October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival

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Welcome to the October 2020 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more. Development. Julie Winkle Giulioni shared Development Plan or Development Planning? It’s time to put the “ning” back in development planning.

Resetting Your Operating Rhythm for the “New Normal”

Next Level Blog

The situation is too fast-moving, fluid and unprecedented for any of us to settle in for whatever the long haul is and keep on truckin’ with the same operating rhythm we’ve used up until now. That doesn’t mean, though, that we shouldn’t take a step back to assess our operating rhythm as leaders and professionals who still need to get stuff done. For years, I’ve been a big proponent of identifying and following through on your optimal operating rhythm.

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The Business Travel Diva's Rules for Family Vacations

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Summer, when the road warrior, business travel divas deign to disrupt their routine to fly with their families on vacation. As a public service to business travel divas and their families, I’m offering a handy clip and save list of rules that road warriors can give to their family members as a helpful aid to packing and getting through the airport. In the interest of developing a comprehensive resource, feel free to add your own in the Comments.

Travel 195

Video Book Club – Beach Read Edition: Operation Mincemeat

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Operation Mincemeat is a true story that reads like a novel. Posted by Scott Eblin on July 13, 2010 in Books | Permalink Technorati Tags : Ben Macintyre , ingenuity , Operation Mincemeat , World War II TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Video Book Club – Beach Read Edition: Operation Mincemeat : Comments Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment Posted by: | This is only a preview.

How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry

Harvard Business

Travelers with an Alexa device at home can book a car rental or hotel through Expedia and Kayak. On many fronts, artificial intelligence-powered smart speakers and apps seem poised to become the world’s virtual travel agents. If consumers start turning regularly to smart speakers for their travel needs, they could end up interacting less and less with traditional airline, hotel, and even online travel agency brands. A voice-enabled travel era.

Getting an Intricate Operation Back in Sync

Harvard Business

Facing interconnected operational issues, members of the eight-person senior leadership team were turning against one another. Service increasingly was hit or miss, and Forbes Travel Guide issued a preliminary rating that would have docked the restaurant a star. The head of operations chimed in: His five most recent checkouts had complained about breakfast, and the cost of compensating guests for disappointing experiences was getting out of control.

The May, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the May edition of the Leadership Development Carnival ! A blog "Carnival" is typically a collection of recent blog posts organized around a common theme, in this case, leadership development. Does social media play a role in developing high performance? I once heard Tom Peters saying that if you are a business traveler, you learn the most not from the corporate executives but from the cab drivers. leadership development carnival management leadership

Career Development: Climb That Ladder in 8 Steps

Strategy Driven

As technology advances, so do the ways that many industries operate. Travel. You know what they say – travel broadens the mind. But, it isn’t just a broader mind you can gain from travel. Many students who go on gap years end up staying abroad because the develop careers in different countries. Travelling can do two things when it comes to your career: increase your passion for your chosen career path or change it completely.

Leadership Development for A Players

Great Leadership By Dan

Developing your stars is critical to an organization’s success. Also, be sure to find out if anything about their job situation is frustrating them, such as too much travel, difficult colleagues, or not enough challenge from day to day. Help them to develop by shaping their careers and responsibilities in the direction they’d like to go. Instead, the opportunity to accelerate a top employee’s development may take the form of redefining or expanding a current role.

Midsized Companies Can’t Afford Operational Glitches

Harvard Business Review

But they don’t think nearly enough about operational meltdowns – technological glitches and other problems that can put them out of business. They are usually quick to recognize operational problems and deal with them before they become disasters. Instagram dodged an operational meltdown that could have rendered the start-up dead on arrival. Operational meltdowns at midsized companies can take much longer to notice and resolve. Operations Small/medium business

7 CEO Success Tips – How To Be A Better Leader

N2Growth Blog

Chair, Organizational Development, N2Growth. Whether you are an emerging leader with a small team or an experienced leader responsible for directing the daily operations of a multinational organization, these seven CEO success tips will allow you to glean insight into your marathon by looking at the roadmap to help you win the race without fail. The Future Picture represents time travel allowing you to determine how the objective will be on your arrival to it later.

CEO 311

Goal Setting: Crash Test Dummy Edition

RapidStart Leadership

Setting small, attainable sub-goals will help you see some regular early success and develop a sense of momentum. Psychologists call this Operant Conditioning. Life is going to happen – weather, travel, health, and other events can combine to put a snag in the plan. With the turn of the New Year come new resolutions. But too often these goals fall by the wayside before the snow has had a chance to melt.

Goal 134

4 Ways to a Better Bottom Line

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Global mindset is truly having the desire, knowledge, and skills to operate effectively in business today. It fills a strategic tactical need of operating in today’s business setting. We need to take it as seriously as we do other business operations. Making global mindset a priority for the entire staff, not just those who often travel internationally, will ensure that both everyday and long-term actions of the business are sensitive to the needs of other cultures.

Film 302

Preparing Your Business for COVID-19

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Your company will need to make major changes to remain operational. Expect that there will be a variety of event cancellations and travel changes. Professional Development online tools blind spots contingency planning preparation remote teams strategic planningDue to the current concerns and widespread COVID-19 pandemic, companies are in the midst preparing for business disruptions that can last for at least a few weeks—if not longer.

Competing in the Age of AI

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T HE BIGGEST CHANGE being brought about by AI is not human replicas, but the emergence of digital operating models. The operating model is how that is accomplished. The goal of the operating model is to deliver value at scale, to achieve sufficient scope, and to respond to changes by engaging in sufficient learning. Amazon reinvents traditional business operations and puts them on digital foundations. From Constrained Operations to Frictionless Impact. “As

Back to the Future: Sputnik to Today

Coaching Tip

Today, NASA is seeking a commercial space taxi service--designed, built and operated by the private sector--to cut costs while [hopefully] speeding the pace of development. Current Affairs Memes Safety & Security Science Travel commercial space taxi service limited national resources monopoly in space NASA Roskomos Russian space agency space race sputnik

How One Startup Developed a Sales Model That Works in Emerging Markets

Harvard Business

Many of our target wood-burning customers lived on the outskirts of town and had no reason to travel to the central market, where our store was located. With valuable learnings from the solar salesmen, we began the search to build our own dedicated team of salespeople to help us “open up shop” across each region of operation.

Blockchain Will Transform Customer Loyalty Programs

Harvard Business

Loyalty programs have proliferated across travel, retail, financial services, and other economic sectors. See More Videos > See More Videos > All loyalty programs are vulnerable to a blockchain revolution, but the travel industry is perhaps the most at risk. In some cases, travel loyalty program points differ by journey component (flight, car rental, hotel, dining), leading to fragmented point collections. Marketing Technology Travel Digital Article

Achieving the Best by Preparing for the Worst: Lessons Learned from High-Profile Crises, part 1 of 4

Strategy Driven

Business development. airline industry reported an operating loss of more than $10 billion in 2001 and a net loss of almost $8 billion, according to Air Carrier Financial Statistics Quarterly, a compilation of airline financial reports issued by the U.S. Losses reported by the airline industry for 2001 compare to an operating profit of $7 billion and a net profit of almost $3 billion in 2000.

How To Make Change After The Conference

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So much money is spent on conferences, travel, bookings, leadership and strategic development sessions, and outside consultants only to see it get wasted because nothing lasting ever came out of those promising sessions. Make a hard goal plan that the organization will see these changes through towards improving operations, customer service, sales, etc. Professional Development action plan milestones conferences Alignment application Return on Investment

A (Not So) Magic Formula For Sustainable Business Excellence

Terry Starbucker

He had just spent several days reviewing our business operations, and after absorbing our successes and industry-leading metrics, he couldn’t figure it out on his own. Home About Me About This Blog Starbucker’s Amazon Store TerryStarbucker.com Ramblings From a Glass Half Full The Magic Formula For Sustainable Business Excellence – It’s More Hard Work Than Hocus Pocus by Starbucker on August 1, 2010 “How did you do that&# ?

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work

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Since then, he has provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Training and Development, Field Operations, Organizational Effectiveness, and Leadership Development. Mark also travels the world encouraging and equipping leaders to change the world – starting with their own. Regardless of your responsibilities, you will inevitably face an individual or a team who appear unmotivated.

Episode 003: Finding Your Quarter Life Calling With Paul Sohn

Joseph Lalonde

They own and operate the global brands and events, Catalyst and Leadercast. Loves to travel. Podcast Answers From Leadership Podcast calling Paul Sohn Personal development Quarter Life Calling young leadershipW elcome to episode 3 of The Answers From Leadership Podcast. Today’s guest is Paul Sohn. Paul is a leadership consultant, blogger, speaker, and author. He Has spent most of his career building leaders worth following and creating good-to-great organizations.

Leading by Cause

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What is getting in the way of our new business development activities?” . For example, a manager might delay travel or defer other expenses in the last weeks of a quarter to create the appearance of lower operating costs, thus a better bottom line. Math vs. Behavior – Operating results presented in an organization’s P&L reflect an aggregation of activities. Lessons throughout history inform us that cause precedes effect; actions create results.

Are You Ready for Recovery?

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A S a McKinsey & Company article stated in late March 2020: “What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviors and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday’s developments and help them look ahead.”. This article will show how those who develop as transpersonal leaders are those who are best prepared to do this. Some of the values on the left are integral to them; other things they are keen to develop.

A New Era for Global Leadership Development

Harvard Business Review

The realities of globalization, with increasing emphasis on emerging markets, present corporate leaders with enormous challenges in developing the leaders required to run global organizations. This approach worked relatively well for companies selling standard products in developed markets, but as multinationals transition into truly global organizations relying on emerging markets for growth, it's far from adequate. That requires developing many leaders capable of working anywhere.

How Agile Teams Can Help Turnarounds Succeed

Harvard Business

Agile — the management approach that relies on small, entrepreneurial, close-to-the-customer teams — has a reputation that reflects its rapid adoption in software development. Experienced operators in the field have better knowledge and more current information than remote dictators or their mercenary agents do. Standard operating procedures fail because the situations are by definition nonstandard. Patrick Smith/Getty Images.

First Look: Leadership Books for June 2020

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Rather than dispensing simplistic rules, he mentors readers in the development of a mental toolkit for approaching challenges based on how startup markets evolve in real life. And what about the stories we've all heard over the years about sick patients—whether infected with Ebola or COVID-19—who were sent home or allowed to travel because busy staff people were following a protocol to the letter rather than using common sense?

Books 267

Pacing for Growth

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Since then, he has provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Training and Development, Field Operations, Organizational Effectiveness, and Leadership Development. Mark also travels the world encouraging and equipping leaders to change the world – starting with their own. Whether you’re running a race or running a company, pacing is everything. Go too fast and you’ll burn yourself out—too slow and you’re left in the dust. So how can leaders find the right speed?

How Digital Health Care Can Help Prevent Chronic Diseases Like Diabetes

Harvard Business

million adults in the United States with high blood sugar levels in danger of developing type 2 diabetes. One of the barriers to getting prediabetics to participate in these in-person programs is the time and expense required to travel to and attend them. Weight loss is a clinically-accepted proxy measure for reducing the risk of developing diabetes.) Technology Business models Operations Healthcare Digital ArticleEric Frommelt/Getty Images.

Unlocking Creativity: Are These Creativity-Inhibiting Mindsets Holding You Back?

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He believes that we are getting in our own way by the way we think, decide, and act with regard to the development of original ideas. We find that while we talk about the need for creativity and innovation, employees don’t feel supported or inspired by their leaders and were not given the time or resources to develop new ideas. Travel helps to spark creativity as does creating temporal distance.

Thoughts on Project Leadership and Choices


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer Thoughts on Project Leadership and Choices I love project management as a subject not only because it gets so much work done, but also because project management manifests how people operate. I have written before that Projects are a great opportunity to practice leadership. They way we work on projects and the way we manage projects tell a lot of the kind of person we are. At each step, we have a choice. To choose abundance over constraints.

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Home Go to QAspire.com Guest Posts Disclaimer Great Quotes: Gems from Subroto Bagchi on Leadership I have always enjoyed reading thoughts of Subroto Bagchi , one of India’s most well known and respected leaders from the IT industry who operates as a “Gardener” and Vice Chairman at MindTree. Secondly, I believe that for leadership, we need to have some sort of reinforcement mechanism so that these fundamentals become a part of how we operate as leaders.

Preview Thursday: Win the Heart

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Over the years, he’s traveled extensively around the world teaching for numerous international organizations. Since then, he’s provided leadership for Corporate Communications, Field Operations, Quality and Customer Satisfaction, Training and Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. We are pleased to present this excerpt from Win the Heart by Mark Miller. Why Engagement Matters. The life of a leader can be hectic.

Tomorrow’s Factories Will Need Better Processes, Not Just Better Robots

Harvard Business

For instance, in the BMW plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, processing a car through the paint shop is a 12-hour task, involving more than 100 robots, and requiring a vehicle in the paint assembly line to travel four miles within the factory before the process is complete. Clearly, there has to be a better way to paint a car, but to make that operation more efficient and take cost out will require the development of a new process.

Booknotes: 14 Ideas from The Power of Something Stupid

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Wouldn''t it be amazing if you could travel into the future, see where you messed up, and then go back in time to rearrange things in order to make your future better? If you can foresee regret, you can mind-travel to the future. If you can train yourself to mind-travel effectively, you can intentionally affect your future by doing something about it today.”. “If

Power 238

Mental Maps: Why We Build Them and Why We Sometimes Need to Change Them

Great Leadership By Dan

Sorry, no new post from me this week, I've been traveling on business and with the short Holiday week and other obligations, just couldn't meet my own deadline. As these habits become second nature, we develop mental maps as a way to organize information. Day after day, the toboggan run gets smoother, deeper and easier to travel. Change the context in which you operate. Rick Lash Hay group mental maps brain-based leadership development

Travel 246

Giving Patients an Active Role in Their Health Care

Harvard Business

The patient journey becomes the operational backdrop against which patients, physicians, and other staff and caregivers must play their respective parts. Those who were highly engaged, however, pointed to a few key drivers: trust in leadership and the system, open communication and feedback, and an operationally effective work environment that allows them to deliver high-quality patient care. Operations Technology Organizational structure Business models Healthcare Digital Article

How GE and IBM are Playing Global Development to Win

Harvard Business Review

Most big corporations follow global development trends. That is the reactive approach to economic development. CEOs are proactively engaging with emerging market government to spur economic development and create opportunities for their companies. In the fast growth markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America, national governments are responding to a more empowered citizenship, and looking for corporate partners to achieve their development goals.

The Secret Life Of Terry Starbucker

Terry Starbucker

That somebody else kept a pretty busy schedule of his own, working for a fine little cable company called Bresnan Communications in White Plains, New York, as Senior Vice President of Operations. It was a job he loved, because he got to be a leader – and travel to the beautiful Rocky Mountain region. He started at Bresnan back in 1994, and in previous positions also got to travel to cool places like Chile and Poland. Personal DevelopmentIt’s time.

CPA 226

How To Avoid A Big and Demoralizing Leadership Fail (Unless You Are A Vulcan)

Terry Starbucker

In a nutshell, the reason is this – developing and implementing a real communications strategy that assures full knowledge and information absorption throughout an organization takes a lot of hard work, especially on the part of the leader on top of the organization. I traveled many thousands of miles to test our knowledge absorption. How many times have we heard these words in a workplace? “We’re We’re in the dark here”. Nobody knows what’s going on”.

Stop Leading! You’re Bleeding Off Passion

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If we approach our relationships with followers as fellow travelers on the same train, we begin to acknowledge interdependence. ” It operates with the faith that wisdom lies within us all, and opts for the inefficient fostering of discovery rather than the expeditious pronouncement of the solution. It is interesting that the number one impact on mental development among children is having a parent who converses.

Maslow 224

Find Your Ideal Job and Build Your Dream Business

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Having the availability to set aside a few hundred dollars each month towards your business is significant when you have to consider paying for licensing, website development, social media support, etc. It means you have to be willing to invest time, money, or both in order to build your side hustle into a fledging small business operation. When she is not running around as a live superhero, she enjoys time with her family and traveling the world.