A Lesson from Warren Buffet about Ethical Blind Spots

Harvard Business Review

The far more interesting question from our standpoint is why Warren Buffett, known for his embrace of ethical business practices, failed to understand the unethicality of Sokol's actions when he learned of them, and intervene. As we discuss in our April 2011 HBR article "Ethical Breakdowns" , mounting research shows that we often fail to notice others' unethical behavior if it's in our interest not to notice. Martin Professor of Business Ethics at the University of Notre Dame.

When is Spinning the Message a Good Thing?

Marshall Goldsmith

I always teach that leaders who knowingly commit ethics violations should never be coached - they should be fired. This dysfunctional spinning led to countless disasters for buyers - who lost their homes and ruined their credit ratings. Q: In our company we value integrity, yet leaders - especially in marketing - are taught to "spin" to make products and services sound good to clients. When is "spinning" a message a good thing? When it is wrong?

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How Share-Price Fixation Killed Enron

Harvard Business Review

It appears that Enron''s final fatal mistake was to try to support its stock price instead of living up to key contractual obligations required to maintain its credit rating. What caused Enron''s bankruptcy was, quite simply, the loss of its investment-grade credit rating. So, what caused Enron to lose its investment grade rating? Were the rating agencies aware of Enron''s oft-maligned financing structures? Ethics Failure Finance

StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective – Negotiations and the Divided Government

Strategy Driven

The second objective of all three parties was the avoidance of a credit rating downgrade. At the time (prior to the actual downgrade), the threat of a credit downgrade forced all three parties to the negotiating table. This increase in tax revenue derived from this group would be achieved through the elimination of existing tax deductions and an increase in these individuals’ tax rate.