Innovating Higher-Education

Mills Scofield

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a very hot topic in higher education and corporate training. We are in a new age of education, and just leave it our students to make sure they are front and center! Nabeel is pursuing a Master’s in Learning and Technology at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education and is also co-founder of BIF Brown University Education Higher-Ed Innovation Leadership Student-Led Education

Educational Entrepreneurship – A Conversation with Pamela Price

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Accelerating at a pace that many CEOs dream of for their corporations, homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education in America. From 1999 to 2007, the number of homeschooled students increased by 74% according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2007 is the most recent data they have) and now includes about 4% of school-aged kids in the United States.

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The Big Picture of Business- Professional Education Necessary for Company Success

Strategy Driven

Professional education is an important ingredient in corporate development. Outside of 'think tanks' for company executive committees, full-scope education does not occur. Organizations of all sizes must have the Think Tank.which delineates future operations, including education and training. From this point forward, education is an ongoing process beyond that of formal schooling. 4) Education. (5) Few people attempt to get this far in the educational process.

10 Tips for Creative Thinking

Great Leadership By Dan

Get educated. Take a course on a subject like creative thinking, creative writing or improvisational acting to help you flex your creative thinking muscles. Call on creative types. Identify the creative people in your company. Call on them to get involved in brainstorming sessions and other such activities if you need help stimulating participantscreative juices. Book time to be creative. Model creativity.

How to Select an Executive Education Program

Great Leadership By Dan

Here are some guidelines for selecting an executive education program: 1. Search your favorite executive education providers. I start with The Center for Creative Leadership and Darden for leadership, Chicago’s GSB for sales and marketing, Wharton and Chicago for finance, Harvard and Stanford for strategy, etc…. Look at the recommended participant level, participant mix, industry mix, and company participation. executive education leadership programs

15 More Creative Ideas to Boost Team Spirit

Lead by Adventure

I have come across a number of very creative ideas since then, and brainstormed for a few more. Also, I’d love to hear from you if you use them, or if you know of more creative ideas, please let me know in the comments below. If you wanted to do something like this and don’t have a huge budget, contact your local community college to see if you could hire one of their instructors in the continuing education department to help you out.

How to Educate More Creative Problem-Solvers

Harvard Business Review

The problem, of course, is education. K-12 science education has traditionally focused on memorizing discrete facts rather than understanding larger concepts and how they are connected to one another to create the exciting "big ideas." A deep concern about the quality of science instruction in public schools led us to make major investments in pre-college science education. Education Hiring MISETechnological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S.

KidPower 2015 Earth Day Project – Coaching Kids to Lead

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COI kids will be participating in this joint project with fourth graders at Hollywood Central Elementary School and the children at the Light of Future School #1 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Utilize the creative arts (music, visual arts, and dance) to express Earth Day Network’s 2015 theme, “It’s Our Turn to Lead.”. I have learned that if program participants can transition from being recipients of services to servant leaders, the trajectory of their lives begins to dramatically change.

The Renaissance We Need in Business Education

Harvard Business Review

Having taught at five business schools over several decades and served as Dean of two, I have come to a conclusion: The educational institutions where our future business leaders are being trained must be recalibrated and transformed dramatically. Business education today is anachronistic in both how it is conducted and what its content focuses on. As originally conceived, they were institutions of practical education. We must educate a new generation of renaissance leaders.


Harvard Business

Executive education students at Harvard Business School. HBS Executive Education brings you these articles about business management courtesy of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. In one experiment, 78 participants considered a hypothetical scenario in which a well-known firm is preparing to launch a new version of its color printer. The participants, who were split into two groups, received a list of seven successive model names. ” Creative Sequences.

3 stages of increasing creativity in the workplace

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Theater of Constraints: great creativity and design flow from an accurate understanding of your limitations. Stage two: Stimulating creative thinking. Cross disciplinary training and stimulus: Whatever field you are in, once-a-month take your team on an educational/cultural outing to something that has nothing to do with your work. Stage one: The approach. By limitations you should distinguish between personal and material.

45 Executive Development Program Tools and Techniques

Great Leadership By Dan

Participants need to be engaged through a variety of creative approaches. Dr. Elizabeth Weldon , a leading expert in executive development, recently conducted research for UNICON on what it takes to be effective in designing and conducting executive education programs. Participant led sessions. Participant experts. Build all possible connections among participants.

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Is a Corporate Board Seat in Your Future? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

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A Team Collaboration Ladder for Leaders

Great Results Team Building

He defined cooperation as being "accomplished by the division of labor among participants, as an activity where each person is responsible for a portion of the problem solving.". Dillenbourg, from the University of Geneva, in Switzerland, defined collaboration as a "mutual engagement of participants in a coordinated effort to solve the problem together.". Educators Teambuilding

The Value of Professional Conferences. Also Why Has There Been So Little Innovation?

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Five eight-week sessions of classroom lectures, seminars and study are linked by seven-week internships at participating firms” – more photos of ancient Egyptian art. Career Customer focus Education ASQ Influential Voices conference Creativity learning management history Process improvement process thinking technologyIn the most recent ASQ Influential Voices post, Julia McIntosh takes a look at the costs and benefits of professionals attending conferences.

On Creative Accounting: Two Creativity Myths

Harvard Business Review

"Creative accounting" is really bad. Thinking more soberly about "creative accounting," we conjure up scenes of Enron executives being led into court, humiliated heads of accounting firms trying to explain how they failed to notice that someone was cooking the books, or recurring headlines about the AIG debacle. Wall Street's " financial innovations " of recent years seem to have given creativity a bad name. Of course, by itself, sheer novelty doesn't make something creative.


How to Get the Most Benefit from an Executive Development Program

Great Leadership By Dan

In my current role as Director of Executive Development Programs at the University of New Hampshire , I’ve had the opportunity to observe and interact with hundreds of our program participants. In former roles, in managing leadership development programs at large companies, I would always take the time to talk to participants before and after they attended an external executive development program. Why does participant A get a 200% ROI, yet participant B only gets 20%?

An Old-Boys’ MBA Is Not High-Value Management Education

Harvard Business Review

The value of your management education derives partly from the skills it helps you develop and partly from the school’s reputation. High-value management education prepares leaders to navigate the most complex challenges organizations face. But while many business leaders have embraced the importance of increasing gender equity and are investing in significant efforts to reduce internal obstacles to progress, it’s surprising to find leaders in management education who are not.

What The Boss Can Teach Us About Life, Harmony & Impact

Mills Scofield

To be innovative is to act with creativity by experimenting with how things get done in ways that are good for you and for the people around you--taking realistic steps aimed at scoring four-way wins. Leading by example, he inspires others to be creative. Bruce Springsteen Culture Education Innovation Leadership Stew Friedman Women in Business Work Life Balance Work Life Fit

Lessons in Leadership to Last a Lifetime

Leading Blog

Chuck began teaching the engineering leaders about topics we had never been exposed to before: situational leadership, dealing with diversity and conflict, providing effective feedback, fostering creativity, and how to build a motivated team that leverages individual talents. Becoming a tenured professor or otherwise moving up the organizational ladder without participating in management training along the way can reinforce ineffective habits and create blind spots regarding performance.

The Best Leaders See Things That Others Don’t. Art Can Help.

Harvard Business

Needless to say, what participants saw was a function of the jobs they did and the experiences they’d had — which explains why different people reached such different conclusions about the same pieces. Here’s how one article summarized what participants took away : “Make careful observation a habit. Exercise creative thinking skills.” The exercise is “not about looking at art,” Herman explains to the participants.

Gauging an Employee’s Emotional Well-Being in a Virtual World: Warning Signs and Ways to Help

Great Leadership By Dan

Lack of Participation: It is hard to keep attendees of a virtual meeting interested. Lack of participation may indicate despondence more than disinterest, especially if the lack of involvement is unusual for this team member.

Social Design for Modern Leaders

Great Leadership By Dan

They don’t try to be the smartest person in the room, they create conditions in which everyone in their organization can be smart, creative and relevant. These are the fundamental principles of social design, a new discipline with lessons for leaders in business, government, education and science. Social design is the design of relationships; the creation of new social conditions intended to increase agency, creativity, equity, social justice, resilience, and connection to nature.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


This year, John invited me to participate in 2010 Annual Management Improvement Carnival , and I was thrilled to host it on this blog. Thanks to all of you for sharing your wisdom/insights to enlighten and educate me in 2010. Deming Seminar in Singapore- New Philosophy of Management By Tanmay , January 6, 2011 @ 1:56 pm @John - Thanks for extending the opportunity to participate in Annual Review of Management Improvement Blogs.

Add a Little Hoopla to Your Culture

Great Leadership By Dan

Participants are asked three questions: 1) What Went Well 2) What Didn’t Go Well 3) What Should We Do Differently The rules for participants are simple: • All feedback makes it on the list as stated • Keep feedback short and concise • No debating anyone else''s feedback • Everyone has a voice • Be open and honest Lists of the responses to the three questions are created, logged, and reviewed by the appropriate people. Schroeder are award-winning authors, consultants, and educators.

How one can become a successful online tutor

Strategy Driven

Moreover, students seeking guidance from online tutoring are becoming increasing worldwide due to the convenience and flexibility offered by online education. As the current spike in online education isn’t going to change anytime soon, it has become the new norm.

Leading a Brainstorming Session with a Cross-Cultural Team

Harvard Business

Extroverts who “think out loud” and Westerners who have grown up in educational environments where classroom participation is required, usually thrive in brainstorming sessions. And usually the first idea comes from the most assertive and often the most powerful participant in the group. So when you’re asking participants from more collectivist cultures to speak up with a unique idea, you may be asking them to do something that is very counter-intuitive.

Roughing the Pastor (and Other Church Penalties)

Chris Brady

Illegal Participation -- Some consider this attending a church that is not your own, or not the normal service you attend (assuming your church has more than one), and instead going someplace else on a given Sunday.

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5 Critical Skills You Will Need to Hit the Ground Running After College

Leading Blog

J OURNALIST AND FORMER EDITOR of the Chronicle of Higher Education , Jeff Selingo has written an insightful and essential guide as to why some people prosper after college and some fail or find themselves underemployed. Something a liberal arts education is designed to do. They participate in campus life but too often from the sidelines, so they lack and deep engagement in activities that provide much needed skills for the job market.

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Leadership Irony: To Accomplish More, Do Less

Great Leadership By Dan

The participants were divided into small groups and each team was asked to spend a few hours strategizing and developing a plan that would lead to the best and fastest way to find items and “collect” associated winnings. If we want creativity to flourish, we need to deliberately pause on occasion and allow that background process to take priority. She is a sought-after leadership speaker and educator, serving diverse organizations around the world.

3 Ways Leaders Can Help Bring Great Ideas To Life

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Kotter International President, Russell Raath on behalf of The Economist Executive Education Navigator. Passion and capacity are the only requirements for participation. And, once the freedom to try out new ideas becomes ingrained in employees’ behavior, it can spread and transform the entire culture of your organization to be nimbler and more creative. This article originally appeared on The Economist Executive Education Navigator.

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America’s Loneliness Epidemic: A Hidden Systemic Risk to Organizations

Michael Lee Stallard

Mayo Clinic’s mission is “To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research” (italics mine). Innovation [to] infuse and energize the organization, enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee,” and.

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Proactivity - Solve Problems WhileThey Are Still Small

Building Personal Strength

Monday, November 8, 2010 Proactivity - Solve Problems WhileThey Are Still Small When people ask me why I don’t do consulting work anymore, I recall the most challenging project I ever had, which was to present training in creative problem solving to the mid-level managers of Banamex (National Bank of Mexico) – 20 years ago. The rooms were too small, and the participants complained.

Acquiring the Entrepreneurial Skills You Need

Great Leadership By Dan

Skills are learned over years of embracing self-improvement and education. Sam Walton, of Walmart fame, began learning and practicing his leadership skills from an early age: playing on sports teams, observing and listening to his job supervisors, and participating in and leading volunteer organizations. Educational Opportunities School can give us a lot of knowledge.

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Leadership Development for 5 Year Olds?

Great Leadership By Dan

After doing some searching and browsing, I went over to one of my favorite sources for leadership development research, the Center for Creative Leadership. Contrast this with the fact that many people never participate in formal leadership development and most don’t have the opportunity until after they are promoted into management. I was impressed with some of the practical tools that are available to educators that are involved in this kind of work.

Make it easy for others to be their best

ReImagine Work

Whether you are a manager, parent, team leader, co-worker, or someone who needs to get stuff done through others in any way, try this creative approach. My sister and her husband are educators. ” In fact in this case it even implies, “I expect you are serious, talented students who want to participate in a way that benefits everyone.” He engaged some of the highest level (and most bullying) participants to help him set a different tone for this group.

Fort Worth’s Bike Riding Mayor Betsy Price Steers the City

Michael Lee Stallard

Over the course of the summer, these rides take place in different parts of town, encouraging city residents to participate in their local government while getting active. During her internship, Elizabeth worked on a research project concerning education. Texans know every herd follows a lead steer. On several days throughout the year, you can see a herd in the old cow town of Fort Worth, Texas, a city of approximately 800,000 people, following its lead steer.

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Pixar’s Competitive Advantage? A Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

Catmull described it this way in a Harvard Business Review article he wrote: “[Pixar has] an environment that nurtures trusting and respectful relationships and unleashes everyone’s creativity…the result is a vibrant community where talented people are loyal to one another and their collective work, everyone feels that they are part of something extraordinary, and their passion and accomplishments make the community a magnet for talented people…”.

3 Lessons On How To Promote Successful Collaborations

Tanveer Naseer

This no doubt mirrors our own educational experiences, where we were somehow expected to know how to collaborate with different partners in order to achieve a successful result. In terms of promoting an environment that breeds successful collaborations, this is a critical factor to support in your organization in order to avoid future conflicts due to assumptions made over what each participant should be expected to do, not to mention their level of responsibility to the initiative.

4 Beliefs that Lead to Bad Decisions

Strategy Driven

Two bond issues had failed with warring camps arguing about educational quality and fiscal responsibility. When participants listened and reflected back what they heard from opponents, they discovered that that unstated issue was concern about unsustainable growth in the area. Notice how much more engaged and creative they are. They use multiple opportunities to participate and flexible ways to share perspectives.

Why Underdogs Win (More Often Than They Should)


Nurmohamed encouraged one group of participants to see themselves as underdogs, as underrated, as if the companies that rejected them just didn’t understanding the true value they could provide to the organization.

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The Leadership Legacy Of A Childhood Hero

Tanveer Naseer

Of how the character he gave life to inspired so many to challenge themselves to not only believe in a better tomorrow, but to become active participants in making that idea a reality. Then, when plans were made to bring back Star Trek as an animated series in the 1970s, Nimoy refused to participate until the show’s producers agreed to hire Nichols and Takei to reprise their parts as well.

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8 Surefire Ways to Jumpstart Growth using Trade Shows Event

Strategy Driven

To begin, either you can choose a creative booth or a winning trade show displays to create the truly awe-inspiring moments for the passersby or choose event signage ideas which are creative and unique in all respect.