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Top Tips for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Women on Business

At least in regards to the graduate sector there could be a reasonable explanation; the fact that only one in five women graduate in the business and finance, sciences or engineering fields whereas the ratio for men is one in two. In a report by the AAUW (American Association of University Women), it states that many things can be done both on an individual level and one as given to employers: “Developing negotiation skills can help workers earn fair pay. Human Resources Issues

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Tips for Conducting Business Across Continents

Strategy Driven

Managing one location has it's own challenges like keeping up with all of your departments including Human Resources, sales, marketing and the like. The following are some tips that will enable you to conduct your global business successfully. With the development of modern business management solutions, it is easier than ever to stay connected with your teams all over the world. Industry Principle (Product & Business Development).

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Using LinkedIn Effectively: 7 Tips to Make the Most of your.

Women on Business

For instant download click to purchase Learn more about this resource. Flores, web developer at 10K Webdesign, see her bio for Women on Business or visit her website [link]. 7 Tips to Use LinkedIn Effectively [.]

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How To Find “Hidden” Federal Contracts: Network :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Ten Tips to Earn Stimulus Money Contracts Federal dollars from the stimulus package are slowly making their. 3 Tips for Success in the Government Contracting Market Post by Liz Cullen, contributing Women On Business writer The.

New Leader Checklist: 4 Questions to Ask if You Want to Lead Effectively

RapidStart Leadership

To establish those things, here are four questions you should ask, why they are important, and some tips for how you can get the answers you need. Helpful tip : Take a checklist into the meeting with you to help make sure you ask the right questions. By developing an understanding of who is on your team and what they can (and can’t) do, you are laying the foundations of trust and improving your grasp of team capabilities.

Possibility Maximizer:

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SHRM - Society for Human Resource Managment Indispensible for the HR Professional! " You will find a variety of resources on just about any area of your life that you want to improve.

Bad Boss Blues « Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

As you get better at being a manager, one of the first things you’ll notice is that there are LOTS of managers who seem to have missed out on their own training and development. Need help developing your management skills? Survive Your Promotion!

Communicating at All Levels of the Organization | Survive Your.

Survive Your Promotion

Anytime you are presenting to the finance department you should be providing a spreadsheet with a clear analysis (including supporting documentation for where you got your numbers) on how much it will cost and what the return on that investment will be. Survive Your Promotion!

How to get a job in HR

HR Digest

HR Jobs are one of the best career jobs out there that most people often neglect when choosing a People often switch to HR career either from business administration, finance or business development. Here are tips on how to get a Job in HR with little or no experience. A few examples of what HR volunteering services can offer include creating a culture handbook for an organization and developing culture-shaping programs. Featured Resources HR experience hr jobs

Better to Give than to be Grateful :: Women on Business

Women on Business

4 Tips for Making Your Holiday Parties Profitable!

Why is it so darn easy to say NO?

Women on Business

The Customer Service Oxymoron Tips for building loyal, repeat customers.

Holiday Parties Are a Great Time to … Network your way into a New.

Women on Business

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Building Customer Loyalty :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Related posts: The Customer Service Oxymoron Tips for building loyal, repeat customers.

Cultivating Relationships NOT Worth the Time?

Women on Business

It may just make the tipping point difference.

Is a College Degree the Right Credential for Business?

Survive Your Promotion

Tips for New Managers on Navigating the Transition from Individual Contributor to Team Leader Skip to content Home About the Book About Katy Recommended Reading ← Great Review of Survive Your Promotion! Survive Your Promotion!

Five Great Ways to Earn Extra Money in 2010 :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Here’s a tip: learn about search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and use of keywords. 10 Ways to be a Resource for your Customers Here are ten ways to adopt a “resource provider&# perspective.

Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder and COO Elisa Camahort Page on.

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Elisa was kind enough to share a lot of great tips to help bloggers leverage to promote their blogs, learn and grow. I love to add resources to Women On Business for other businesswomen bloggers to learn about and experiment with.

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The Homecoming Queen Grows Up (kinda)

Women on Business

They still talk about it to this day–it was a tipping point for them. Categories : Guest Posts , personal development 1 Comments 1 John R.

Appreciating the UConn Streak :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Don’t Get Ripped Off – Tips for Saving Money on Credit Card Processing Guest post by Stella Fayman (learn more about Stella at.

You'll Never Know Until You Ask :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Perhaps it will open up a door for mentoring or coaching or other resources for you. 8 Tips to Prepare for Your Performance Review A performance review is a great opportunity to showcase your.

The Importance of Testing in an E-marketing Campaign

Women on Business

6 Best Tips to Online Cost Effective Marketing Is your business experiencing stagnation with the Recession?

Finally Get on TV with the Right Pitch :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Log onto the show’s website to see if they suggest any tips for how you can get on the show.

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3 Ways to Motivate Employees During Times of Change :: Women on.

Women on Business

Training and Professional Development If there are new systems in place, or even old systems that could be more efficient, take the time to train the staff. What are tips would you add to this list? A manager that can provide this to their employees will develop a loyal and strong team.

Laura Thompson Joins Women On Business as Weekly Contributor.

Women on Business

Laura’s website,, serves not only as a home base for her horse business consulting firm, but also as a resource for equestrian professionals.

The Prodigal Daughters of Business :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Along with her website, Prosperity Coaching—which features reading and resources on small business start-ups, including “how to create a 30-second commercial”—Muusers coaches many older women with successful, home-based businesses. “I

Win 2 Tickets to Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and.

Women on Business

Integrity: conversation with a teenager :: Women on Business

Women on Business

Even everyday things like running red lights when nobody is around, leaving a small tip for your waitress or taking the extra change that the cashier at the grocery store gives you shows a lack of integrity, too.

Powerful Question #1 | Thoughts for the Everyday Leader

Nathan Magnuson

A personal goal is to get our (family) finances in order. Try these 16 tips. Human Resources (4). Home About Coaching Contact Guest Posts Archives. Thoughts for the Everyday Leader. by Nathan Magnuson. Home / Powerful Questions / Powerful Question #1. Powerful Question #1. January 2, 2013. — 27 Comments. Most people begin the new year with a new set of goals or resolutions. What is one of your professional goals for the new year? Personal?

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Where Does a Struggling Leader Go for Help? Here are 7 Suggestions

Ron Edmondson

A dream of mine is to develop a collective resource site with this information. For best results, the next three usually require preparation before the crash is eminent, but they are wonderful resources for every leader. It could be in ministry, finances or family, but I want a human resource of wisdom when I need one. Related posts: 4 Suggestions for Developing Trust as a Leader. 7 Tips When the Team is Struggling to Succeed.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Structuring Better Meetings

Harvard Business

If I could choose one meeting effectiveness tip that would make almost all teams more efficient it would be to schedule a regular overflow spot on the calendar. emerging issues in service delivery or trade-offs in resource planning). identify issues, develop solutions, make decision, etc.) This is the appropriate home when Human Resources wants to do a talent review or when finance wants to share a new budget process. From The New York Public Library.

The Global Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

Women''s entrepreneurship has hit a media tipping point. Consider three aspects: Reinvestment: In emerging markets, women reinvest a staggering 90 cents of every additional dollar of income in "human resources" — their families'' education, health, nutrition (compared, by the way, to 30-40% for men. and developed Europe — women entrepreneurs have higher levels of innovation than their male counterparts.

What to Do If You Already Hate Your New Job

Harvard Business Review

Look for development elsewhere. If you do decide to stick it out, whether for financial or personal reasons, remember that there are other avenues for professional development and stimulation outside the office. If your job isn’t giving you what you need to develop,” says Clark, “that may be your opportunity to take a leadership role in a professional organization to make contacts and build skills that help you further down the line.”. Everyone has bad days at the office.