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July 2019 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the July Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, team building, and more. Sean writes: “Great teammates and leaders know that the quality of our life, and our leadership, is determined by the quality of the questions we ask! Ronni Hendel of Insight Out Leadership shared The Doing and Being of Difficult Conversations.

December Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the December Leadership Development Carnival! Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership provided The Big Power of Small Wins. Neal Burgis of Burgis Successful Solutions submitted Leaders Start an Innovation Revolution in Your Company. Joel Garfinkle of the Career Advancement Blog submitted Five Communication Hurdles to Leadership Effectiveness and Influence. Learn how to develop your core messages with these 6 steps.” Development.

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Is Innovation manageable?

N2Growth Blog

In the years leading up to 2018, I have spent my time bringing innovation to the financial services space. Fintech, as this sector is colloquially referred, focuses for the most part on disrupting the state of affairs induced by the use of technology. As such it is all about innovation. And now, from a distance, my optimism regarding the sector’s ability to innovate and capture opportunities has not changed. Let’s study a bit about Innovation.

Partnership: A Crucible for Innovation

Lead Change Blog

Realizing the path to innovation would require revolutionary new thinking; all three leaders grasped that it would also take a new way of coalescing and harnessing talent. Reading Collective Genius , The Innovators , Creativity, Inc. and The Google Guys yields a strong confirmation that the pursuit of innovation might require a partnership approach, not a traditional teamwork style. Sourcing Innovation Collaboratively. Luca de Meo at Volkswagen AG did it.

How Innovation Is Completely Different in Established Organizations than in Startups

Leading Blog

Where unicorns were once mythical creatures, the word unicorn now refers to the startups that have a value of at least $1 billion, and there are more than 370 of them worldwide. Their greatest fear is no longer their closest competitor, but the startups which, although they live in metaphorical garages and have hardly taken off, have an innovation power that established organizations can only dream of possessing. The Three Tracks of Innovation. Creativity & Innovation

Leadership, Employee Engagement and Innovation at BIF-6 Summit

Michael Lee Stallard

After taking a couple days to mull it over I’ve decided to select a few presentations that will be most relevant to the themes I typically write and speak about i.e. leadership, connection, employee engagement, productivity and innovation. He encouraged attendees to use design thinking, develop creative duos and groups with links of trust who challenge the status quo and the tyranny of false tradeoffs.

Leadership Development is Shortsighted

Coaching Tip

The findings reveal that the cost of having “just average” leaders is significant with increased turnover, loss of employee engagement, loss of productivity, and lower profits, according to Be Better than Average: The State of Frontline Leadership , conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI) in conjunction with and the Institute for Human Resources. . One in four (26 percent) said their business suffered a loss in profitability due to poor frontline leadership.

10 Principles For Developing Strategic Leaders

Tanveer Naseer

A 2015 PwC study of 6,000 senior executives , conducted using a research methodology developed by David Rooke of Harthill Consulting and William Torbert of Boston University, revealed just how pervasive this shortfall is: Only 8 percent of the respondents turned out to be strategic leaders, or those effective at leading transformations. Fortunately, companies can build the capacity for strategic leadership. Instead, create a variety of channels for innovative thinking.

The Innovation Formula

Coaching Tip

How do I create a culture for innovation? A new book, The Innovation Formula , is an guide where the latest scientific research tells us very clearly what works and what doesn't. This book aims to remedy that--to give you a clear, practical understanding of what has been scientifically proven to create a culture of innovation. Research into the field of innovation is flourishing and it's exciting. . Can't Get Enough Leadership , .

Change and Innovation

Coaching Tip

At the root of all change and innovation challenges is a leadership opportunity,” argues Chris Laping, in his new book, “PEOPLE BEFORE THINGS: Change isn’t and end-user problem.”. Change leadership takes a different approach. While good change leadership needs project leaders to do their part, it requires enablement by executive leaders prior to the project team lifting a finger on the delivery work. Change Leadership = Enabling + Activating People for Change.

Influencing Creativity and Innovation


So what is your role in influencing creativity and innovation in others? We know it isn’t enough to simply add creativity to a list of values your organization espouses or to bring in consultants who get staff keyed up about innovating. Your best chance of having creative, innovative initiatives will occur with behaviors that: Encourage curiosity: Ask open ended questions, encourage forums where it is easy and safe to brainstorm, and model curiosity for others on your staff.

How to Make the Innovation Work

Coaching Tip

Innovation occurs when boundaries, roadblocks and Naysayers are pushed to the side. A book, ORBIT-SHIFTING INNOVATION , explores both the creative process behind innovation, as well as the execution. It offers cutting-edge insights into the scholarship of the business and management arena, brimming with case studies of orbit-shifting innovations from both the private and public sectors. Source: Orbit-Shifting Innovation: The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History.

First Look: Leadership Books for February 2020

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in February 2020. It is about investing in the development of other people. His own special innovation, it's a nonjudg­mental, nonreactive way of coolly assessing problems and analyzing crises, a mode of attack that offers luminous clarity and su­preme calm in the critical moments before taking decisive action. Build your leadership library with these specials on over 39 titles.

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How Mindfulness Rewires Your Brain to Be More Innovative

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Matt Tenney There is much debate over the question of whether innovative people are born as innovators, or if innovation is something that is trainable. I'm convinced that we can actually change our brains in ways that help us to be more innovative, and that a simple practice called mindfulness can help us do exactly that. Although many people use the words creative and innovative as synonyms, the two are actually quite distinct.

Development Is Shortsighted: Interpersonal Skills #1 Reason Frontline Leaders Fail

Great Leadership By Dan

demands for greater productivity, more innovation, and doing more with less have made leading at the frontline more challenging than ever. While corporations continue to invest in leadership development, there are still significant deficits. Nearly 60 percent of survey respondents indicated poor frontline leadership resulted in turnover of leaders themselves or their team members. Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to developing frontline leaders.

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Why Innovation is not "Invented Here"

Coaching Tip

Beyond alarming questions of what is "fair" to the innovators themselves, few have considered how these human capital controls might impact the quality and quantity of innovation--and ultimately economic growth. In her timely new book, " TALENT WANTS TO BE FREE ," Professor Orly Lobel challenges conventional wisdom about competition, secrecy, motivation and creativity to reveal how our "War for Talent" is backfiring on our quest for innovation.

N2Growth Helps Businesses Combine Strategy & Innovation for a Consumer-First Approach to Digital Transformation

N2Growth Blog

To stay competitive, brands must innovate and transform. Balance is the key to success; N2Growth , believes that innovation and strategy must come together for businesses to enjoy sustainable growth and maintain customer satisfaction. Digital transformation starts at a strategic level with leadership being committed to change. Advisory Services Focused on Leadership Training & Organization. The “Individual” component refers to the customer.

What is the ROI of your employees?

Coaching Tip

Then, have the leadership courage to take action, invest more into those in whose return is exceptional , and discard those in which your return is mediocre. Source: Leo Hamblin: Attitude Reflects Leadership. Can't Get Enough Leadership. Develop Leadership Skills: A Mobile Reference Guide. . . Here is what one customer had to say about Develop Leadership Skills ebook at $.99

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7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership

Skip Prichard

Humanity-Focused Leadership. Responsive leadership is a living, changing set of traits and skills that adapts to new people and environments. In her new book, The 7 Secrets of Responsive Leadership , leadership and turnaround expert Jackie Jenkins-Scott shows you how to build the skills to be a leader in any environment. Responsive leadership focuses on the people—the humanity—within the organization to achieve organizational success.”—Jackie

Brands, Leadership and the Climate Crisis

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Sean Pillot de Chenecey : Innovation, on which any organisation is so reliant, is about to become more dynamic and challenging than ever. Whilst hyper-relevance, ultra-personalisation, collaboration, ethics and sustainability are the crucial foundations of success; those tasked with creating that innovation are now faced with the challenge of the environmental crisis. brands climate change leadership Sean Pillot de Chenecey

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Four Roadblocks to Overcome for Effective Leadership Influence

Career Advancement

In any organization, you’re going to run into challenges to expanding your leadership influence. Here are four roadblocks to overcome for effective leadership influence. However, you can still make yourself an indispensable part of the team, working to bring innovative solutions to the table to solve the big problems. The effectiveness of your leadership, and thus, your influence, will grow when you have a strong rapport with everyone. Developing Leadership Skills

Transformational Leadership

Coaching Tip

Bringing decades of experience of converting human potential into accelerated business, Hugh Blane, presents the fundamental concepts whose implementation will result in dramatic revenue, performance and relationship growth in his new book, "7 PRINCIPLES OF TRANSORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP.". Source: Hugh Blane: 7 Principles of Transformational Leadership: Create a Mindset of Passion, Innovation, and Growth . Other self-coaching leadership books: Can't Get Enough Leadership.

Special Leadership Savings at

Coaching Tip

When facing a new challenge and becoming stuck, you may seek the services of a personal coach or refer to a self-coaching reference guide. In psychology, the term “thin slicing” refers to the brain’s ability to draw surprisingly accurate conclusions from very limited information. Applied to leadership development , thin slicing is about isolating thin slices of learning and delivering powerful insights from a single bite-size concept.

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Leadership Evolution

Coaching Tip

There has probably been more written over the ages about leadership than any other subject in the business arena. The fundamental aspects of leadership are critical for building a better world, which are the same principles necessary to build an enduring successful business. There are three broad types of leadership. The first is Leadership via Fear and Threat. That means that leadership is a means to an end --the mission it serves is the end. Leadership Tips.

Leadership Conversations

Eric Jacobson

When I read business books, I turn the corner of every page that has something I really like, want to remember and easily reference in the future. Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth pages. There is so much to learn from Leadership Conversations. Communicating Communications Skills Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership

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I’m Optimistic About the Future of Leadership

Michael Lee Stallard

I highly recommend reading Stanford Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer’s recent books, Leadership B.S. In them he makes a compelling case that most leadership training has failed to produce effective leaders and that the poor state of the vast majority of workplace cultures today is harming the health of people. Several developments this year make me optimistic that the need for connection is catching on. Connection Culture Leadership

Looking For Leadership

N2Growth Blog

News Flash – If you have to look for leadership it doesn’t exist…Today’s post is not going to sit well with many in the leadership profession, but then many of my posts seem to have that effect. They are the ones innovating and breaking-down barriers. I’ve never been a fan of what I refer to as “make-work” disciplines. In my opinion the practice of leadership identification is simply based upon flawed business logic, and it is make-work in the purest form.

Leadership and Competition

N2Growth Blog

A leader’s view on competition will not only reveal a lot about their beliefs on current and future market trends, but also on innovation, branding, talent management, supply chain issues, constituency management, capital markets, and customer facing. In the military we valued actionable intelligence, studied our enemy’s strengths and weaknesses, developed a battle plan around a solid strategy, and executed our tactical mission as if our lives depended on it - because they did.

How to Expedite Innovation: Communication Loops & Red-Tape-Worms

Mike Cardus

Below is from the Exponent Leadership Process – Created to make you the reason people continue great work and stay with your company. This is often referred to as “bureaucracy” and can quickly become abysmally restrictive and frustrating with feelings of; Innovative work thrusts are inhibited. Endless reference back and forth and up and down the Management Structure. These extra steps delay progress and kill any innovative ideas that you have.

Deep Motivations, Not Competencies, Drive Leadership Performance

The Empowered Buisness

Your underlying (and often unconscious) attitudes and motivations determine what you pay attention to and focus on in your leadership role. Orientation toward innovation and creativity. Before delving into 7 key leadership motivation patterns, let’s first look at 3 often-missed truths about performance. Yet companies continue to invest in skills development only to be disappointed by little or no difference in performance. What if….

What Your Innovation Process Should Look Like

Harvard Business

Companies and government agencies often make the mistake of viewing innovation as a set of unconstrained activities with no discipline. In reality, for innovation to contribute to a company or government agency, it needs to be designed as a process from start to deployment. When organizations lack a formal innovation pipeline process, project approvals tend to be based on who has the best demo or slides, or who lobbies the hardest. Innovation Experimentation Digital Article

Brain Research: To Improve Learning, Use Whole Mind

Michael Lee Stallard

Michael Lee Stallard Insights on Leadership and Employee Engagement Home About Hire to Speak Press Kit Brain Research: To Improve Learning, Use Whole Body Published by Michael Lee Stallard on July 17, 2010 05:03 am under E Pluribus Partners , connection culture , employee engagement , knowledge flow We learn best when we think, feel and do. We might refer to this as “whole body learning.” So many interesting developments in the brain science field.

Management Coaching and Development. Situation, Objectives and First Meeting Plans

Mike Cardus

Coaching and development for 5 high potential managers. Their direct manager and the human resources director believe these managers have the cognition, complexity and skilled-knowledge to be successful in his current role and would benefit from 1 on 1 coaching and development. Enhanced performance of skills: Project management – developing a process for prioritization of incoming work and outgoing communication. Developing & Leading Quality Teams.

Unique Leadership Skills

Coaching Tip

What my research has revealed is that leaders of truly adaptive organizations possess a unique set of skills and thought processes, and simply being strong and successful is not an effective basis for leading and shaping an innovative organization," Dr. Fiona Kerr says. Dr. Fiona Kerr is a Systems and Neural Complexity Specialist at the University of Adelaide''s Entrepreneurship, Commercialization and Innovation Centre in South Australia.

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The Best Leadership Books of 2016

Leading Blog

O NCE AGAIN we see that despite our rhetoric, what we are is reflected in our leaders and leadership. In this uncertain environment, including the mounting global economic concerns, a humble mindset will be the only thing that will unlock the most promising business, social and economic innovations. Anyone can innovate if given the opportunity and the support. Learning Leadership : The Five Fundamentals of Becoming an Exemplary Leader by James M.

Books 173

Leadership Effectiveness at Work

Coaching Tip

Organizations are shaped as much by the personalities of their leaders as by product innovations, marketing prowess, or technical ingenuity, yet identifying personality attributes that promote or inhibit organizational effectiveness has been an elusive goal, despite the existence of assessment centers and executive coaching. Source: Ronald Warren: Personality at Work: The Drivers and Derailers of Leadership. Can't Get Enough Leadership.

Attitude Reflects Leadership

N2Growth Blog

While this sounds simple enough at face value, I have consistently found that one of the most often overlooked leadership attributes is that of a positive attitude. If you struggle with recruiting, team building, and leadership development you likely have a bad attitude. One thing that jumps out at me is that choosing to have a “bad&# attitude is the exact opposite of leadership–it’s about serving oneself.

Leadership Conversations

Eric Jacobson

When I read business books, I turn the corner of every page that has something I really like, want to remember and easily reference in the future. Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth pages. There is so much to learn from Leadership Conversations. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books

Are ‘Bright Shiny Objects’ Worth Your Time (And Money)?

N2Growth Blog

By John Baldoni , Chair, Leadership Development, N2growth. Today the term “bright shiny objects” is used in reference to organizations that cannot formulate a strategy, or if they do develop one, they fail to adhere to it. Innovation Leadership Operations & Strategy John Baldoni Leadership and Innovation leadership and making it big leadership and wealth N2growth Beware of bright shiny objects!

Five myths about leadership

Lead on Purpose

John Maxwell — author of the book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership — does a masterful job of explaining the leadership principle of influence through the five myths about leadership: The Management Myth: Management focuses on maintaining systems and processes. Influential leadership is about influencing people to follow. The Knowledge Myth: Mental superiority does not necessarily equate to leadership.

Leadership Conversations: Must-Read Book For Leaders

Eric Jacobson

When I read business books, I turn the corner of every page that has something I really like, want to remember and easily reference in the future. Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth page. There is so much to learn from Leadership Conversations. Berson Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books Richard G.

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Leadership — what you leave

Lead on Purpose

A few common methods include: The number of people reporting up through the organization The quantity or amount of product or services produced The “bottom line&# or income produced by the company The number of links, references or accolades to the leader or the organization Other methods that focus on things and not people. These are all valid and important ways to measure leadership, and many others exist. Leadership is best measured by what you leave behind.

From Inside-out to Outside-in: the Leadership Mindset in the Age of Climate Emergency

Great Leadership By Dan

This is were cutting-edge innovation comes into play. There are two ways of creating that mindset shift that work well with leadership teams. A short survey enables a conversation about where the organization currently is versus where the participating leadership team would like to see the organization. An entertaining short video frames a Business Sustainability Typology developed by Thomas Dyllick and myself and a short survey collects the assessment of the leadership team.