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Idea generation is core to everything we do in our organizations. Fresh Voices Innovation Making Decisions Management Education Management Innovation Strategy Your Professional Development "To Do" ListIt's too bad that we've been going about it all wrong!

August 2016 Leadership Development Carnival

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The Lead Change Group is grateful to The Thought Board for hosting the August 2016 Leadership Development Carnival. This month is filled with a wide variety of leadership topics including idea generation , power , delegation , compassion and more.

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Do I Have to Come up With All The Great Ideas!? Why this belief means you suck as a manager.

Mike Cardus

I’ve seen this happen many times: Employee to Manager: I’ve got a great idea and think that by doing x we will get y,z and extra outcomes. Of course the manager has a better idea! The manager’s idea was triggered by the employees initial idea. The idea may be useful later.

* 6 Ideas About Creating Organizations That Value Ideas

You're Not the Boss of Me

John Cage once said, “ I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. This notion kind of struck me while I was watching a movie about Charles Darwin who had, and developed, one of the world’s biggest ideas, one that, even now, creates much spirited conversation. After all, Darwin’s big idea was one that challenged people to rethink their whole existence. Some companies will say they have processes in place that encourage people to offer their ideas.

6 Ideas About Creating Organizations That Value Ideas

You're Not the Boss of Me

John Cage once said, “ I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. This notion kind of struck me while I was watching a movie about Charles Darwin who had, and developed, one of the world’s biggest ideas, one that, even now, creates much spirited conversation.

The Keys to Fostering Sustainable Engagement

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development [link] Accountability is closely tied to employee engagement. If we want employees to be sustainably engaged they must be able to experience themselves as the real, pulsating, thinking, idea-generating, responsibility-taking assets.

WHOA! Are They Glad You’re in Their Lives?

Kevin Eikenberry

Sort of – there are 365 short snippets of encouragement, admonishment, support and idea generation. Books Leadership Learning Personal Development Relationships growthThis is a book that defies categorization. Is it a book of tweets? Is it a devotional? Kinda – you could read one snippet each day as a part of your reflection and learning. It is a picture book? Yes [.].

But Does Collaboration Really Work?

Lead Change Blog

Therefore, collaboration involving lots of idea generation from multiple sources does not work for many projects. Develop all employees to be self leaders. The leadership team had done their best to generate solutions to our situation. The charge was to brainstorm ideas.

5 Insights to Managing Chaordic Tension

Leading Blog

Between my research and that experience, I’ve developed some insights into what makes a venture a success or a failure. Idea people are more comfortable with risk. These individuals are comfortable with ideas, ambiguity, and keeping their options open.

How Johnson & Johnson and American Express Are Developing Young Leaders

Harvard Business Review

workforce — and companies will increasingly grapple with how to accelerate the development of those individuals for leadership positions. The study examined the management and development preferences of America’s young and rising corporate leaders. When the research showed the growing premium that companies place on high-speed development, we decided to follow up with some of the study’s participants to hear more. Hero Images/Getty Images.

Why Are Businesses Ignoring Their Future – The Millennials?

Lead Change Blog

Millennials seem to be misunderstood and a feared generation for most businesses yet they will become 75% of the workforce in the next 10 years. Millennials are nothing like the generations before them.

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The Case for Crowdsourcing Projects as a Business

Strategy Driven

Is your business struggling to come up with a new idea or innovation to solve the latest industry challenge? By crowdsourcing a business project among colleagues and even external contractors , it’s possible to get lots of minds and ideas around the table at once that often go unheard.

How to Master Your Master Mind

Steve Farber

They understand that the effectiveness of brainstorming depends on a creative process where each idea generated allows for new ideas to branch off in new directions.” There are no bad ideas (only some we choose not to immediately implement).

The Best Leadership Books of 2019

Leading Blog

L EADERSHIP development is a lifelong process. From idea generation to team building to knowing when it's time to let go, That Will Never Work is not only the ultimate follow-your-dreams parable, but also one of the most dramatic and insightful entrepreneurial stories of our time.

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Are You a Candid Leader? 4 Ways to Build Clarity, Trust, and Competitive Advantage

Great Leadership By Dan

Here are four techniques that will help open the lines of communication with team members, and across your organization, to encourage valuable idea generation and information sharing: 1. Avoid the Feedback Sandwich - When giving a performance evaluation where development is needed, do you typically start with what your employee does well, followed by areas for improvement, and wrap up with what you like about their work? Guest post by Nancy K.

Perceptions of Leadership ~ Changing the Record

You're Not the Boss of Me

6%: Managers develop people’s capabilities by coaching them to become better at what they do. That means our experiences around leadership, control, problem solving, idea-generation, diversity etc.

6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Ideas


Regulating the Idea Machine (Entrepreneur). Entrepreneurs are Idea Machines. They produce a terrific volume of ideas–some that are pure gold, some that aren’t. They need not rein in their ideas, as much as they need to regulate them. Idea Generation Trap.

What is Your Innovation Style?

Great Leadership By Dan

You contribute by organizing the new projects and developing efficient systems that ensure the work or product is completed with precision and accuracy. Rein in your tendency to express your critique at every fielded idea.

Leadership Perceptions ~ Changing the Record

You're Not the Boss of Me

6% : Managers develop people’s capabilities by coaching them to become better at what they do. That means our experiences around leadership, control, problem solving, idea-generation, diversity etc.

Do the Work

Your Voice of Encouragement

And so he described the process of writing and idea generation as having two stages: ACTION and REFLECTION. Online Learning System Do the Work Take Action Reflection Steven Pressfield Personal Development

Management Excellence Toolkit-Part 3: How to Frame Your Decisions for Success

Management Excellence

This Management Excellence Toolkit Series will help you recognize the challenges and pitfalls of individual and group decision-making and offer ideas on improving performance for you and your co-workers. In this 3rd Part of an on-going series, we tackle the issue of properly framing issues to improve idea generation and decision development.

The Big Picture of Business: Putting Budgeting Into Perspective, The Bigger Picture of Strategic Planning

Strategy Driven

Business development. Readily measurable values: Time and cost of product development-service delivery cycles. Creative new ideas generated. He conducts company evaluations, creates the big ideas and anchors the enterprise to its next tier.

Willy Wonka and the Leadership Idea Factory

Terry Starbucker

Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store Ramblings From a Glass Half Full Willy Wonka and the Leadership Idea Factory by Starbucker on August 8, 2010 “If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it Want to change the world? Ideas are the lifeblood of any organization, and how they are generated, harvested, and turned into action is critical to continuous improvement.

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Leading with Character: Creativity

Michael Lee Stallard

Thomas Edison, one of the most prolific inventors of all time, readily admitted that he drew upon ideas from many people. A simple example is a suggestion box where people are invited to submit ideas. Employees are encouraged to write directly to the CEO with their ideas.

The Value of Vision Series – Kouzes and Posner

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Yet, in spite of the fact that being forward-looking is the quality that most separates leaders from individual contributors, it’s something that too few fully appreciate, and too many devote almost no time to developing. Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart.

The Problem With Coaching | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

I have had more than a few engagements that have come about as a result of the need to repair the carnage and devastation that occurred from the implementation of advice put forth, or the ideas generated by a well intentioned yet unqualified “coach”.

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The Big Picture of Business – Planning and Budgeting in Downsized Times

Strategy Driven

Business development. Under the rules of supply chain dynamics, one must study your supplier relationships, formalize a plan of outsourcing and develop collaborations. Readily measurable values: Time and cost of product development-service delivery cycles.

When Ideas Have Sex, What do the babies look like?

Mike Cardus

Design by 12GrainStudio When Ideas Have Sex, What do the babies look like? Sharing the spotlight with Scott Stratten ; Robin Wilson ; and Me …talking, sharing, engaging and learning about ideas, marketing, and making businesses, brands and you better. Give Ideas P.R.O.PS…A

Teams and Thinking Style

Coaching Tip

With knowledge workers , you can’t develop and maintain an exceptional, consistently high-performing team without focusing first on what drives the team’s behaviors and actions at the root level,” says Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International. How do these different modes of thinking affect team dynamics, process flows, idea generation and problem-solving approaches? •

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Talking with Each Other @ Work

Coaching Tip

Other successful companies build upon social interaction to develop innovative concepts leading to disruptive product and service developments. Most people believe that what is apparent is important, but employers of choice recognize that what is not apparent is most important. .

The Four Layers of Change

Change Starts Here

For ABC Corp, the initiative will focus mainly on the new product development process, especially the idea generation phase. The current steps for vetting ideas will gain new criteria for selecting ideas that will be developed. At ABC Corp, the key behaviors identified are for marketing to solicit ideas from new sources, and to use the new criteria for vetting ideas.

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Buffalo's Social Media Event of the Year!

Mike Cardus

Speaking about When Ideas have sex. image by by je@n Related posts: Stop Marketing & Start Sharing: Social Media Workshop When Ideas Have Sex, What do the babies look like?

Media 101

When I Get Blocked I Walk On Rocks

Mike Cardus

When I left my old employer the portable path came with me, and has served an my calming, thought provoking, idea generation, slowing down – best practice.

The New World of Beta Curation

Strategy Driven

Organizations need to have dozens, maybe hundreds, of individual experts, fully capable of idea generation and innovative thought. Today’s American corporate world is a tale of two cultures. One, more traditional and common, is centralized and hierarchical. I call it Alpha.

How to Make Sure Good Ideas Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

Harvard Business Review

As an experienced manager, he knew that his manufacturing and operation division’s success depended on getting creative ideas from his employees. Only a relatively small group of employees submitted ideas through the system, which required them to prove the economic advantage of their ideas through a lengthy and complicated process. Over time, employees learned that developing and submitting new ideas was not worth the effort.

People Skills Are Hard Skills - More Than You Know

Building Personal Strength

It is still common for most managers to refer to people skills as “soft skills,” because they aren’t specifically about the business of the organization. They aren’t about computers, vehicles, machines and other “hard” equipment.

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Boredom: A Route To Creativity

Strategy Driven

With all possible, all the time, how can we hear ourselves think long enough for new and creative ideas to emerge? I don’t know about you, but my mental commotion from a week of stress causes interminable noise coming from where my ideas should be. The ideas begin to flow. New ideas. Surprising ideas. Interesting ideas. Stupid ideas. Do you allow the time and space for an opening that enables emerging ideas?

Crowdsourced Products Sell Better When They’re Marketed That Way

Harvard Business Review

Companies are increasingly using crowdsourcing to identify promising ideas that they can translate into winning new products. Our past research highlights the promise of this trend: In the case of a major baby products firm, for example, the best user-generated ideas identified were even more innovative and provided better benefits to the consumer than the best ideas generated by the firm’s designers. Marketing Product development Digital Article

For Growth, New Ideas Aren't Enough

Harvard Business Review

The idea is that companies need to encourage innovation from everyone and at every level in the organization. Ironically, the article cites Apple and Procter & Gamble, two companies that have most emphatically learned that generating lots of ideas is the least of their problems when it comes to growth. Ideas come pouring forth from every nook and cranny. In my experience, most companies have far more innovation ideas than they can ever implement.

Two Questions to Ask Before You Set Up an Innovation Unit

Harvard Business Review

Without realizing it, even well-managed businesses versed in modern management practices can generate an environment that is hostile to innovation. Drawing on our findings, we have developed a framework that breaks the Corporate Innovation Unit’s (CIU) role into seven distinct tasks. The central Support Unit is typically a low budget, low staff corporate function in charge of developing guidelines and procedures to govern the innovation funnel (i.e.

The Eight Archetypes of Leadership

Harvard Business Review

A great amount of money had been spent on consultants and on training a workforce that had no clearer idea at the end of 12 months what they were doing or why. These people are good at dealing with developments in the organization’s environment. They provide vision, strategic direction and outside-the-box thinking to create new organizational forms and generate future growth. The innovator: leadership as creative idea generation.

Giving Up Is the Enemy of Creativity

Harvard Business Review

What determines whether the ideas we generate are truly creative? In a series of experiments we observed that people consistently underestimated the number of ideas they could generate while solving a creative challenge. But creative ideas take time.

The Number One Key to Innovation: Scarcity

Harvard Business Review

Our finding about scarcity, however, gets even gets more interesting when its implication is spelled out: that innovation managers will more often create businesses, services, or products that are successful in the marketplace when they intentionally impose constraints during the development process. Innovation Product development ResearchHow should an enterprise go about inventing something novel and useful? Is there a structured thinking process that reliably produces results?