The Best Leadership Books of 2016

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The book offers a concrete framework to help individuals of all levels, functions, and backgrounds take charge of their own leadership development and become the best leaders they can be. The story of Greenspan is also the story of the making of modern finance, for good and for ill.

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Leadership and Product Management

Lead on Purpose

Here are the key roles that are crucial to your success as a product manager, and why they are important: Engineering/QA: The relationship with the engineering/development team is paramount for product managers. Accounting/Finance: This group is often completely ignored by product management.

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Manager vs. ?

Lead on Purpose

The owner gets the resources and funding to develop his products. I think about the things I manage (personal finances, household, a team of people). The owner gets the resources and funding to develop his products.

Top Tips for Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Women on Business

At least in regards to the graduate sector there could be a reasonable explanation; the fact that only one in five women graduate in the business and finance, sciences or engineering fields whereas the ratio for men is one in two. In a report by the AAUW (American Association of University Women), it states that many things can be done both on an individual level and one as given to employers: “Developing negotiation skills can help workers earn fair pay.

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Tyranny of Metrics

Deming Institute

The bulk of Muller’s research is devoted to case studies in colleges, elementary schools, health care systems, policing, the military, business, finance, philanthropy and foreign aid. Guest post by Michael Godfried: planner and policy analyst in Washington State. Jerry Z.

Guest Post: Watch Out for Flying Monkeys!

Lead on Purpose

The monkeys quickly grab product management, marketing and development resources, and quicker than you could say, “there’s no place like home” three times, your product roadmap, release content, development resources and team are tossed into turmoil like a Kansas barnyard in a summer twister.

3 Questions About AI That Nontechnical Employees Should Be Able to Answer

Harvard Business Review

Taylor Callery/Getty Images. For example, I manage the finances for a team that travels very often, and I’ve been grateful for the intelligent guesswork that my expenses software extracts from receipts using machine learning: the merchant’s name, the dollar amount spent, taxes, and likely expense categorization. Technology Analytics Developing employees Digital Article

Five Good Reasons to Champion Auto-Analytics in Your Organization

Harvard Business Review

The recent boom in auto-analytics, or "self-tracking," or "self quantification" has been playing out mostly as a consumer trend — as something we do during our leisure time to become more deliberate about personal fitness, finances, or diet. Frederick Taylor's early pig-iron experiments measured and improved factory worker performance. However, using personal data (emails, calendars, etc) and spreadsheets, some practitioners are developing personal yield management tools.

Fixing the Euro Zone and Reducing Inequality, Without Fleecing the Rich

Harvard Business Review

Increasing inequality of income and wealth has occurred across the developed world for the past 30 years, with the majority of the gains from technology, globalization and deregulation accruing to a small minority in each country. What do deflation and rising inequality have in common?

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Why Zuckerberg Is (Almost) Right About Great Talent

Harvard Business Review

While "average" and "better than average" coders, developers and architects may — ultimately — be able to consistently deliver these dynamic alignments, what a Zuckerberg or Bezos look for are individuals, pairs and small teams who grok how to integrate these qualities from the beginning instead of bolting them on towards the end. Mark Zuckerberg is, of course, correct. So is Mark Andreessen.

Entrepreneurs: You're More Important Than Your Business Plan

Harvard Business Review

As Amar Bhide said in " Bootstrap Finance: The Art of Start-ups " (a 20-year-old HBR article that is an uncanny precursor to today's "lean startup" meme), traditional business planning processes are less relevant to bootstrappers — where resilience trumps planning and energy trumps experience.