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Is the strategy, psychology and process used to get a customer to say "yes" the first time, the same for getting them to say "yes" the second time? To better serve your customer, it is necessary to understand the psychology at each step of the client's journey and what you can do to influence the customer to continue to do business with you over and over again--no matter what type of business you're in.".

How To Win More Business

Eric Jacobson

It teaches you how to influence others in an authentic, helpful way – using a program and process that you can begin using today.

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Why Your Customer Loyalty Program Isn’t Working

Harvard Business Review

Airlines have clearly calculated that customers who spend more are more valuable to them than customers who fly more. This latest frequent flyer reboot is an example of how the meaning, measure, and management of “customer loyalty” are changing.

The Emerging Strategy of Innovative Service

Strategy Driven

The world of the customer has dramatically changed. The tough economy has made customers more value conscious, demonstrating far more caution in how they spend their hard-earned dollar. Customers are bored and want their hearts to race and their spirits to soar.

5 Reasons For Regular Customer Service Performance Reviews

Tanveer Naseer

The level of customer service you provide can go a long way towards determining whether your business is a success or failure, which is why companies invest so heavily in training and customer service courses. The following is a guest piece by EMEA Marketing Director Monika Götzmann.

Brand Real

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I read Laurence Vincent's book - Brand Real - How Smart Companies Live Their Brand Promise and Inspire Fierce Customer Loyalty. I like to think I am a sophisticated consumer who is not influenced by marketing and brand. I love Branding.

Brand 184

February 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Jeff Evans of Designed Learning shared Influencing Without Direct Control. What I want is influence with others so that I am heard, and my ideas are utilized.” Check out these four ethical tests—and see how you can influence others for the better.” Steve DiGioia provided Which 5 Traits Would You Choose to Build the Ideal Customer Service Agent? Steve writes: “Imagine if you could build the ideal customer service agent.

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But I love the conclusion the study suggests about the link between employee performance and customer loyalty – a major principle of the Service-Profit Chain. One thing the authors suggest that is really interesting is that loyal customers can have an effect on how well these service employees do their job. Employees and customers in these situations appear to be playing a key role in a cycle of success spirals (Heskett et al.,

We Are All Called to Serve

Lead from Within

To serve our customers. Build a relationship with your customers and clients and serve them well. Customer loyalty is always priceless, so make your customers partners in your mission, and always give them more than they expect.

Outsizing Strategies to Grow Your Business Potential

Skip Prichard

The granddaddy of mistakes is disregarding the customer. Failing to focus on the customer often results in companies selling a product or service that their customers don’t need. Why would customers want a copycat of something they already had? Grow Your Business.

Is Your Message Relevant?

N2Growth Blog

Great leaders understand the power, influence, and leverage created by relevant messaging. Perhaps more importantly, no relevance erodes influence (real or perceived). By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth.

How to Improve the Customer Experience Throughout Their Journey

Strategy Driven

There’s no getting around it; the customer is king. Nowadays, however, the focus has shifted to the experience a brand is able to offer the customer throughout their journey. Improving the customer experience is not the easiest thing to deal with. Know Your Customers.

5 Tips For Brand Survival In Today's Social Climate

Eric Jacobson

Even more important, all employees have become their own personal brands – some even major influencers – with their own fans and followers. Employees can post content to damage an employer’s brand, and customers can post content to damage a brand.

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Online Marketplace: New challenges to overcome

Strategy Driven

Now, instead of competing with the offline retailers, the eCommerce sites were connecting third-party retailers directly to their customers. Instead, marketplaces are creating ecosystems for their customers. It encourages more customers to shop from your site.

When to Restructure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Following are five representative tips that will help you recognize the need for a reengineering initiative: Unusual declines in revenue, margin, market-share, customer loyalty, or brand equity.

The BIG Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement

Strategy Driven

Dale Carnegie ( How to Win Friends & Influence People ) says by becoming genuinely interested in them. Contrary to popular belief, “Customer types” don’t matter. My favorite type of customer is one that has a wallet with a credit card in it. What is engagement?

Leadership & Loyalty | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

One of the things I tend to value most is loyalty. In fact, there are few things I loathe more than gravy trainers, fare weather friends, gossips and others that display a lack of loyalty. In today’s post I’ll examine the value of loyalty as it relates to leadership.

The BIG Secrets of Enthusiastic Emotional Engagement.

Strategy Driven

Dale Carnegie ( How to Win Friends and Influence People ) says by becoming interested in them. Contrary to popular belief, 'Customer types' don’t matter. My favorite type of customer is one that has a wallet with a credit card in it. What is engagement?

Driving for sales success? Jim Rohn is the fuel.

Strategy Driven

While you may believe that you determine your own philosophy, much of it is pre-determined or influenced by your home environment during childhood. After that, it’s up to you to seek influencers and mentors. Customers. The root of your sales success lies in your sales philosophy.

Thinking about success… welcome to the club!

Strategy Driven

…to Napoleon Hill who also said, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible , Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless , The Little Red Book of Selling , The Little Red Book of Sales Answers , The Little Black Book of Connections , The Little Gold Book of YES!

What can you do to get better? Follow the masters.

Strategy Driven

Influencer of millions) Principle: Honesty is the best policy. “If And in my heart I know that I am actually performing a service on behalf of my listener - who is in reality, my customer. Honesty breeds loyal customers.”

Healthy Habits Of Successful Leaders – An Expert Roundup

Joseph Lalonde

3) Mental – My role as host of The Ziglar Show requires me to study the messages of today’s top world influencers, and it’s a dramatic gift. That’s difficult of course, and I’m nowhere near perfect, but it’s the cornerstone of influence.

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What can you do to get better? Follow the masters.

Strategy Driven

Influencer of millions) Principle: Honesty is the best policy. “If And in my heart I know that I am actually performing a service on behalf of my listener — who is in reality, my customer. Honesty breeds loyal customers.” I began this year in retrospect by reading a 60-year-old book on the masters of selling. The book, titled “America’s Twelve Master Salesmen,” was written and published by B.C. Forbes & Sons in 1953.

The non-secret of achieving success. Self-confidence.

Strategy Driven

I will sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory and repeat it aloud once a day, with full FAITH that It will gradually influence my THOUGHTS and ACTIONS so that I will become a self-reliant, and successful person. If you want to gain NEW self-confidence, look for OLD information.

To bid or not to bid? That is the question.

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REALITY: “The customer took the lowest bid” is as bogus as “the dog ate my homework.” The fact is you let the customer control the selling/buying process. REALITY: If you follow the customer’s RFP requirements you will lose even if you win.

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Easy Ways to Encourage Customer Retention

Strategy Driven

Customer retention is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. When you have repeat customers and genuine loyalty, you know that what you have to offer is just what your customer base is looking for. So what does it take to ensure customer retention?

Help! My main contact left, and I’m panicked!

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If you’ve done your homework, built multiple relationships within your customer’s company, and you know the replacement,then you should be fine. Who else is influenced by or involved with your product? They represent the best possible NEW customer.

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Why do some persist and some quit? Because…

Strategy Driven

A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Give your prospect an idea how to serve his customers better. Make your persistance pay dividends for the customer. Is there a secret to follow-up? Is there a best way to follow-up? Why do people quit too soon? Big question. Why do you quit too soon? Bigger question. Have you ever read Think and Grow Rich? Biggest question. Reason?

The difference between presentation and communication

Strategy Driven

A finish that ends in a commitment from the prospective customer? All of them are based around the 75-year-old business book classic, How To Win Friends and Influence People. How do you communicate? How good of a communicator are you?

The Twitter you may not know. But should.

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For me, it’s value, information others can use, followers, reputation, image, re-tweets, customers, referrals, sales, and money. Twitter is intended for you to inform with value, influence, brand, and (on occasion) to converse or respond, not chit-chat. What’s in a tweet?

Salespeople have questions. Jeffrey has answers.

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UNLESS somebody in your family, somebody in your circle of friends, or somebody in your circle of influence knows someone up high at those big companies. I get a ton of emails from people seeking insight or asking me to solve their sales dilemmas.

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How have you progressed since the third grade?

Strategy Driven

GOOD NEWS IS: You can influence both your image and your reputation with your CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE. REALITY: Your customer is more likely to buy your message if they buy into your passion. REALITY: You can gain an amazing business social media presence if you combine your ability to write and your ability to convey a value message to your customers. Write about something that may impact your customers. “What I did on my summer vacation.”.

A dozen books to own and read – at least once.

Strategy Driven

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible , Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless , The Little Red Book of Selling , The Little Red Book of Sales Answers , The Little Black Book of Connections , The Little Gold Book of YES!

The Eiffel Tower: An iconic monument and a critical lesson.

Strategy Driven

Dale Carnegie, author of the 70-year bestseller, How to Win Friends and Influence People , nailed it in 1915 when he penned his most dominant principle, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain (and most fools do).”. Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of The Sales Bible , Customer Satisfaction is Worthless Customer Loyalty is Priceless , The Little Red Book of Selling , The Little Red Book of Sales Answers , The Little Black Book of Connections , The Little Gold Book of YES!

Top Ten Pitfalls to Avoid When Going Social in the Business World.

Strategy Driven

Social Nation : How to Harness the Power of Social Media to Attract Customers, Motivate Employees, and Grow Your Business by Barry Libert It’s time to join Social Nation and prosper! Pitfall #7: Neglecting employees, partners, investors, or customers when building your Social Nation.

With Tweet-to-Buy, American Express Values its Community at $10

Harvard Business Review

When companies like American Express offer discounts, they often justify the spend by referring to the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is usually calculated as the expected net profit attributed to purchases during the entire relationship between a business and its customer.

Finding the Balance Between Coaching and Managing

Harvard Business Review

Our own empirical evidence echoes myriad studies in finding that effective coaching raises employee commitment and engagement, productivity, retention rates, customer loyalty, and subordinates’ perception of the strength of upper-level leadership.

How Do Consumers Choose in a World of Automated Ordering?

Harvard Business Review

Influence vs. Affluence. We see peer influence as a growing force in determining where consumers spend money and what attracts them to brands. Stop resting on comfortable assumptions about the strength of your brands, your customer loyalty scores, or current success. Here are a few ways to start adapting to the realities of frictionless commerce: Use data to understand customers on their terms. Tap influence. Image Source/Getty Images.

How Valuable Are Your Customers?

Harvard Business Review

Not all customers are created equal. If you’ve ever run a business (or even just been a customer yourself), then you know that some customers provide more revenue (and incur fewer costs) than others. Many companies use a calculation called customer lifetime value (CLV) to determine how much a customer is worth in comparison with others. Knowing each customer’s profitability is the first step to managing them. Customers Marketing

How Consumer Brands Can Connect with Customers in a Changing Retail Landscape

Harvard Business Review

Luxury brand Burberry maintains microsites where customers share snapshots of themselves in their own Burberry coats, and streams exclusive fashion shows for younger users of its mobile app. Patagonia secures customer loyalty through its “Worn Wear” website, where environmentally-conscious consumers can purchase secondhand clothing at a discount and trade their own used duds for gift certificates. On top of that, the online world is tough for brands to influence.

How to Design (and Analyze) a Business Experiment

Harvard Business Review

In fact, through just such an experiment, researchers at eBay discovered that a longstanding brand-advertising strategy on Google had no effect on the rate at which paying customers visited eBay. By starting with a big hammer, the store would learn whether customers care about local sourcing.

How Much Does Customer Social Media Angst Really Matter?

Harvard Business Review

For marketers in the digital age, negative customer feedback that takes on a life of its own is a nightmare. And for customers, the notion that any of us can talk back to big companies and have our claims addressed feels like a dream. Social platforms Customers Motrin Moms.

The Hidden Wealth Beyond Net Promoter

Harvard Business Review

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is perhaps the best known customer loyalty tool around today, based on the entirely sound principle that the more customer promoters you have (i.e., customers who say on surveys that they're highly likely to refer you to a colleague or friend), the more likely you'll be to grow your business and outpace the competition. The implicit assumption seems to be that NPS is only about getting customers to buy, to keep buying and to buy more.