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Managing Across Generations: Leadership Coaching Success Story

Mike Cardus

Leadership Coaching & Development Case Study from the Exponent Leadership Process. “I The following agency-wide program was developed and implemented: Collaboration Across Departments. They developed a measurement and feedback system which was used weekly to evaluate progress.

15 Analytics Capabilities to Consider When Choosing Your Next Big Data Solution

The Kini Group

Start with your business goals and then each team’s KPIs to meet these objectives. Marketing, operations, and even human resource teams may have their own list of data needs. You purchase from a vendor and navigate how-to guides and FAQ documents for most of your concerns.

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What to Do When Your To-Do List Is Holding Up Your Team

Harvard Business Review

Tara needed to allocate her time between generating ideas, editing, developing relationships with freelancers, and supporting her direct reports. By limiting the time you can spend on them, you will develop better criteria for deciding what to take on. Develop the art of the elegant no.

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Scaling Customer Service as Your Startup Grows

Harvard Business Review

There are three very common shiny objects that derail customer success efforts in the early stage: Process improvements to issue routing, issue classification, and automated responses seem reasonable. The patterns that you develop at this key stage will grow with you and will spell the difference between running or stumbling as you hit the growth stage. Consider hiring a “customer operations” person to focus on automation full-time.