Disaster and Contingency Planning Lessons from the ICU

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In a hospital, lives are saved or lost long before patients’ treatment plans are written and implemented. Planning is Impersonal. Are you a leader tasked with planning for routine operations along with the response when routines are disrupted in ways big or small? When Plans Fail. It’s inaccurate to accuse Memorial Hospital of not having a disaster plan. If you are a line employee, acquaint yourself with your organization’s contingency and disaster plans.

Contingency Planning | N2Growth Blog

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While this is understandable, it is nonetheless naive, and it constitutes a major flaw in the business logic of most strategic plans. This is so much the case that the most often overlooked aspect of strategic planning is adequately addressing contingencies as part of the planning process. Smart leaders view obstacles as a constant rather than a variable, and incorporate that thinking into their planning.


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Preparing Your Business for COVID-19

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Preparations include creating a disease outbreak response plan, preparing for event cancellations, enforcing a more stringent cleaning process for offices, and cross-training employees in case some get sick or need to take care of family members who are. Planning Fallacy — We tend to believe that things will always go according to plan. This mental blindspot leads us to be ill-prepared for problems and contingencies.

As Brexit Negotiations Start, Companies Need Contingency Plans

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Any company with substantial exposure to Brexit that hasn’t yet devised contingency plans to deal with a range of outcomes, including very bad ones, is about as far behind the curve as Britain’s current government seems to be right now. ” The Brexit-related factors that he cites include exchange rate movements, share price shifts following policy announcements, and the cost of shifting investment plans in the light of anticipated shifts in trade policy.

When in Doubt, Rehearse!

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Lately I’ve seen several leaders trip over the unexpected outcome of a grand plan. It not only gave me an opportunity to learn the logic of play calling but it taught me how to consider risk and plan for unexpected outcomes. Leadership And Contingency Planning. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth. They failed to anticipate the mistakes and mishaps that happen in all organizations.

Tips To Help Your Business Succeed

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Always have back up plans. A back up plan is vital, it means that if something were to inevitably go wrong – which let’s face it, happens all the time, no matter how prepared you are – you are ready.

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Some Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

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It''s also used to articulate the challenges an organization has, enabling contingency plans. It''s typically based on a review of internal and external facts and assumptions about the organization and the marketplace in which it operates. Operations (facilities, capacity, distribution channels, supply chain, costs, use of technology). A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization''s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Ideas To Help Accelerate Your SWOT Analysis

Six Disciplines

It's also used to articulate the challenges an organization has, enabling contingency plans. It's typically based on a review of internal and external facts and assumptions about the organization and the marketplace in which it operates. Operations (facilities, capacity, distribution channels, supply chain, costs, use of technology). A SWOT analysis is a tool used to assess an organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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7 Ways to Help Your Team Deal with Ambiguity

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Find a trusted advisor (could even be a team member) who finds change and ambiguity exhilarating to help you with your plan. You need every single brain cell operating on full cylinder at times like these, not censored with fear of making mistakes. Brainstorm those possibilities and develop contingency plans.

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10 Leadership Lessons From My Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie Quotes

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If you operate with good will and demonstrate a willingness to “pitch in” and help those that need help in your business, then your people will recognize that this is a value worth mirroring. At my firm , we help clients develop strategies and create the contingency plans needed, if certain scenarios begin to emerge.

5 Golden Rules for Managing Business Logistics

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Proper planning is mandatory for an efficient logistics system. Before you make any sweeping changes to your business, it’s vital that you plan out all of your actions to ensure that you’re not missing anything and that you’ve included everything that is a part of your logistics chain.

Great by Choice

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For their study, the authors chose a set of major companies that achieved spectacular results over 15 or more years while operating in unstable environments. Fear and worry is channeled into preparation, contingency plans, buffers and margins of safety. It is a defeatist attitude to think that luck or circumstances primarily make you what you are. Luck, both good and bad happen to us all.

What Harvey Is Teaching the Health Care Sector About Managing Disasters

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All health systems have contingency plans and run drills for emergencies like a hurricane. However, the challenges wrought by a disaster can confound even the best-laid plans, and responding effectively requires using available resources in ways not previously considered. Crisis management Operations management Government Digital ArticleThe damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey has posed enormous health challenges in Houston and neighboring areas hit hard by the storm.

Making Time to Really Listen to Your Patients

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It is only through shared knowledge, transmitted in both directions, that physicians and patients can co-create an authentic, viable care plan. Clinicians become more likely to provide ineffective or undesired treatment and miss pertinent information that would have altered the treatment plan and are often blind to patients’ lack of understanding. Operations Customers Healthcare Digital Article

How Can You Shield Your Small Business From Disaster?

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While you can’t completely insulate yourself from every single eventuality, there are steps you can take to ensure that you have the right insight and contingency plans in place should the worst happen. Creating A Communications Plan.

Leadership Lessons from the Navy

Skip Prichard

His book, Lessons from the Navy: How to Earn Trust, Lead Teams, and Achieve Organizational Excellence is loaded with advice to help all leaders aspiring to operate at the highest levels. A few months prior, I had been selected to be executive officer, or XO (Chief Operating Officer), of U.S.

As Promised – Very Long Post on Managing Remote Teams | Survive.

Survive Your Promotion

Spend some time using the SMART goal planning process so that you know you and your team are on the same page about what’s important and when it’s due. No matter what industry or functional group your team operates in, there are solutions for your specific situation. Ultimately a well run remote team has to operate as a ROWE. Survive Your Promotion!

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5 Ways the Best Companies Close the Strategy-Execution Gap

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In our experience at Bain & Company, however, this strategy-to-performance gap is rarely the result of shortcomings in implementation; it is because the plans are flawed from the start. Too many companies still follow a “Plan-then-Do” approach to strategy: The organization works tirelessly to create its best forecasts about the future market and competitive landscape. The Plan-then-Do approach is obsolete – even dangerous. James Balog/Getty Images.

How to Allocate Resources Effectively In a Business Enterprise

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The scale of operation does not matter; however, what matters is how well you allocate each resource to put them to its best use. Also, when we talk about allocating resources, it is not just the duty of the management to chalk out efficacious plans that would cater to the topic at hand. Come Up With a Contingency Plan. An elaborate and extensive planning process is necessary for your business to score well and chart monumental heights of success.

10 Communication Tips for Leaders

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Bonus - Always have a Plan B : Another component of communications strategy that is rarely discussed is how to prevent a message from going bad, and what to do when does. It’s called being prepared and developing a contingency plan.

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We Need to Approach AI Risks Like We Do Natural Disasters

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Intelligent Device Recovery Plans. Today, many companies are exposed to intelligent device risks that could harm both their own operations as well as their customers. Like the risks associated with natural disasters, companies cannot completely protect against smart-device risks by buying insurance; they must have worst-case scenario recovery plans. Contingency plans must go beyond a natural disaster playbook. Jose A. Bernat Bacete/Getty Images.

Why Quants Should Manage Your Supply Chain Risk

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In an uncertain and volatile world, risk management — a previously unsexy subject for many managers who created annual updates or reviews of their company's risk management plans — is now a front-burner issue for many. This lack of comfort with both the quantitative aspects of risk and the more sophisticated options available to operational executives is (in some industries literally) dangerous. Global business Operations Risk management

10 Technology Problems Modern Business Owners Have To Deal With

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To set your business up for the greatest success, you need to understand the sort of issues you’ll deal with regularly, and have some plan of action to handle them. Modern businesses need cybercrime deterrent solutions to maintain the security of operations. Additionally, you’ll want to educate employees on how to operate securely throughout your company at intervals, as new threats develop in the tech world all the time. Overcoming Common Tech Issues.

How to write an internal communications plan and strategy

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Internal communications Plan. Increasingly Human Resources (HR) or Organizational Development (OD) teams are being asked to drive and deliver internal communications, but what is an internal communications plan and how do you go about writing and applying one? Why have internal communications plans? An effective approach to developing an internal communication plan starts not with what we need to do, but why we need to do it. Example plan matrix. Plan, announce.

A CEO’s Guide to Navigating Brexit

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What drives uncertainty are the magnitude and duration of these corrections; as prices guide resource allocation, their volatility and uncertainty interferes with planning and investment decisions. A scenario-based approach to planning, modeling, and preparing for multiple outcomes is therefore recommended. The key questions are about the impact on your firm’s business model, operating model, EU institutional arrangements and financial structures, and performance.

The External Factors Affecting Your Business

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While there might be plenty of directions you want to take your company in, you’ll also be subject to the whims and plans of your fellow humans, who all too often (it can feel like) have plans that are out of sync with your own. It’s all good and well operating at full capacity, with the books in order and things slowly progressing just fine and dandy. Try as you might, you will never really “own” your business.

3 Emerging Market Risks Companies Should Watch for in 2018

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Top leaders tend to focus more on status updates than on contingency planning. They did not spend as much time thinking about local events that have implications for their emerging market operations. When it comes to risk in Mexico, companies are paying attention to the fraught NAFTA negotiations, but not the domestic politics that could damage business plans far sooner than any NAFTA changes. miragec/Getty Images.

What It Was Like to Be a Manager in Ukraine

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In my former position as Managing Director of Philip Morris Ukraine where I was based from January 2012 until February 2015, I was forced to see it as a business crisis that threatened our people, operations, and bottom line. In that confusion, I had two clear priorities: to secure the safety of our employees at all costs; and to maintain our operations to whatever degree possible. Most of the world views the turmoil in Ukraine as a geopolitical and humanitarian catastrophe.

7 Myths About Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Many companies separate their Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa operations because of strong cultural, economic, and linguistic differences between the two regions.). Executives should build step-by-step long-term expansion plans, but avoid delaying entry as securing market share will become increasingly difficult. They need to combine available data and forecasts with a thorough qualitative analysis that looks at the operating environment of each market.

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The Olympics as a Story of Risk Management

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Simulations of security incidents were rehearsed, and contingency plans for mass evacuations or emergency situations were put in place. One key to effective risk management is the ability to distinguish between phenomena that cannot reasonably be foreseen and dangers that are "self-inflicted" because they could be avoided by thorough planning and careful execution. A lot of things didn't happen at the Olympics this year, all of which were extensively prepared for.

Should Leaders Go on Vacation?

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President Obama is not the only one having to decide whether to cut or modify vacation plans at a challenging moment. Are there continuity, backup, and contingency plans? Even in quiet times, there's a chance for mischief or missteps if leaders leave a vacuum, with no one clearly in charge and lack of clarity about how to operate. When former auto executive Lee Iaccoca titled a book, " Where Have All the Leaders Gone ?"

The Rise of the Not-So-Experienced CEO

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Boards are reaching deeper into the companies they oversee to find executives who embrace disruptive technologies and digital media; have a proven record of innovation; are confident global citizens, able to operate in developed, emerging, and frontier markets and lead across diverse cultures; have an acute understanding of shifting demographics in their customer base; and have adaptive leadership traits, such as exceptional curiosity, open-mindedness, and the courage to act.

How Multinationals Can Grow in the Middle East and Africa

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oil services provider McDermott International plans to build a fabrication yard at a Saudi Aramco shipping complex; Amazon bought the Middle East’s biggest online retailer Souq.com; and Boeing finalized its multi-billion dollar deal with Iran. In doing research on multinational operations in the Middle East and Africa, we’ve learned that companies are well aware of how President Trump’s foreign and trade policies could affect their businesses there.

The Element of Surprise Is a Bad Strategy for a Trade War

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This gave time for not only the public to weigh in – to potentially alter the scope of the protection – but also for businesses and workers to make contingency plans if trade barriers were ultimately enacted. While Trump triggered the legal investigation behind the China case in August 2017, the first 1,333 products that he plans to hit with tariffs weren’t publicly revealed until April 3. anucha sirivisansuwan/Getty Images.

What a Changing NAFTA Could Mean for Doing Business in Mexico

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Multinational companies operating in Mexico are facing a great deal of uncertainty. While consumer spending has proven resilient, with same-store retail sales rising 6% YOY in April , most multinational corporations are developing contingency plans to mitigate risks to their businesses and reassessing the country’s role in their global market portfolio and supply chains.

Planning Maternity or Paternity Leave: A Professional’s Guide

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Very few organizations have “a standard operating procedure” for employees taking parental time off, says Joan C. The lack of parental leave plans in most US organizations “reflects the disconnect between people’s personal lives and their work lives,” says Lotte Bailyn, professor emerita at the MIT Sloan School of Management. She says that some people worry that they will be “written off” once they announce their family plans.