Mastering your Inner Game of Leadership

Great Leadership By Dan

Even Moses had a reputation as a micromanager who couldn’t give up control or delegate; his father-in-law Jethro telling him “This thing you are doing is not good – you will surely wear away you and those who are with you”. McClelland called these qualities ‘socialized’ power.

Leadership Is About to Get More Uncomfortable

Harvard Business Review

Employees used to know just your name, your face, your business reputation. David McClelland points out that both emotionally intelligent leaders and their egocentric counterparts tend to be motivated by power; they enjoy having an impact on others.The difference is in the type of power driving them: Egocentric leaders tend to be concerned only with personalized power – power that gets them ahead. Organizations need to develop leaders who are motivated by altrocentric leadership.

The Leadership Vacuum | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Are we as an industry fulfilling the mission of developing great leaders capable of handling great challenges and accomplishing great things, or are the majority of those entering our ranks just here to make a quick buck? If you Google &# leadership development&# more than 4 million search results are returned. It is simply not possible to develop leaders if you’re not one yourself. This tracks the "drives" theory of David McClelland.

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