Why Leaders Need to Think More Like Professional Gamblers

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We tend to see situations in one of two ways: either events are certain and can, therefore, be managed by planning, investment, and reliable budgets; or they are uncertain, and we cannot manage them. A probabilistic HR manager will examine the data about where a company’s best people come from and how they perform throughout their career to identify new sources of talent that may have been overlooked. Probabilistic risk managers will think about the future of how they work.

7 Ways to Improve Operations Without Sacrificing Worker Safety

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The culmination was an incident at an insecticide plant in LaPorte, Texas, where, as a result of a basic process safety management failure , an extremely toxic chemical—methyl mercaptan—was released and two workers were overcome. To get management’s attention, I issued a statement declaring that “these four preventable workplace deaths and the very serious hazards we uncovered at this facility are evidence of a failed safety program.”