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COVID-19 has made CEO marketing priorities synonymous with survival. Force Multiplication : Now that your workforce has likely become largely decentralized, your messaging should follow suit. The post CEO Marketing Priorities appeared first on N2Growth. Marketing Mike Myatt N2Growth CEO Marketing CEO Marketing Priorities COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

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“Leadership is Marketing” – Peter Drucker Said What?

Tanveer Naseer

It was published shortly before the stock market crash which preceded the Great Depression. In a public newspaper column Drucker predicted a rosy future and a bull market. He ate crow a few weeks later when, with an article on the stock market crash published in the Frankfurter General-Anzeiger entitled “Panic on the New York Stock Exchange.” That must have been difficult for him and it was the last time he attempted to predict the stock market.

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View from the 40th Floor: Change at the Top and Bottom

Decker Communication

As we close out the decade, let’s look at how leadership has become decentralized and team-oriented. ” For the C-suite, decentralization also means it’s critical to communicate a vision that cascades through the organization. Being a leader today is more difficult than ever because it means being excellent at something—communications— that transcends the traditional business skills in finance, marketing, or strategy. (Part 4 of a series by Bert Decker ).

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Leadership: Finding Your Sweet Spot

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They centralize, then they decentralize, only to centralize again. Use the content you already have to make a larger impact with your book launch and marketing efforts. Some leaders operate at the extremes—doing too much, then too little.

Starfish vs Spiders


Morgan (2005) uses a great image of a spider-plant to describe the decentralization trend. Handy’s (1998) shamrock organization might provide the right blend of centralization and decentralization to make it worthwhile for for-profit companies. A company could be centralized on one-leaf and decentralized on another. Other than the optional PayPal payment system, the marketplace is completely decentralized.

Marketing Success | N2Growth Blog

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Those of you familiar with this blog know that I’m generally a strong marketing advocate. That said, my typical pro-marketing position assumes that certain key fundamentals are in place to insure that the lunatics don’t somehow become in charge of the asylum. I have watched companies spend tremendous amounts of money, time and energy debating logos, taglines, color pallets, font styles, ad campaigns, positioning strategies, marketing messages, brand promises, etc.,

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Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common

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But it only intensifies something we were already seeing in the world of work: organizations need to adapt constantly to keep up with market dynamics. C OVID-19 reminds us that we live in a world full of uncertainty—and this will continue well beyond the pandemic.

Bitcoin: The Future Global Currency?

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One key difference is that bitcoin is mostly decentralized and is not controlled by banks or governments. StrategyDriven Editorial Perspective business management Stock Market strategydrivenBitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency today.

New Leadership Literacies

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The tired practices of centralized organizations will become brittle in a future where authority is radically decentralized. Noted futurist Bob Johansen, author of The New Leadership Literacies , envisions that, through technology and digital interconnectivity, future organizations will become distributed, not just decentralized, and be required to “shape shift” in the midst of disruptive market conditions.

How Blockchain Could Help Emerging Markets Leap Ahead

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This helps to prove their identity, cutting down on fraud and creating market efficiencies. The natural decentralization of blockchain means that distance to infrastructure like data centers doesn’t matter. Just getting the costs of regulation and compliance down would open world markets and create wealth, but that doesn’t have to mean changing local regulations. Economic development Social enterprise Emerging markets Technology Digital Article

Determination is Not Enough; Content Creators Need Blockchain on Their Side

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Blockchain technology – the decentralized tech that was famously introduced to supports bitcoin – is now be leveraged to remedy the many disparities that exist in today’s online content landscape. By 2024, the global blockchain market is projected to exceed $60 billion. Instead of depending on big-name content outlets, creators owe it to themselves to explore the possibilities that decentralized, ad-free platforms offer.

Candidate Management During a Crisis

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Most companies have decentralized their teams due to social distancing, measures directed by state and federal governments to keep people home and prevent further spread of the disease. General expectation setting and maintenance is paramount to any recruitment process and especially so in a tumultuous market environment. I am no stranger to the challenges of candidate management during a crisis.

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New MBAs Should Start Their Careers in Frontier Markets

Harvard Business Review

Most Western executives have limited exposure to a frontier market until they are relatively senior in their careers. By then their worldviews are largely formed, and at best they graft frontier market experiences onto that mature-market base. At worst, they misjudge or simply stay out of markets vastly different from their own. Spending time early in your career in a frontier market has a lasting impact on all your subsequent management decisions.

AskObama Is a Meaningless Marketing Stunt

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I mean "bestow fortune upon", because the super-rich have actually, while most people have gotten poorer, gotten richer during this great crisis) — headed off to hurriedly, nervously confer with their skinny-jeaned, sunglass-wearing, spiky-haired marketing droids. You know what really builds marketing synergies, and drives brand equity? It's marketing over substance, hype over reality, spin over reform — as usual. They're used for marketing stunts.

What Companies Have Learned from Losing Billions in Emerging Markets

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Multinational corporations long have looked for growth opportunities in emerging markets. In 2014, according to the latest United Nations estimate, direct foreign investment (FDI) in emerging markets reached more than $700 billion — accounting for over half (56%) of all global FDI flows for the first time. Of course, everyone knows that conducting business in some of these markets can be risky. Emerging markets Regulation Ethics Article

Is the Flattened Firm Falling Flat?


In addition, rather than decentralizing the structure of the organization, flattening usually results in a drastic centralization. Wolf’s research implies that flattening alone is an insufficient strategy for reducing costs or decentralizing decision making. For the past few decades, the business press and management consultants have pushed for large organizations to flatten their structure. Recent research, however, may be taking some of the wind out of their sails.

How to Optimally Align IT with Your Business Processes?

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The market a company operates in should also be taken into account for enterprise architecture. For the IT architecture to be effective, it should be between centralized and decentralized. Balance between Centralization and Decentralization. To apply and appropriate balance between centralization and decentralization, the information pyramid can be implemented.

How Saying Less Can Empower Others to Say More

Skip Prichard

In 2010, at the peak of the national housing and mortgage market collapse, I began to have trouble speaking. Some might worry that this decentralized approach could lead to a lack of focus or systems discipline, but in my case, just the opposite occurred. This is a guest post by Kevin Hancock, CEO of Hancock Lumber. His new book is The Seventh Power: One CEO’s Journey into the Business of Shared Leadership. Forced to Talk Less.

Culture Counts

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While it may be better known to some for its legendary football, winged helmets and “Hail to the Victors” fight song, Michigan, much like Abbott Laboratories, is one of the world’s premier research institutions where scientific rigor, intellectual freedom and disciplined scholarship thrive in a lively, entrepreneurial and decentralized university environment. Michigan), is president of Eich Associated , a marketing and public relations consulting firm.

Layoffs Rarely Pay Off: Here are 15 Alternatives

The Practical Leader

Only about a third of downsizing companies increased productivity and profits in the next 3 to 5 years, and underperformed in stock markets. Fostering “intrapreneurship” — encouraging/supporting people to look for new revenue-generating businesses, start-ups, or market opportunities the company could fill. These times also accentuate the power of decentralized decision making. Your values are showing.

The Real Reasons Companies Are So Focused on the Short Term

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This has been a remarkable year for the markets. In particular, there are three widespread, interrelated structural trends that have fostered short-termism and reduced corporate innovativeness: increased hiring of outside CEOs (particularly from the late 1980s through the 2008 recession); the decentralization of R&D (over a similar time frame); and a focus on the “development” side of R&D rather than the “research” side. MirageC/Getty Images.

Care for a white-water ride?

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Both leaders and employees have to learn to anticipate market and political trends more quickly and adapt to them. Some of those market trends are listed below, we all know them well, but have we all adapted our organizations? Decentralization of power: increasing responsibilities for line positions and lower echelons; fewer staff levels and hierarchical levels.

How Blockchain Applications Will Move Beyond Finance

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It’s not surprising that some of the closer-to-market applications of the technology are in the financial sector. Whereas this new type of organization may achieve the speed and efficiency of a spot market, it may be able to replicate the complex forms of governance required to execute the complex tasks that take place today within the boundaries of a firm. Currency Financial markets Technology Financial Services Technology Digital Article

The 3 Stages of a Country Embracing Renewable Energy

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At the same time, we’re also seeing the decentralization of power production. Industry players have realized the marketing and cost-saving potential, too: automaker BMW powers the plant where it manufactures the i3 and i8 electric vehicles with a 10 MW wind park, and discount retailer Aldi Süd has installed photovoltaic panels on 1,000 supermarkets. This seems like the natural end-game for the broader decentralization patterns we’re observing.

The Hidden Costs of Initial Coin Offerings

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Those benefits fall into three categories: To jumpstart network effects that provide a first-mover advantage: Many of the projects being built using blockchain technology are “protocols” that govern the interactions between users in a decentralized autonomous network. In this framing, the native tokens issued through the ICO are the means through which users transact between a decentralized network of participants without the need for any central organization or platform.

You Don’t Need an “India Strategy” — You Need a Strategy for Each State in India

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Already a large domestic market, Frontier Strategy Group’s estimates suggest the country will average growth rates between 7.4% However, India remains a difficult market for multinational firms to enter. Most companies, including the ones mentioned above, approach India as one market when they should be thinking of the different states as individual markets. India is a large, fragmented, and heterogeneous market. Linda Coussement/eyeem/Getty Images.

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How Blockchain Is Changing Finance

Harvard Business

After all, how do you cut cost from a business or market whose structure has fundamentally changed? They represent content and digital rights management platforms (such as SingularDTV ), distributed venture funds (such as the the DAO , for decentralized autonomous organization), and even new platforms to make investing in ICOs and managing digital assets easy (such as ICONOMI ). Financial markets Venture capital Technology Financial Services Digital Article

Make It Easier for Happy Customers to Buy More

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Others help their commercial and industrial customers maintain small, decentralized generating units. Marketing Customers Digital ArticleHBR STAFF. You have great loyalty scores and low customer churn. But sales are flat – or worse, falling. What’s going on? In most cases, this happens because you’ve failed to capture the economic potential of the goodwill in your customer base.

Future Leadership

Marshall Goldsmith

Issues such as globalization, decentralization, and the rapid pace of today’s marketplace have forced companies to evaluate the way they operate. Only by aligning their efforts will new leaders meet business challenges and global marketing constraints. The need for executive education is apparent. Key questions include: how can we learn from today’s best practitioners to understand the trends and challenges that will become the norm in the future?

Why the U.S. Is Still Richer Than Every Other Large Country

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has a more developed system of equity finance than the countries of Europe, including angel investors willing to finance startups and a very active venture capital market that helps finance the growth of those firms. We also have a decentralized banking system, including more than 7,000 small banks , that provides loans to entrepreneurs. A decentralized political system in which states compete.

Centralized Decision Making Helps Kill Bad Products

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They invest significant resources in research, marketing, and distribution. Our research suggests that, on average, more centralized decision making structures are more likely to pull poorly performing products from the market. Thus, centralized firms more quickly rid themselves of unsuccessful products – almost twice as fast as their more decentralized peers. Firms might leave products on the market well past their prime.

7 CEO Success Tips – How To Be A Better Leader

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They must be bold in their actions, willing to take calculated risks together that will have the greatest potential to achieve major, market?shifting They must be disciplined and focused , concentrating all of their efforts at critical points and times to capitalize on key market opportunities to meet the demands. They must be willing to decentralize their decision?making By Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts. Chair, Organizational Development, N2Growth.

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‘Upskilling’ a top priority for the decade ahead

HR Digest

This diverse network of more than 400 organizations is working together to create an open and decentralized public-private data infrastructure connecting a global audience of business, government, education, and technology vendors. Many have acknowledged an up-credentialing phenomenon where companies, particularly in a labor market where employers have lots of choices, often raise their hiring standards or requirements to find what they believe will be an ideal candidate.

4 Tips for an Effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy

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But is there are a way to still drive innovation with an increasingly decentralized lifeforce? They also make sure that their marketing teams on the field meet at least once per quarter for interactive strategy and planning sessions. The nature of the workforce is rapidly changing and this new wave of employees is not only getting accustomed to a mobile and agile workforce but are starting to actually expect it.

The Principles of Agile Planning

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Here is how to use smart planning to make strides toward greater agility and market success. So, open the channels of communication and decentralize decision-making. That’s the way to improve your time-to-market without compromising on product quality. You should be able to demolish all the hurdles on the road to market domination. Agile methodology has taken the IT industry by the storm, and now it’s spreading to other sectors.

The Blockchain Will Do to Banks and Law Firms What the Internet Did to Media

Harvard Business

Like the internet, this technology is designed to be decentralized, with “layers,” where each layer is defined by an interoperable open protocol on top of which companies, as well as individuals, can build products and services. This initial lack of commercial players and interests was critical — it allowed the formation of a network architecture that shared resources in a way that would not have occurred in a market-driven system.

Laying Groundwork: How Do Leaders Create Positive Company Culture?

CO2 Business Leadership

Corporate culture allowed AIG to put its entire organization at risk, Wells Fargo employees to open fake customer accounts, the American auto industry to prematurely age (by not being as flexible and adaptive enough to stay competitive even when the market clamored for change), and Kodak to invent digital photography but not capitalize enough to secure their own future. Corporate Culture.

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Case Study: Is Holacracy for Us?

Harvard Business

But the decentralization debate was different. Rogier knew Derek’s position—but he had gone to an executive training course on holacracy in Las Vegas and had come back so fired up that he was now pushing for self-managed teams at headquarters and complete decentralization at the country level. “He’s calling it ‘holacracy,’” she said, “but that’s still just decentralizing, which we can’t do any further.

Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works

Harvard Business

home marketers (Fox, HBO), cable and satellite services (Comcast, DirectTV), video syndicators (PMI, TVS), film libraries and archives (Eastman House, Getty Images), and talent agencies (WME, CAA, ICM), each with its own contracts and accounting systems. His vision is to decentralize the entertainment industry so that creative individuals can profit from the films, videos, games, and art they help to make.

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Good Strategy Execution Requires Balancing 4 Tensions

Harvard Business

The successful but challenging experience of a large pharmaceutical company illustrates the tension between top-down and decentralized change efforts. The strategy called for significant changes to the company’s organizational structure and the way it marketed, sold, and serviced customers across numerous geographies. Daniel Grizelj/Getty Images. Putting strategy into practice is notoriously difficult.

How Regulation Could Help Cryptocurrencies Grow

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markets embrace reasonable regulation to ensure transparency and fairness. market, fraudsters might push out the good actors. Looking beyond Howey , however, the SEC and the crypto czar could take a few thoughtful steps to promote clarity and innovation in the cryptocurrency market: Encourage the formation of a self-regulatory body to promote and enforce standards among the crypto community. Alexander Baumann/The International Photo Co./Getty Getty Images.

Research: Self-Disruption Can Hurt the Companies That Need It the Most

Harvard Business

Since the mid-2000s, however, this model has been under threat from a new, decentralized model, in which electricity is generated on a much smaller scale near or at the point of use, often through a combination of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, batteries, and the digital management of the electricity grid. For our study, we collected data on 512 strategic initiatives, both centralized and decentralized, launched by 48 leading U.S. Fuse/Getty Images.

3 Values of Teamwork

Ron Edmondson

Here are 3 reasons I personally prefer a team approach for this function of our church: Decentralized control - With one person in charge, if that person gets sick, moves, or decides he or she gets tired and quits, the whole church would suffer.