Global Entrepreneurs Need New Funding Models

Harvard Business Review

We wanted to do this because we recognize that small enterprises are a very significant engine for development; they create employment, which tends to be more sustainable and better paid than you would find in the more informal microfinance sector," says Oxfam's Nicholas Colloff. Some microfinance organizations are also moving out of the purely micro and toward larger lending.

Using Games to Get a Handle on Bank Risk

Harvard Business Review

Popular games also tend to spawn communities who share information and strategies about how to overcome hurdles, suggesting that peer to peer education is also possible (this has been seen in microfinance). Researchers also observed increased cooperation and effort among individual players. Bank marketing materials focus on the dreams, anxieties and goals of consumers. Risk management processes don't — but they should.

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President Obama Can Make Start-Up America Succeed

Harvard Business Review

Ventures should compete and cooperate with ventures, regardless of their nationalities. Microfinance (Bangladesh), securitization of revenues (Saudi Arabia), and royalty-pay-back funding (Israel) were all invented overseas.