Flexible With People and Rigid With Timelines

The Recovering Engineer

They include construction, computer system, computer software, marketing, web development, book writing, process improvement, and plant expansion projects. Many of them focused on the checklists, charts, graphs, and planning tools necessary to plan and track project progress and milestone completion. I have used task lists and planning tools that include PERT and Gantt charts.

Project Management – What is Critical Chain?

Strategy Driven

Successful project managers know that the success of their project hinges on the development of a solid plan, the diverse consideration of integration challenges, and the right evaluation of resources.

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Great Quotes: Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky


Elaborate Gantt charts and byzantine procedures plague bureaucracies large and small. Books/Reviews Great Quotes Improvement & Development Self Growth

Managing a Remote Team: 12 Best Practices for Better Productivity

Strategy Driven

For open-source developers, there’s GitHub , where they can collaborate on, review and manage code. The remote and mobile workforce population is steadily rising. Even IBM adjusted its HR policies to accommodate remote workers.

Adding Value: A Gentle Reminder


Track value delivered, when you tracked through the Gantt Chart? Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer Adding Value: A Gentle Reminder Sure, as a project manager / business leader, you: Completed the project in given time frame. Within the budget.