Innovation Style?

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Typically most managers do not realize there are different styles even though they divide 50/50 in the populations worldwide. make detailed plans before I start OR __handle problems as they arise. When you have 3 on the table, turn to "structured" colleagues and discuss what needs to happen and contribute contingency plans. Guest post from Shoya Zichy: Innovation is critical to an organization''s growth and competitive advantage.

Great by Choice

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Fear and worry is channeled into preparation, contingency plans, buffers and margins of safety. They zoom-in and zoom out to manage risk and recognize luck. It is a defeatist attitude to think that luck or circumstances primarily make you what you are. Luck, both good and bad happen to us all. We cannot control much of what happens around us, but the choices we make, as Jim Collins and Morten Hansen’s research confirms, determine our success.

How Can You Shield Your Small Business From Disaster?

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While you can’t completely insulate yourself from every single eventuality, there are steps you can take to ensure that you have the right insight and contingency plans in place should the worst happen. Creating A Communications Plan.

Evolve As An Entrepreneur In 3 Simple Steps

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Get a marketing BBA degree or a management MBA, or any other business related degree. If you plan everything correctly and do all the research, calling on advice from others and your new knowledge, you can easily start new business ventures. Make sure you have contingency plans in case they do fail, but don’t let failure put you off. Entrepreneurship business management entrepreneurship strategydrivenPhoto courtesy of Pexels.

This Word Unleashes Change & Innovation

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Have you identified all the risks here, and what are your contingency plans should things not progress as expected? Excuse: It somehow manages risk – Reality: A quick no often keeps opportunities hidden, creates information deficits, and causes blind spots – all of which actually increase the potential for risk. Have you ever worked for a boss who always said no ? If you have, my first guess is it was a frustrating experience.

Difficult conversations require your head and your heart


The most approachable leaders become a hub for conversations with their staff, their peers, their manager and other stakeholders. A contingency plan isn’t available when the two-way interaction doesn’t go the way you’d planned. Leaders have to become increasingly more skilled at having difficult conversations with others as they take on more responsibility.

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

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Sometimes the difficulty of managing your time makes for a haphazard operation. Plan for the future. When your business has contingency plans for future scenarios you will seldom be caught by surprise. Most successful businesses have planned responses to most scenarios because they took the time to think “What If”. Time management and “just in time” concepts are applied. Plans are in writing to address inventories and reducing surplus.

Every Manager Is a Risk Manager

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An MBA student once asked me to give her a simple explanation of the "risk management function." After a few minutes of fumbling, I told her that risk management is the process of identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating the impact of unforeseen (and usually negative) events. In other words, it's a form of proactive contingency planning — either to completely avoid difficult situations, or prepare for them so that any undesirable consequences are lessened.

Change Leadership: Overcoming Change Fatigue and Organizational Burnout

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Piloting, prototyping, and contingency planning before a change can save weeks or even years of rework. Auster is Professor of Strategic Management and the Founding Director of the Schulich Centre for Teaching Excellence at the Schulich School of Business, York University. Change Management business leadership business management Ellen R. For any business, large or small, corporate change is critical for survival.

Ways to Identify Issues in your Business Process

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Managing processes and identifying what is and isn’t working quite right can be a time-consuming process depending on the methods used, but a necessary one. In order to do this, it’s a good idea to have a meeting with the management team in your company and discuss what these should be. It can also be difficult from a management level to be fully aware of everything that goes on in the day to day running of the company depending on its size or scale. Have a Contingency Plan.

Managing Risk in Career Decisions

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He talked with management consultants and private equity firms — the fields where he'd worked a decade before. Is there a contingency plan? Manage that risk by evaluating the opportunity, your situation, and what you can do if things don't work out. Career planning Decision making Job searchYou like your current position, and you're doing well, but you just got a surprisingly attractive job offer. It's exciting. Your friends say they're happy for you.

Four Things to Remember When Change Hits “Upside the Head”

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We anticipate it; study it; plan for it; and, if we are smart (or lucky), we make it happen or respond to it with strength, a sense of purpose and a clear head. The trauma brought about by such change happens every day to countless people, people without contingency plans, or any idea how they are going to cope with what has happened to them. Change Management Leadership Leadership Development Leading Change change leadership Change resilience Emotions Change.

How to Allocate Resources Effectively In a Business Enterprise

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There is no way a business can thrive without having the right skills to manage whatever resources it has at its disposal. On the other hand, the ones starting from scratch, with nothing but scraps have made it big only with their sheer skill of resource management and colossal intelligence. Also, when we talk about allocating resources, it is not just the duty of the management to chalk out efficacious plans that would cater to the topic at hand.

Leadership Lessons from the Navy

Skip Prichard

Additionally, they need to appreciate that the key to unlocking the power of interactions is in managing their behavior during the interaction, as well as a keener understanding that employees emulate their behaviors, which creates a culture, a culture that determines team performance.

Book Review: “Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck – Why Some Thrive Despite Them All”

The Practical Leader

They channel their fear and worry into action, preparing, developing contingency plans, building buffers, and maintaining large margins of safety." " management Built to Last Good to Great Great by Choice Harvard Business School Jim Collin's leadership Morten HansenThis is a very timely, inspiring, and practical book for leading in turbulent times.

Managers, What's Your Plan For Climate Change?

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In the wake of superstorm Sandy, we've heard story after story about the big infrastructural challenges of disaster response, crisis management , and climate change. But what about the impact on individual managers? Climate change doesn't just mean that governments and big companies will need to reassess their risk management, or make their infrastructure more resilient. Crisis management Sustainability