Global Ethics: TMP Challenge 15

Leading in Context

As an invited reviewer, my focus is on Global Challenge 15: Global Ethics. Participants submit their observations on trends, help define the biggest problems and areas of opportunity and submit input on how to improve the course of Global Ethics.The Milennium Project has produced a short video summarizing the global conversations on each topic. It details the global input on the most prevalent concerns and opportunities related to global ethics.

Ethics 179

Ethics Is Serious Business

Great Leadership By Dan

The field that provides this kind of know-how is called ethics. This means that ethics is serious business. Ethical dilemmas are at least as hard to resolve as engineering problems, and at least as urgent, particularly in our complex and fast-moving world. When organizations go astray ethically, it is usually due to a lack of ethical competence, not bad people. But how does one recognize ethical competence? Ethics training can take at least three forms.

Ethics 205

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5 Principles for Ethical Leadership in Times of Crisis

Great Leadership By Dan

The earlier we can catch errors and redirect, the more effective we will be at changing course. Guest post by Jason Richmond : Leaders are, by definition, role models, and employees naturally follow their lead. This is particularly true in times of crisis.

Ethics 308

4 Reasons We Struggle with Ethics

Leading Blog

Ethics is about who we are. Ethics is not so much about what is happening around us, it’s much more about what is going on inside of us. Understanding the difference is critical to being a person with good ethics. Ethics are not concerned about what we can do, but what we should do. Ethics align us to our purpose and our values no matter what is happening around us. Ethics are about how we will measure our life. We think ethics is about rules.

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Bernie Madoff Building Ethics Courses? Who Better?

Chartered Management Institute

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Developing a Strong Work Ethic Takes Work

Your Voice of Encouragement

But I noticed one very interesting thing over the course of the 3 days. It’s rooted in the development of a strong work ethic in childhood. Each one of us developed a strong work ethic because of the tone and expectations my parents set. Denny Coates and I recently devoted one episode of our Strong for Parenting Podcast to this topic A Strong Work Ethic – Prepare Your Child for the Challenges of Life.

Why Ethical People Make Unethical Choices

Harvard Business

Most companies have ethics and compliance policies that get reviewed and signed annually by all employees. “Employees are charged with conducting their business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards,” reads one such example. ” Of course, that policy comes directly from Enron. Clearly it takes more than a compliance policy or Values Statement to sustain a truly ethical workplace. Creating an Ethical Workplace.

6 Traits That Predict Ethical Behavior at Work

Harvard Business

Trust and openness are crucial elements of an ethical organizational culture. Only when employees are able to voice the problems they see can ethical lapses be discussed and resolved. A first step in building this kind of culture involves a hiring approach in which companies actively seek those individuals inclined to speak up when ethical challenges surface. A morally attentive person will see ethical issues where others may see none. Creating an Ethical Workplace.

What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company

Harvard Business

It’s hard for good, ethical people to imagine how these meltdowns could possibly happen. many of us face an endless stream of ethical dilemmas at work. We were surprised that 30 leaders in the study recalled a total of 87 “major” ethical dilemmas from their career histories. Over 50 had occurred in the course of the last five years. Companies can warp their own ethical climate by pushing too much change from the top, too quickly and too frequently.

Ethical Viewpoints & Environmental Investments: Helping Your Business Profit Emotionally (Without Wasting Profit)

Strategy Driven

With this in mind, are there any ways for us to embody a more ethical outlook while also keeping our finances down? The best place to begin is by looking at your business and how compliant it is from an ethical standpoint. For those companies that don’t think about it, you’ll soon see that your customers won’t align with your ethical viewpoints or you may have financial penalties.

Corporate Ethics Can’t Be Reduced to Compliance

Harvard Business

However, one of the more unsettling and unintended consequences of a singular focus on ethics-as-compliance is a checkbox mentality that gives the illusion of reducing risk without really doing so. So what can a company do to excel ethically? Plato emphasized a virtue-based system of ethics 2,400 years ago in his Academy. In other words, we learn ethics in conversation with others. Ethics Digital Article

Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss” — and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership

Harvard Business

We collected personality data and supervisor ratings of ethical behavior (e.g., We combined data across these 30 independent studies to examine the relationship between personality and ethical leadership across a range of different settings and situations. Creating an Ethical Workplace. The data may indicate the best course of action for the bottom line, but this may not be the best decision for the broader team or relevant stakeholders. Juj Winn/Getty Images.

How’s Your Integrity as a Leader? Ask a Watermelon

Lead Change Blog

Where insecurities run rampant, ethics almost always end up on the chopping block. Rather than keep up appearances, note what’s weak and find a course, colleague, or counselor to help. Personal Development Character Character-based Leadership ethics integrityIt’s summertime and you’ve probably sunk your teeth into a ripe, delicious watermelon by now. But you’re probably wondering, what in the world do watermelons have to do with your integrity as a leader? I’m glad you asked.

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How To Overcome Your Speaking Jitters.

Rich Gee Group

In college, I took a communications course which made me stand up and give presentations each week to the class. I spoke about how he helped me learn to read (comics) and gave me a basic ethical structure in relation to crime. You know that, of course. home about rich our team news our fans services executive coach business coach speaking inspire media knowledge books affiliates contact Rich Gee Group 203.500.2421 How To Overcome Your Speaking Jitters.

CEOs Are Getting Fired for Ethical Lapses More Than They Used To

Harvard Business

From 2007-2011, forced turnovers due to ethical lapses were 3.9% On a regional basis, the share of all successions attributable to ethical lapses rose most sharply in the U.S. We see five reasons for the rise of ethics-based dismissals. Third, more companies are pursuing growth in emerging markets in which ethical risks are heightened due to higher levels of corruption and less mature governance structures. Ethics Digital Article

Don’t Ever Use Ethics To Argue For a Business Decision

The Idolbuster

If your company must decide between doing the right thing (A), or doing the wrong but less expensive thing (B), the worst thing you can do is to argue for “A” based on ethics. Whatever you do, don’t EVER bring up an ethical justification for A, not even as a fourth bullet point. I used this tactic several times, and invariably someone else said “of course we should do A. Someone on the other side will use this an an excuse to bring this back to ethics, and you will lose.

A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now To Make It A.

Terry Starbucker

Over the course of my career I’ve assembled a very handy annual New Year’s “Checklist&# that helps get me focused and ready for the challenges to come in the days and months ahead, and well positioned for success. It’s much harder to give course corrections later if the ship has drifted way off course. Ethical leadership calls for morals, fairness, caring, sharing, no false promises or unreasonable demands on others, etc.

Course 329

Leading from a Strong Moral Center

Coaching Tip

You’ve got to have an anchor already out there…if you don’t have a moral foundation, then the winds assaulting your integrity can blow you off course.” In my book, 7 Lenses: Learning the Principles and Practices of Ethical Leadership , I describe four principles that work together to provide a clear and actionable moral compass : . Leaders who demonstrate personal congruence demonstrate it across contexts, applying the highest ethical standards in all of their roles. .

Morale 101

3 Reasons You Should Listen to Those Pesky Millennials

Lead Change Blog

Work Ethic. “I I nodded and she continued: “What about their work ethic? Of course. Leadership Development meaning Millennials Purpose Values Winning Well work ethicShe stood up, took the microphone that was offered her, looked over the audience surrounding her, then turned to me and said, “Those pesky millennials.”. She paused, waiting for applause that never came, the continued: “What is up with them?”. It was my turn to pause, waiting for the rest of the question.

5 Important Things to Remember as an Entrepreneur :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Ask the people in your network to keep you in mind or refer you when they come across business opportunity within your specialty; and of course do the same for them.

Students Teach Business Ethics

Harvard Business Review

In the fall, I wrote a series of posts on the moral concerns raised by the financial crisis and how a business ethics course might address them. Rather, they should be taught "how to engage, with intelligence and integrity, a real ethics debate about the role of business and the business professional in a free society.". This winter, I taught an accelerated course in business ethics to professionals at the Harvard Extension School. Business education Ethics

Ethics for Technologists (and Facebook)

Harvard Business Review

In retrospect, if I had to write it again, I’d include a section or chapter on ethics. The ongoing explosion of technologically-enabled business opportunities inherently expand the ethical dilemmas, quandaries and trade-offs managements will confront. So the ethical question and challenge organizations should openly—not secretly or quietly—confront is: How can we honestly, openly and authentically demonstrate that our experiments are reasonable, fair and safe?

July's Leadership Carnival

Michael Lee Stallard

Each blogger selects one of their best blog posts over the course of the prior month and submits it for inclusion in the carnival. Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit July’s Leadership Carnival Published by Michael Lee Stallard on July 5, 2010 03:56 am under E Pluribus Partners Every month I participate in a leadership carnival with several bloggers whose work I respect.

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Joseph L. Badaracco: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Badaracco is the John Shad Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School. He has taught courses on business ethics, strategy, and management in the School’s MBA and executive programs. Joseph L. Badaracco is a graduate of St. Louis University, Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes scholar, and Harvard Business School, where he earned […].

Morning People Are Less Ethical at Night

Harvard Business Review

This opens up the possibility that even within the same day, a given person could be ethical at one point in time and unethical at another point in time. Over the past few years, management and psychology research has uncovered something interesting: both energy and ethics vary over time. Building from this research, we predicted that larks and owls would follow different patterns of ethical and unethical behavior over the course of a day.

The Ethics Conversation We’re Not Having About Data

Harvard Business Review

Business managers are missing the real issue: the people who collect, store, manage and process our data are not being held to any ethical standards. The emerging data science discipline is expanding so fast that few workers are thinking about the ethical implications of their everyday actions. Except in rare cases, the ethics of these decisions are never broached. The recent scandals should bring a serious conversation in the business community about the ethics of data.

Words of the Year

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Later on, of course, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Books Business Coaching Career Communication Current Affairs Ethics Failure Games Health Leadership Memes Safety & Security Self Assessment Self-Awareness Tips What is Women Work life British elections feminism Merriam-Webster online dictionary Oxford Dictionaries social change Word of the Year"Youthquake" is the verbal concoction recently declared Word of the Year (the year being 2017) by the experts at Oxford Dictionaries.

Values or valuables?

Lead on Purpose

This, of course, is a personal question that only you can answer for yourself. The valuables are the products you (and your teams of course) produce.

National Museum of the American Indian

Coaching Tip

The show tells the tale of Pochontas , who, in 1617 died in England, at the age of twenty-two or so, after having a son with the early Jamestown settler John Rolfe, in terms of her strange posthumous prestige for aristocratic and, of course, slave-holding Virginia families. I wish everyone would see, " Americans ," at the National Museum of the Americans , in Washington, D.C. It is keyed to the ubiquity of Native Americans in popular culture.

Assumptions Guide Our Perception

Coaching Tip

This, of course, is one of the reasons it''s relatively easy for two people to have very different impressions of you, depending on the situations they see you in. Business Coaching Career Communication Ethics Memes Self-Awareness Skills What is Women Work life behavior communication impressions perception social psychologist traits Other people almost never see you the way you see yourself.

PR and Ethics in the Battle for Location-based Data

Harvard Business Review

But they seem to have forgotten Business Ethics 101: Don't do anything that you'd be embarrassed to see on Page 1 of the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times. That's not just good ethics advice; it's good PR advice, too. Of course companies are going to lobby for their own interests, as they should. Ethics Government Marketing

PR 17

Practicing the Spirit of the Law: Serve Your Customer Better

Strategy Driven

In conjunction with the spirit of the law is your business and personal ethics. Many people see ethics and business as separate entities. An individual’s business ethics and personal ethics must be aligned if one is to be a person of integrity. But is it ethical?—no!

If You’re Loyal to a Group, Does It Compromise Your Ethics?

Harvard Business Review

As our research shows, loyalty highlights the importance of ethical principles, bringing people’s attention to the fact that behaving ethically is the right course of action. Once again, loyalty made people act more ethically. Loyalty seemed to translate into a more general desire to behave ethically. being honest) and use loyalty to the group as a reason for crossing ethical boundaries. Leadership & Managing people Motivating people Ethics Articl

Gutsy for Important Reasons

Women on Business

The soldiers of course wanted nothing to do with the dog and the barking covered the kids/infants noises. . Ethics Circle of Life integrity Irena Powerful Woman womenThe following is super powerful. If you ever wonder if one individual can make a difference read on. Think about the courage it took to think and act beyond the nature of the times.

The Office Holiday Party? It’s Work!

Women on Business

I’d say the better course, if you’re serious about your career, is to consider the office party an extension of your work. decision-making Ethics personal development office holiday party office partiesPost by Jane K. Stimmler , contributing Women on Business writer. It’s the time of holiday cheer – and you likely have a party (or two or three) on your calendar. Enjoy! That is, unless it’s your office party or a client event.

Caring for the Commons

Great Leadership By Dan

Actual business results can, of course, be impacted by dozens of factors, but a CEO who cares only about pleasing Wall Street and demonstrates little concern for the common good will erode profits and jeopardize the long-term sustainability of the company. Fred Kiel ethics CEOs Doug Lennick moral intelligence leadership moral principlesGuest post by Fred Kiel, Ph.D.

Morale 215

The Power of Collaborative Leadership

Coaching Tip

Of course, everyone has aspects of both. Books Business Coaching Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Communication Ethics Leadership Memes Work life The Power of Collaborative Leadership by Bert Frydman, Iva Wilson and JoAnne Wyer has arisen from the spirit of partnership and mutual inquiry. It is a rare book, one that actually captures "thinking in the moment" from experienced practitioners.

Power 94

3 Leadership Lessons To Keep Your Organization From Running Aground

Tanveer Naseer

While there are many examples in today’s headlines of organizations which have drifted so far off-course that it’s hard to see a viable turnaround in their near future, few illustrate the risks and fallout from such situations as the ensuing drama around the capsizing of the Costa Concordia cruise ship off the coast of Italy. business communication culture leadership Recent Posts accountability actions behaviour Costa Concordia crisis ethics purpose values vision

We Shouldn’t Always Need a “Business Case” to Do the Right Thing

Harvard Business

I’ve been a consultant for almost 20 years, advising companies on complex challenges in ethics, risk, and responsibility. Each year several clients raise the same issue: the need to get buy-in from a skeptical senior executive in order to demonstrate a concrete benefit that will follow a proposed investment in an ethical business initiative or function. The problem is that our obsession with making the business case for ethics makes us sound apologetic and hollow.

Teaching an Algorithm to Understand Right and Wrong

Harvard Business

In his Nicomachean Ethics , Aristotle states that it is a fact that “all knowledge and every pursuit aims at some good,” but then continues, “What then do we mean by the good?” ” That, in essence, encapsulates the ethical dilemma. ” Unraveling Ethical Dilemmas. The rise of artificial intelligence is forcing us to take abstract ethical dilemmas much more seriously because we need to code in moral principles concretely.


ONE Simple Question to Use in Interviews to Hire a New Team Member or Add Someone to Your Team!

Great Results Team Building

WHO you work with and the ATTITUDE or WORK ETHIC they have can have significant impact on your mental health – and your happiness at work. Of course, we’ve all made mistakes. Trying to hire a new team member or add someone to your team can be difficult –.

Team 149

Engaging Corporate Citizenship And Trust


But a new study of 428 employees published in the Journal of Business Ethics found that how the company behaves also matters. is an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), where he teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership, and personal branding to both undergraduate and MBA students. Leadership employee engagement ethics evidence-based management motivation simmons trust

You Can Be Legal and Still Be Wrong

Leading Blog

Ethics is about what is right. Legal requires less thought than ethics. Ethics is about you. Ethics requires that you take responsibility for outcomes. Ethics says, “I care what happens to you.” An ethical culture is one that thinks differently. Of course we need some laws, rules and procedures, but they must be applied ethically. It’s not uncommon to find a big difference between what’s legal and what’s right.

Ethics 239