Research: Don’t Offshore Your R&D

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Just because a company can offshore some portion of its operations doesn’t mean it should. That appears to be the case with the offshoring of research and development, according to a new paper from the Center for European Economic Research.

In Defense of Responsible Offshoring and Outsourcing

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Yet, the imperatives of offshore facilities and employees are — and will remain — central to American companies' international competitiveness. Offshoring and outsourcing today are like sex in the Victorian era: repressed or criticized in public discussion, much practiced in private behavior. Similarly, companies must be more forceful in explaining the uses of revenues and margins derived from offshoring/outsourcing's competitive cost structures and local appeal.

What's Next When Offshoring Isn't so Cheap?

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Over the last decade, offshore manufacturing seemed like a no-brainer. Cheap, plentiful labor was readily available in developing countries like China, India, Mexico and Eastern Europe. Consider that many multinationals like GE and the big pharma companies expect that over 50 percent of their revenue growth over the next 10 years will come from developing economies. Offshoring isn't going away, but companies will have to be smarter about it.

Robots Are Starting to Make Offshoring Less Attractive

Harvard Business Review

In developed economies, they have even sparked a trend toward the return of jobs from overseas, or “botsourcing.” In each of these cases, the combination of advances in robotics and automation and rising wages in developing countries has upended the promise of cost reductions through outsourcing.

Overcoming the “Feedback Trifecta” to Communicate Better as a Leader

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Angela Sebaly: A recent Harvard Business Review article examined Shell Corporation’s adoption of an 18-month program designed to help the company’s offshore workers give and receive feedback before their upcoming deployment.

To Outsource Is To Grow: Why It’s Good To Hand Over The Reins

Strategy Driven

The investment required to find, employ, and train staff to do so often outweighs that of the one-off cost you would pay a freelancer or a small web developer company. There are offshore markets to explore too.

The New Age of Innovation

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If there is a trend to moving offshore then there are markets for things like ESL, accent correction, communication process and systems. Moving offshore would need to be done efficiently so a focus on making it frictionless. Put your data out there and use open innovation and crowd sourcing to reduce cost and speed development. Outsourcing ideas/innovation costs half as much as developing it internally. I continue to blog at # WIF11. S.Kishnan was the first speaker.

Into The Storm: 4 Lessons In Teamwork From The High Seas

Tanveer Naseer

And like individuals, teams can develop the capacity for rebounding from pressure and setbacks. She was struck by their ability to execute a seamless recovery: “The first offshore race I did with the Ramblers lit a fire as to why I wanted to join them as a team member.

Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race

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The iconic Sydney to Hobart Race, a 723-mile deepwater challenge—often called the "Everest" of offshore ocean racing—is considered one of the toughest in the world. They need to keep an eye out to see if someone is wavering, or a faction developing.

Which Way is Bermuda?

Survive Your Promotion

On the first night of the race, three of the crew members were hunched over a chart debating the relative merits of taking a tack offshore. Survive Your Promotion!

World Business Forum – Day 1 Recap | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Leaders get too caught up in trivial things and don’t pay enough attention to leadership development. The lack of leadership development in most organizations is tragic. I wonder how you have developed such a clarity about the these issues.It’s really inspiring to read you.

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Sustainable Leadership and Organizations: The Ideas of Martin Seligman

Michael Lee Stallard

These executives, bankers and hedge fund managers who took over the once proud manufacturing industry in America and broke it up, outsourced the work or shipped entire factories offshore for obscene profits while destroying the lives of millions of employees don’t need happy coaches.

The Downside of Best Practices | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

Does the company purchase an off-the-shelf solution, utilize an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution or embark upon developing a custom application? Oh, and what about development methodology?

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Which U.S. Companies Are Doing the Most R&D in China and India?

Harvard Business Review

To find out, we developed a measure and coined the term Global Engineering Intensity (GEI) as the ratio of the headcount of R&D staff in India plus China to a company’s current annual R&D expense. Research & development Emerging markets East and Southeast Asia

Diversity & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

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I will onshore, offshore, outsource, insource, or execute whatever business strategy I implement without regard for diversity. This is a leadership issue in which diversity, and the awareness of it, will play a key role in the development of future leaders.

Oil’s Boom-and-Bust Cycle May Be Over. Here’s Why

Harvard Business Review

Unlike national oil companies and oil majors that typically take five to 10 years to develop conventional oil reserves, these independent and “unconventional” players have improved their drilling and fracturing technology to the point where they can respond within months to temporary spikes or dips in the market. Developing new digital efficiencies. hbr staff/bettmann/Getty Images.

Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

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A quick scan of the list indicates that all 100 organizations are located in developed countries. Offshore Outsourced Product Development.

Why the Global 1% and the Asian Middle Class Have Gained the Most from Globalization

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First, while we cannot ever fully convincingly establish causality between the two developments (because we are dealing with multifaceted processes that are way too complicated for that), the coincidence of the two developments will lead, and has led, many people to make that conclusion.

How the U.S. Can Rebuild Its Capacity to Innovate

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by looking back to the original offshoring frenzy which started with consumer electronics in the 1960s. companies were deciding to move R&D to China to be closer to manufacturers, suppliers, and talent as well as to reap lower development costs and higher-growth markets.

Big Data and Big Oil: GE’s Systems and Sensors Drive Efficiencies for BP

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BP has deployed GE’s System1TM and SmartSignalTM software across a number of its offshore production facilities located in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, along with other key oil and gas areas such as Gulf of Mexico, Caspian Sea and Angola.

What Managers Can Do to Keep Women in Engineering

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It developed my confidence so that I now think I can do higher-level work. Challenging and higher-level responsibilities not only helped women to develop confidence in their potential but also enhanced their social networks and profiles within the organization; women became more firmly embedded within their engineering community. But now it makes sense to develop a career here. Developing an Engineering Imagination. vgajic/Getty Images.

Why Sales Ops Is So Hard to Get Right

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They must hire, develop, manage, and lead a team of people with diverse and specialized competencies who do fundamentally different jobs and likely have dissimilar career aspirations.

Oil and Gas: Industrial Internet in Action

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Oil and Gas subsea operators across the world are adopting a GE Industrial Internet technology developed in Norway. The GE team is now developing a huge data library of sounds from existing subsea installations to add to the predictive capabilities of the system.

A simple cure for the Buzzword Bingo | Rajesh Setty

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We had offshored our development team but when we did a rightshoring exercise, we found that a dual-shore approach works better. HELLO THERE AND WELCOME. You are a new visitor to this blog. Here you’ll find more than 1500 articles and mini-sagas on entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity and simply how to distinguish yourself. You REALLY should subscribe to our newsletter too - you will get exclusive content that is NOT featured on this blog once or twice a month.

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Priorities for Jumpstarting the U.S. Industrial Economy

Harvard Business Review

Indeed, in a world where globalization and rapid technological changes are the norm, manufacturing, high-tech development, and innovation clearly require a different level of support. Economic development National competitiveness Entrepreneurship

A Visa for Transformation

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For some time now, it has been obvious that these companies will have to go beyond the offshoring model that served them well in the past and develop innovative new ones. Moreover, governments, concerned about job-creation, data-security, and user-privacy, are challenging the offshoring model. Three, the new law encouraged Japanese corporations to develop bigger cars since they could no longer sell as many small cars as they wanted to.

A Promising Year for Technology and Innovation

Harvard Business Review

In many ways, the biggest business developments of 2010 were the things that didn't happen. Gulf region didn't destroy the company, didn't stop offshore oil drilling for very long, and didn't produce the political will to push for alternative energy sources. Big companies with cash didn't spend it. Banks with cash didn't lend it. Small businesses didn't attract capital and thus didn't help reduce unemployment.

Sometimes Colleagues Are the Best Coaches

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Faced with rapid evolution in their industry, the executive team of a large energy company had decided to transform their solid but complacent organization into a high-tech, sustainability-oriented firm, a key element of which was the completion of a multibillion dollar offshore energy project. The company was heavily committed to its offshore energy project, making it necessary to meet specific deadlines — and pressures were mounting.

Why HR Really Does Add Value

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Adding legitimacy to this skepticism are new technologies that enable automation of routine transactions, offshoring and shared service organizations that specialize in managing many tactical elements of HR. By utilizing basic HR tools like business process redesign, organizational redesign, job redesign and competency model development, we were able to more effectively align our selling and support processes to the changing business realities of large-scale farming and construction.

Businesses Can No Longer Avoid Becoming Political

Harvard Business Review

Rather than being undercut by new, lower-cost competitors in rapidly developing economies, such as China and India, companies have globalized their supply chains or offshored their production. Effective risk management requires business leaders to attend to these nonmarket threats and to develop nonmarket strategies. Business leaders who pay no heed to it, and fail to develop their own social and political policies, risk finding themselves on the wrong side of history.

Lifelong Learning Is Good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and Your Social Life

Harvard Business Review

Books, online courses, MOOCs, professional development programs, podcasts, and other resources have never been more abundant or accessible, making it easier than ever to make a habit of lifelong learning. Every day, each of us is offered the opportunity to pursue intellectual development in ways that are tailored to our learning style. Outside of universities, ongoing learning and skill development is essential to surviving economic and technological disruption.

How Western Multinationals Are Responding to the Escalating U.S.-China Trade War

Harvard Business Review

Its growth has accelerated in recent years as China has embraced automation as way to offset rising wages that could make it less competitive as an offshoring center. Nor do those countries have the resources to develop them rapidly. Yuji Sakai/Getty Images.

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Just How Important Is Manufacturing?

Harvard Business Review

That is because advanced manufacturing provides an important institutional foundation for learning and developing process skills and capabilities that are increasingly intertwined with core R&D in some of the industries most important to the country's economic future. R&D and manufacturing must be located close to each other so their people can together figure out how to develop a product that can be manufactured at a cost and level of quality that will make it a commercial success.

Even in a Digital World, Globalization Is Not Inevitable

Harvard Business Review

Especially given the fragmentation of the ”splinternet,” dramatized by the development of a distinct internet ecology in China, this is currently a matter of much concern. The broader point, which is particularly useful for countering the idea of technology above all else , is that policy choices can trump technological developments. In the aftermath of the UK’s Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election in the U.S.,

Unglamorous Freelance Manufacturers Could Boost U.S. Competitiveness

Harvard Business Review

By shifting much of their production to Asia, Western companies have also offshored critical aspects of innovation. In photonics, offshoring has sometimes prevented U.S. start-ups from developing and using production innovations such as integrated design that could have cemented a U.S. The U.S. competitiveness debate too often devolves into a cry for more Apples and more Ciscos on American shores, when what the country really needs is more Hospiras. More what?

How Industrial Systems Are Turning into Digital Services

Harvard Business Review

“In some offshore wind applications, changing the main bearing on a turbine is so expensive that it undermines the business case for building the turbine in the first place,” said Filippo Zingariello, director of global strategic development at SKF.

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Before Automating Your Company’s Processes, Find Ways to Improve Them

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What sets RPA apart from other automation technologies is that its ability to imitate a human user of one or more information systems reduces development time and extends the range of functions that can be automated across a much wider range of business activities. The purpose was to address historic quality issues as work was offshored, but these steps became redundant with the certainty of accuracy that RPA brings. MirageC/Getty Images.

The Most Attractive Cities to Move to for Work

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See More Videos > See More Videos > For individuals, younger workers see a flatter world and prioritize international experiences and mobility for career development. Their internal tax team researches the applicable national and local taxes, social security payments, and family allowances to develop representative tax models. At the same time, an offshore location like the Cayman Islands has a lower lifestyle ranking due to island-related restrictions (e.g.

Entrepreneurs Take On Manufacturing

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But in my research, and in conversations with hardware entrepreneurs throughout the country, I have noticed several developments that have put manufacturing start-up activity on a faster, more commercial track.

What Data Journalists Need to Do Differently

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Guardian journalist James Ball, who has been closely associated with the use of data for journalism – from his work with Wikileaks to the “Offshore Leaks” investigations – recently offered an interesting analysis of these developments.

How the Natural Resources Business Is Turning into a Technology Industry

Harvard Business Review

In oil and gas, underwater robots fix gas pipelines off the coast and drones inspect offshore oil rigs. In this new commodity landscape, incumbents and attackers will race to develop viable business models, and not everyone will win. In oil and gas, the most recent deep-water exploration is accessing reservoirs at depths of more than 3,000 meters, six times deeper than the deepest developments in the 1980s.

Welcome to the “Designed By Me” Era

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This shift is being brought about by three developments. This wouldn’t matter if consumers hadn’t developed a taste for customized products, but the explosion in popularity of smartphones and tablets has taken care of that. Once written off because they didn’t fit into the high-volume world of offshore manufacturing, these processes are increasingly suited to a more automated future that prizes the flexibility of shorter runs over rock-bottom labor costs.

Distinguish Yourself from the Market, Not Just Other Applicants

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She was a training manager for a large corporation, advising middle and senior managers on career development. Located at the home office, she developed long-term relationship with her clients. Learning about new developments in your field will be more engaging than pounding the pavement for your old job. Niche professional expertise is less likely to be reengineered and sent to an offshore or low-cost provider.

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