How Credit Card Companies Make Their Money

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You’ve likely experienced a fair amount of credit card companies trying to entice you via offers in the mail. When you consider the fact that the United States’ total credit debt reached $1 trillion in 2017, it becomes clear why: these credit cards are a massive source of revenue.

How CMOs and CROs Can Be Allies

Harvard Business Review

That has coincided with marketing’s increased influence on strategy, driven by the unprecedented level of insights into customer behavior and trends that are now possible through analytics. Gauge and influence a customer’s “next best action.”

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Research: The Digitization of Banks Disproportionately Hurts Women Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

As opposed to meeting with entrepreneurs, this model is largely based on financial reporting information, credit scoring, and the quality of accessible assets as collateral. And that even when they are approved for financing, they face more demanding credit terms compared to men. They include not paying taxes or invoices on time, breaking credit agreements, the use of undocumented workers and trades in services. Veronica Grech/Getty Images.

Yes, Your Uber Driver Is Judging You

Harvard Business Review

It created all this anxiety among users, but they didn’t know how to influence the score, what behaviors were being measured. Morriss: Companies need to be very strategic on how and why they’re using these scores.