The Importance of Being Purposeful | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

On one occasion, I was to talk with a number of Corporate Account Managers. The answer will usually be a functional answer such as I’m in accounting, or I’m in shipping.

25 Years Ago I Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why It’s Time to Rethink It.

Harvard Business Review

As the magazine explained, the approach, “aims to measure the financial, social and environmental performance of the corporation over a period of time. Only a company that produces a TBL is taking account of the full cost involved in doing business.” This idea infused platforms like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI), influencing corporate accounting, stakeholder engagement and, increasingly, strategy.

TBL 13

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Six Strategy Insights RIM's New CEO Can Use

Harvard Business Review

Apple changed the nature of a smartphone from a corporate to a consumer device, and RIM has failed to reinvent itself accordingly. Is it Apple's consumer appeal, or the declining influence of corporate IT managers? RIM could opt to double down on the corporate market, broadening its business from device maker into fields such as mobile security services and bandwidth management. Perhaps Thorsten Heins has longed to run a big, public company.

The Political Case Against Out-Sized Executive Pay

Harvard Business Review

Finally, the Commission argues that the social case for addressing skyrocketing executive pay is to reduce societal instability (to the extent wealth disparities reflect lack of opportunity, this can lead to social unrest) and the undue political influence of the wealthy (who have out-sized access and voice in shaping public policy). But the Commission avoids the fundamental substantive questions: What are the purposes of the corporation ?

Corporations Weren’t Designed to Run on Code

Harvard Business Review

Corporations in particular are duty bound to grow by any means necessary. ” Like a shark that must move in order to breathe, corporations must grow in order to survive. Neither digital technology nor the corporation itself is necessarily to blame for the current predicament.