Why Fraudulent Ad Networks Continue to Thrive

Harvard Business Review

To see how the bad guys operate, we follow the money trail. In the display advertising world, advertisers pay by thousands of ad impressions, denoted CPM (cost per thousand). At an average CPM of $1, this budget buys 100 million ad impressions. Not long ago, these bots operated from computers taken over by malware but the fraudsters now prefer to generate fake browsing sessions in the cloud, because it’s more efficient.

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Who Rules the Web Now?

Harvard Business Review

Adding a profile on Facebook has little to no impact on Facebook's operating costs. They're out to kill the cost-per-thousand or CPM-based ad sales model. Rayport is an Operating Partner at Castanea Partners , a Boston-based private equity firm focused on retail, information, and marketing services, and was formerly a faculty member at Harvard Business School. [For more, visit the Communication Insight Center.].

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