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Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More

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Sometimes leadership is just about creating an open-space, and getting out-of-the-way. I love using Open-Space Technology with a large group to generate ideas. Participants essentially create their own agenda and self-organize into groups to discuss topics that matter to them. The post Open-Space Leadership: When Less is More appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. It’s an amazing, high-energy, low-cost way to hold a powerful meeting.


The Future of Leadership Development

Great Leadership By Dan

A colleague from another business school recommended the book, The Future of Leadership Development, Corporate Needs and the Role of Business Schools , edited by IESE Business School Dean Jordi Canals. She said it helped set the direction for her executive development program and really got her thinking about our profession. The use of coaching in leadership development programs. There are pros and cons to both group and individual leadership development.


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Executive Managerial Leadership Coaching: Case Study

Mike Cardus

Below is an actual Executive Coaching and Managerial Leadership Training + Development process I facilitated. This is developing a feeling of strife, hopelessness and contempt amongst management and subordinates. There is a need for management to utilize and develop a wider range of management, innovation tools and systems that can be utilized at the proper times. Set-up plus facilitation of monthly internal customer focus group meetings.


A Medical Innovation Factory in the Middle of the Desert

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We invite you to share your perspective and get feedback from iconic leaders like Dr. Rakesh Suri, executive advisors, top leadership professors, and gifted students from around the world. Do surgeons have a God complex? Are doctors stubborn, control freaks? Sometimes, yes.


LawNY Team Building & Leadership Program

Mike Cardus

ABOUT Contact Us Get Connected Facebook LinkedIn RSS Feed Log in Join and Receive 9 Team-Building & Leadership Activities:That work and allow people to learn from the experience. Design by 12GrainStudio LawNY Team Building & Leadership Program Tuesday, October 05th, 2010 Posted by: mike Recently I had to honor to serve LawNY – Legal Assistance of Western New York. Exploring the agency, people, leadership, and roles that created the present.


From "Knowing" to "Doing" - The Problem with Leadership Training

Building Personal Strength

I once had the pleasure of training all the executives and middle managers of a city government in the basic skills of leadership. I was introduced to my own listening and group facilitation skills in a six-week course back in 1976. So if you care about developing yourself as a leader, if you want more effective people skills, what should you do? Many well-intentioned managers read books about leadership. Or something might go wrong in her group.


How to Manage a Narcissist

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George, a senior executive of a large internet provider, was a participant in one of my leadership development programs. Although a very talented individual, he was seen as a nuisance within the group. It wasn’t surprising that most of group did not like George and found it very difficult to deal with him. From my experience running leadership workshops, I have learned some techniques that offer promising results.


Don't Neglect Your Power to Bring People Together

Harvard Business Review

To explain, let me share a quick example, in two acts: In Act One, the manager of a corporate engineering group was tasked with reducing the cost of common materials used by a number of different product teams. She then broke the group into cross-product and cross-functional teams to review the earlier recommendations, and lay out what it would take to make them happen. And the truth is that many managers are not skilled at group facilitation.