Creating a New Approach to Engineering and Innovation at Hitachi Metals - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HITACHI METALS, LTD.

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As the new general manager of the Global Research & Innovative Technology Center (GRIT) at Hitachi Metals, Kenichi Inoue is tasked with creating an updated framework for research and development in advanced materials, helping his organization make the shift to a new approach to engineering and innovation in a disrupted world. But innovations in this area could be a launchpad for major business opportunities in new fields for the company.

How Blockchain Could Help Emerging Markets Leap Ahead

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This in turn boosted development by allowing relatively poor farmers to reliably send and receive payments at affordable rates, fostering economic growth by lowering transaction costs. This helps to prove their identity, cutting down on fraud and creating market efficiencies. Even better, blockchains can spur local high-tech innovation. The future is global, and so is blockchain innovation.


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Why Leaders Need to Think More Like Professional Gamblers

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Our instinct for determinism may well have been an evolutionary innovation. By understanding the data around which leads go on to become great customers, a sales leader can then work closely with their marketing colleagues to figure out new sources of potential customer prospects. While their job may have been setting or applying strict credit policies in the past, they may now start to wonder whether their traditional credit rating models are still effective.

Private Equity Can Make Firms More Innovative

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And a recent working paper out of the Dusseldorf Institute for Competition Economics ( DICE ), a think tank of sorts, focuses on the latter by exploring whether leveraged buyouts (LBOs) make firms more innovative. PE investors don’t typically invest in firms known for innovation. LBOs can help firms that are financially constrained invest in innovation. Entrepreneurship Innovation Research & development Article

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Africa’s Unique Opportunity to Promote Inclusive Growth

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But with robust growth rates and economies unburdened by legacy structures of the last century, Africans can innovate beyond what others are doing. The African Development Bank (AfDB) is the most visible organization tasked with shepherding that inclusive innovative growth. The AfDB has the strongest credit rating of any organization in Africa and in 2008, it surpassed the World Bank in lending to Africa , a signal of Africa’s growing agency in its own development.

The Impact of the Blockchain Goes Beyond Financial Services

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Much of the hype around blockchains has focused on their potential to fundamentally change the financial services industry – by dropping the cost and complexity of financial transactions, making the world’s unbanked a viable new market, and improving transparency and regulation. New markets could enable buyers and sellers to contract more easily in an open market.

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The Real Solution Is Growth

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Recent headlines have focused on the debt ceiling , the recent credit rating downgrade , unemployment , and the other thorny fiscal challenges facing the United States. But consider this: increasing the country's average growth rate by one percentage point over the next 20 years would not only result in much higher incomes and more jobs for all Americans but would also obviate the need for drastic spending cuts today to reign in the government deficit. Economy Innovation

What Economists Know That Managers Don’t (and Vice Versa)

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Not for the highly-regarded work on competition between small numbers of firms with which his career began more than thirty years ago but for more recent work on how carefully structured regulation can improve performance relative to unbridled market forces. This is a reminder that serious students of market performance take market failures seriously. But the financial sector was clearly subject to a number of the market failures that were well known to most economists.

Incremental Fixes Won’t Save the U.S. Health Care System

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Only then might we achieve what Price has called “the principle of health care that Americans hold dear: accessibility, affordability, choices, innovation, quality, and responsiveness.” These were intended to drive change in the market. But the push to transform their businesses occurred at exactly the same time the government was cutting reimbursement rates, putting significant pressure on hospital financials.

Why Rational People Can’t Succeed as Economic Forecasters

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What effect does it have if we innovate? I think there’s a big marketing side to this story, and the ones who were good marketers ultimately succeeded. They believe that they’ll just basically market to their alumni. We’re all used to economic forecasts. We’re also used to them being wrong. But there was a time when forecasts were new and exciting, and people were genuinely surprised when they didn’t pan out.