Competitive Advantage from the Bottom of the Pyramid


The aggregate affordability of the D & E classes in favelas and other parts is substantial and as such LG has developed a sustained strategy focusing on the lower 2 classes. Glocalization” of products has made LG successful where other South Asian companies have struggled. [Editor''s Note: This is a guest post from Ajay Swamy.

3 Ways Social Entrepreneurs Can Solve Their Talent Problem

Harvard Business

Just as entrepreneurs of all kinds need to anticipate consumer trends and product development, they also need to stay ahead of their hiring needs. She develops plans for filling senior leadership positions a full year in advance, speaking with candidates on a regular basis to build strong relationships. Turning an enterprise into a talent development engine is critical to retaining talent and filling senior leadership roles. Vincent Tsui for HBR.


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Great Advertising Is Both Local and Global

Harvard Business Review

One solution to this tension is to pursue what we call glocal advertising strategy — locally adapting a universally embraced core idea that will resonate in any market anywhere in the world. By getting the glocal model right, Johnnie Walker reversed a continuing decline and more than doubled its global business in ten years. Coca-Cola has similarly embraced the glocal model.

The $2,000 Car

Harvard Business Review

Increasingly, Western companies are developing products in countries like China and India, and then distributing them globally. For example, GE developed an ultra-low-cost ultrasound for rural China which is now marketed in over 100 countries. Logitech developed an affordable mouse for the China market which sells for (the Chinese equivalent of) $19.99 Phase 2: Glocalization.

P&G Innovates on Razor-Thin Margins

Harvard Business Review

But that is not the story in developing markets, where these top-of-the-line products don't fare nearly as well. Second, P&G leveraged these insights — and its world-class design capabilities — to develop, from a blank sheet, a new shaving tool to meet the specific needs of this consumer. The result was the Gillette Guard , perhaps the most significant departure from its traditional product development in Gillette's history. If you shaved today, either in the U.S.