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On the other hand, he knows where to go to get a good inexpensive sandwich.” – Adam Osborne Get Shareaholic Tagged as: Dean Harris , Free Lunch , Milton Friedman , Ripon College , Working Hard { 1 comment… read it below or add one } Joe Bestul 01.08.11

7 Reasons You Should Attend SOBCon Colorado

Terry Starbucker

By the end of the day you will have already taken steps in a different, and more productive, direction. I’ll let SOBConer Amber Osborne (aka Miss Destructo) have the last word : “What I have found at SOBCon is real, honest and supportive people that I have only known previously behind a computer screen.

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Your Team Is Brainstorming All Wrong

Harvard Business

Although the term “brainstorming” is now used as a generic term for having groups develop ideas, it began as the name of a specific technique proposed by advertising executive Alex Osborn in the 1950s. However, decades of studies demonstrate that groups that use Osborn’s rules of brainstorming come up with fewer ideas (and fewer good ideas) than the individuals would have developed alone. Jennifer Maravillas for HBR.

The “Smart Society” of the Future Doesn’t Look Like Science Fiction

Harvard Business

These broad components were: Citizens/People Components: the four components in this category are: inclusivity, environment and quality of life, state of talent and the human condition, talent development. What is a “smart” society?

How Many of Your Daily Tasks Could Be Automated?

Harvard Business Review

It has also has inspired scholarship by academics such as Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne of Oxford University, who estimate that 47% of occupations in the United States could be automated within 20 years, and David Autor of MIT, who argues that the ability of machines to take on human jobs is vastly overstated. Take, for example, the role of a marketing manager or executive in a consumer products company.

3 Ways Leaders Accidentally Undermine Their Teams’ Creativity

Harvard Business Review

If your team is in the midst of solving a problem or generating a new product or project idea, you might be killing their creativity without even trying. Researchers have developed a variety of different models of creativity, from the Osborn-Parnes creative problem-solving method to design thinking. The long-standing Tuckman model of group development emphasizes that new teams go through three phases – forming, storming, and norming.

Digital Transformation Doesn’t Have to Leave Employees Behind

Harvard Business Review

At a more macro level, the possibilities opened up by connected, more efficient production and new business models are also highly promising. Osborne from Oxford University calculated that about 47% of American jobs could disappear by 2020 due to digitization. The third step is about developing an organization that will foster digital practices.

Research: Technology Is Only Making Social Skills More Important

Harvard Business Review

Osborne, researchers at the Oxford Martin School, published a paper estimating that 47% of all U.S. ” To illustrate the value of this flexibility, Deming developed a model. Social skills helped Sarina adapt when she needed to, and the team was more productive because of it. Social skills might not necessarily make you more productive on a team — or what we think of as social savvy could be an extension of cognitive skills (i.e.,

“Government Entrepreneur” is Not an Oxymoron

Harvard Business Review

They are partnering with an Office of New Urban Mechanics in Boston or in Philadelphia, co-developing products in San Francisco’s Entrepreneurship-in-Residence program, or deploying some of the more than $430 million invested into civic-tech in the last two years. Entrepreneurship almost always involves pushing against the status quo to capture opportunities and create value.