In Defense of Responsible Offshoring and Outsourcing

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In the State of the Union , President Obama declaimed: "No, we will not go back to an economy weakened by outsourcing." Offshoring and outsourcing today are like sex in the Victorian era: repressed or criticized in public discussion, much practiced in private behavior. Similarly, companies must be more forceful in explaining the uses of revenues and margins derived from offshoring/outsourcing's competitive cost structures and local appeal.

The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

A colleague from another business school recommended the book, The Future of Leadership Development, Corporate Needs and the Role of Business Schools , edited by IESE Business School Dean Jordi Canals. She said it helped set the direction for her executive development program and really got her thinking about our profession. The use of coaching in leadership development programs. There are pros and cons to both group and individual leadership development.


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What is Your Level of Coaching Literacy?

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Use external guidance and support to develop your coaching capability to the needed level: receive mentor coaching on being an effective manager responsible for coaching in a firm. Consider full outsourcing: Have an external coaching manager appointed to the role of managing coaching in your company. Books Business Coaching Ethics Leadership Memes Personal Coaching Self-Awareness Skills What is Work life

The Big Picture of Business – Business Success Checklist

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Development of technical abilities, specialties and expertise. Development of core business supplier relationships. Outsourcing, privatizing and collaborating plan is annually updated, with realistic, measurable goals. Top management has as a priority the need to develop and practice People development, skills and team building responsibilities. Professional development plan is annually updated, with realistic, measurable goals. Business development.

Sustainable Leadership and Organizations: The Ideas of Martin Seligman

Michael Lee Stallard

Recent research from The Conference Board and the Corporate Executive Board make it clear that employee engagement is at dismal levels but eventually leaders will discover that embracing and behaving in ways that reflect the 24 character strengths creates Connection Cultures and develops the corporate character strengths necessary to produce sustainable organizations. (To If they could not outsource they discovered another way.

10 Steps to Creating a Talent Advantage

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You may have technology or a product that gives you an edge, but your people determine whether you develop the next winning technology or product.&#. Some of the best hires I’ve made over the years were executives that I spent months, and in some cases, years developing relationships with. Outsourced recruiting is very effective and affordable if managed properly. People, their traits, attitudes, and work ethic (or lack thereof) are contagions.

The non-secret formula that makes a great salesperson

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They go through the expensive gyrations of outsourcing, in-sourcing, testing, interviewing and finally hiring. The lesson here is that attitude and work ethic are more important than sales skill. If they have a great attitude, and a solid work ethic, they will accept learning new skills as a way of life and a path to success. It’s important that you list every one of these elements so that you’re able to develop a full set of criteria. I’ve developed 13.5

Can Lean Manufacturing Put an End to Sweatshops?

Harvard Business

Producers in less-developed countries compete by keeping costs low. Over the last thirty years, the lean approach — developed by Japanese automakers — has permeated the manufacturing sector in developed countries, but is much less commonly used in the developing world. Could lean manufacturing have a similar positive impact on jobs in the developing world? Emerging markets Supply chain International business Economic development Digital Article

Why Everyone's Working So Hard

Marshall Goldsmith

While IBM would always fire employees for ethical violations, almost no one was fired because of poor performance. Overall, the professional work ethic has increased in a world where the value of performing can bring greater rewards, while the cost of nonperformance can bring severe and immediate punishment. As recently as 10 years ago global outsourcing was largely limited to manufacturing or lower-level service jobs.

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Strategic Planning Alternatives: Mission Discernment


My colleague Dr. Gordon Self has developed a Mission Discernment Tool for use within Covenant Health (Disclaimer: I also work for Covenant Health). Do we outsource part of our organization? The tool was developed for a Catholic healthcare organization, but I foresee it being adapted to any organization that has a strong, thoughtful and unique mission, and wants to thrive in the future through that mission. I recently wrote two posts criticizing strategic planning.

The “Business in Society” Imperative for CEOs

Harvard Business

Recent global developments underscore the importance of these societal issues. On the one hand, protectionism, populism, and wide-spread distrust of business’s role in politics is threatening international corporations (think Carrier, Boeing, and tariffs/taxes for off-shoring and outsourcing). In virtually every country across the globe, a broad range of governmental and ethical issues directly and immediately shape what companies can and cannot do.

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The Big Picture of Business: Been There, Done That

Strategy Driven

Business development. With a wealth of expertise available via outsourcing, one can quickly become a ‘kid in a candy shop,’ wanting whatever is readily available or craftily packaged. Look at their activity in professional development and business education. Pro-bono community involvement is a factor because it indicates character, ethics and integrity. People Often Say They Have… But Really Haven’t!

The Big Picture of Business – Planning and Budgeting in Downsized Times

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Business development. Under the rules of supply chain dynamics, one must study your supplier relationships, formalize a plan of outsourcing and develop collaborations. Readily measurable values: Time and cost of product development-service delivery cycles. Goal attainment leads to ethical behavior. Human resources development. Getting the funds that you need from tight fisted management is an ongoing process.

We Approach Diversity the Wrong Way

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But things get complicated when we tell a manager, "In general your talent development is great, but you suck at promoting diversity." We need to teach all of our people to talk about human topics — the ones that are conventionally outsourced to Human Resources or just plain avoided as "non-business" conversation. Diversity Ethics Human resources

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I will onshore, offshore, outsource, insource, or execute whatever business strategy I implement without regard for diversity. In evaluating any relationship in the value chain I’m looking for value, talent, performance, leverage, efficiency, economy of scale, work ethic, integrity, character, discipline and many other traits irrespective of your skin color, age, etc. A sense of entitlement is not a substitute for work ethic and a desire to achieve.

It’s OK to Move Down (Yes, Down) the Value Chain

Harvard Business Review

defend against “attack from beneath” and maintain your reputation for ethical operations. It had focused on operational improvements inside the proverbial four walls of its factory — things like more efficiently heating and cooling the tomatoes and developing novel ways to pack the paste for shipment to customers. Often, they are the very firms that have honed their capabilities by operating in low-end markets or by performing outsourced work.

6 Rules for Building and Scaling Company Culture

Harvard Business Review

Over 30 years, he shaped a large part of its people development program, and taught me the framework of “common values and common standards.” Or will you create go further, and only promote the people who develop others? These types of leaders have not just an incredible passion and work ethic for what they do, but a cultural ethic in that how they do what they do inspires others. Organizational culture Leadership Developing employees

A Guide to Solving Social Problems with Machine Learning

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Decisions about how these tools are used seem too important for you to outsource, but raise a host of new issues that are difficult to understand. But even before we reach that stage, we need to make sure the tool is promising enough to ethically justify testing it in the field. The time traveler does not want these warnings to create a hasty panic that completely prevents the development of automobile transportation. It’s Sunday night.

Why – and How – to Hire Young People Without Diplomas

Harvard Business Review

Moreover, our study uncovered a range of successful approaches to employing young adults, from building in-house training to partnering with outsourced providers. Many employers want to develop a robust pipeline of young talent but report that they are not sure where to start. Prioritize soft skill development. In particular, the program seeks to instill a strong work ethic by focusing on key traits such as respect, attitude, and teamwork.

The Rise of the General Counsel

Harvard Business Review

But from a business person's point of view, Sorkin and other writers in the section don't even discuss one of the most important developments of the last 25 years: the rise in the role, status and importance of the general counsel and other inside lawyers employed directly by the corporation. Corporate law departments have tried to break up private firms' absurd billing for paralegals or routine work by outsourcing, either in the United States or overseas (in nations like India).

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance

Harvard Business Review

These are typically specific, functional abilities like project management, web development, financial analysis — or advisory skills that come from years of experience. “If you’re 22 and you’re not a web developer, you probably don’t have marketable skills,” he warns. “The most successful freelancers know how to use their network for all sorts of things, like outsourcing work when they have too much,” Horowitz explains.

A Board Member’s Guide to Corporate Political Spending

Harvard Business Review

We have developed a framework to help boards make decisions concerning corporate political spending — decisions that are informed; consistent with company strategies, policies, and values; and that mitigate risks as much as possible. This is acutely the case when companies “outsource” political contributions by funding trade associations, politically active nonprofit organizations, and other groups that do not disclose their donors. The 2016 U.S.

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