The Magic of Steve Jobs Part 2

Women's Leadership Exchange

That it such a cold and unwanted fact about a man that has warmed the hearts of millions with his joyful, beautiful and super-functional technology. He envisions brilliant products and creates and markets them beyond effectively. He settles for nothing less than the best, including making his products, marketing, packaging etc. He also has recruited a team of top notch engineers, designers and marketers who can bring his genius to life. Steve Jobs has died.

Make Your Innovative Idea Seem Less Terrifying

Harvard Business Review

Much as I want to believe that a glaringly good idea will stand on its merits, I have come to realize that just like any product or service, ideas require good marketing if they’re going to reach their intended customers. Making the leap to a new career curve is a bold idea that also needs to be sold, and the importance of mitigating risk for the key decisionmaker — the prospective employer — holds true. Capturing the Innovation Mind-Set at Bally Technologies.