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After 23 years in the leadership development business, we are just realizing the impact of some of the issues. I was working with a major pharmaceutical company that had an internal two-week management development process. Start developing your leadership skills today!

It’s Time to Rein in Exorbitant Pharmaceutical Prices

Harvard Business Review

As the ire over high prescription drug prices in the United States escalates , it’s easy to blame pharmaceutical companies. But pharmaceutical companies aren’t to blame. The annual expense for a recently developed cancer drug cocktail is $295,000. (No

Why the Pharmaceutical Industry is Booming in Japan - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

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That rule of life is no secret to pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Japan remains the world’s second-biggest pharmaceuticals market, behind only the United States and China. In some cases, premiums will maintain prices of newly developed drugs. Other changes are designed in part to promote the development of drugs and other solutions for difficult diseases or health care problems. Older people need more medicine.

Frank Moss: An interview by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries (MD) Apollo Computer Baltimore Bluefin Labs Bowstreet Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Frank Moss Haifa IBM Infinity Pharmaceuticals Lotus Development MIT University Princeton University the Mayo Clinic the MIT Media Lab the Practice of New Media Medicine The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices: How the Digital Magicians of the MIT Media Lab Are Creating the Innovative Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives Tivoli Systems Stellar Computer Twitter

3 Business Models That Could Bring Million-Dollar Cures to Everyone

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As Spark CEO Jeffrey Marrazzo says, “We are striving to bring the same level of innovation to the delivery of, and access to, this product” as the company did in developing the treatment. For instance, the authors suppose, what if a genetic cure for Type 2 diabetes was developed?

Research: Innovation Suffers When Drug Companies Merge

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Regulators try to model how prices, sales, and even the combining parties’ research and development efforts will change after a merger. This is especially true in pharmaceutical markets where new and affordable drugs can improve and even save the lives of many people.

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How Japan Is Creating New Opportunities in the Field of Regenerative Medicine - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN

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Regeneratives are pharmaceutical cell therapy products that replace or restore cells and tissues lost to disease or aging. “To be able to do that, they need to entice companies to come to Japan, and they need to entice their own pharmaceutical companies to license in and obtain the best.” It includes a designation system that promotes R&D in Japan aimed at early practical application for innovative pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and regenerative medicines.

How Pharma Can Fix Its Reputation and Its Business at the Same Time

Harvard Business Review

The business model of research-based pharmaceutical companies is under significant pressure. By that I mean that pharma companies should develop innovative treatments for pervasive unmet medical needs; avoid corruption, collusion, and other unethical marketing practices; and make sure that their products reach as many patients around the world as possible. However, it also reflects stronger pressures to lower medicine costs in traditional pharmaceutical markets.

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Price Gouging and the Dangerous New Breed of Pharma Companies

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For 78-year-old Tony, 3,4 DAP — which can be obtained at low cost from compounding pharmacies or for free through a compassionate-use program supported by a small privately held company, Jacobus Pharmaceuticals — is a lifesaver.

How Pharma Can Offer More than Pills

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For years, there has been a push within the pharmaceutical industry to move “beyond the pill” — in other words, to build and deploy complementary services and solutions to diversify revenue sources.

Conflict-of-Interest Rules Are Holding Back Medical Breakthroughs

Harvard Business Review

Commonly, researchers develop a theory, then build a career gathering support for it. In some states, accepting a cup of coffee from a pharmaceutical company must be reported, so “education” over lavish meals or in resort settings has largely receded. Guided by a refreshed ethical framework, pharmaceutical companies, in partnership with researchers and clinicians, can help accelerate the spread of knowledge of new clinical science, which now is notoriously slow.

Fixing Pharma’s Incentives Problem in the Wake of the U.S. Opioid Crisis

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Since 1999, three years after OxyContin was unveiled by Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the rate of drug overdoses in the U.S. Meanwhile, the amount of prescription opioids sold by pharmaceutical companies has quadrupled, despite no proliferation in the amount of reported pain.

How Pharma Companies Game the System to Keep Drugs Expensive

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The 1984 Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act gave pharmaceutical companies exclusive protections for innovating a new drug. That was the payoff for shouldering the high risk and high costs of developing new drugs. ” By selling a drug they’re already making under a different name, pharmaceutical firms are effectively extending their monopoly for another six months. Regulation Branding Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals Digital Article

Clive Wilson on how to design a purposeful organisation: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

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He is a director of Primeast, a learning and development company based in the beautiful town of Harrogate in the county of North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, some 220 miles north of London. Primeast works primarily in the oil and gas, power, pharmaceutical and […]. Clive Wilson is a writer, speaker, facilitator and business coach.

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What Cancer Researchers Can Learn from Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Harvard Business Review

Organizations collecting patient data — including academic medical centers, foundations that sponsor cancer research, and pharmaceutical companies — must first identify the needs, pains, hopes, expectations, and behaviors of each person living with cancer. Marketing Research & development Social platforms Non-profit Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Digital Article

Developing Global Leaders Is America's Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

As global companies focus their strategies on developed and emerging markets, they require substantial cadres of leaders capable of operating effectively anywhere in the world. American companies and academic institutions possess unique competitive advantages in developing these global leaders. The ability to develop global leaders strengthens American companies and the U.S. Coca-Cola has been a pioneer in developing global leaders.

The Optimal Margin of Illusion

Great Leadership By Dan

When you strike the right balance, you have developed what some call the "Optimal Margin of Illusion." The key to success is developing techniques that enable you to recognize and address your blindspots without eroding your confidence. Develop Peripheral Vision.

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Radical Accountability

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If CEOs of pharmaceutical companies heard directly from the families of loved ones who depended on the medicines they make, would we still hear of soaring price shifts in times of economic downturns? Cloobeck, author of Checking In: Hospitality-Driven Thinking, Business, And You , is a self-made entrepreneur with more than thirty years’ experience across every aspect of hospitality design, development, and deployment. Guest post by Stephen J.

How Merck Is Trying to Keep Disrupters at Bay

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Pharmaceutical companies, buffeted by regulatory changes, new drug technologies that alter entry barriers and competition, price pressures, and an estimated 300,000 job cuts since 2000, seem to fit the popular narrative of large organizations unable to deal with disruptive forces.

An Exercise to Get Your Team Thinking Differently About the Future

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For example, the group defined the education driver as “the degree to which US elementary through higher education has developed curricula to produce science and technical talent.” Innovation National competitiveness Education Healthcare Pharmaceuticals North America

How To Be A More Effective Work-From-Home Employee

Eric Jacobson

More than 40 million people -- roughly one-third of the U.S. workforce -- work from home at least one or two days a week. If you are a leader of work-from-home employees, share the book, There's No Place Like Working From Home , with them.

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There's No Place Like Working From Home

Eric Jacobson

About 42 million people -- roughly one-third of the U.S. workforce -- work from home at least one or two days a week. If you are a leader of work-from-home employees, share the book, There''s No Place Like Working From Home , with them.

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A New Approach to Safely Sharing Cancer Patients’ Data

Harvard Business Review

For all but the most prevalent of cancers, no single cancer center or institution has enough data for researchers to gain insight into the genetic mutations and molecular abnormalities that ignite the development of cancer and fuel its progression. These learnings, in turn, help drug developers understand how to develop new targeted treatments and help doctors define optimal treatment pathways for current and future patients.

Silo Mentality: The Bane of Most Teams

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We created this concept of TQ, which diagnoses the team’s strengths and development opportunities and arrive at a collective score. A few years back, I coached a national pharmaceutical team with distinct geographies.

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Veterans Among the Best Civilian Leaders

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Intensive training and a well-understood chain of command may have instilled in veterans a respect for authority and a commitment to duty, but this was not to the exclusion of their development as leaders.

As a Leader, Do You Really Trust Your People?

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However, the high-performing restaurants went a bit off script and focused primarily on two things: developing people and allowing those “developed people” great leeway in making decisions that were best for their customers; and. These industries include transportation, restaurant, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and entertainment.

Ethics Is Serious Business

Great Leadership By Dan

Maintaining our social infrastructure also requires know-how, because we must develop ground rules that make our social practices sustainable. When does pharmaceutical pricing become price gouging? Beginning with Lawrence Kohlberg, developmental psychologists have discovered that ethical competence tends to develop in stages that parallel social and cognitive development. Training in ethical analysis can play a key role in developing ethical leadership.

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A Message to Mylan’s CEO: Your Price Increase Wasn’t the Problem. Your Implementation Strategy Was.

The Kini Group

Is Mylan doing anything different from what other pharmaceutical companies have been doing for decades? That may sound like quite a price hike every six months, but in the world of pharmaceutical drugs this pricing practice is not uncommon.

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Getting Real About the Monsters Under the Bed

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The problem is with the Mexicans, or the Muslims, or the banks, or the police, or the pharmaceutical companies.” Some windows are lighted. But mostly they're darked. A place you could sprain both your elbow and chin! Do you dare to stay out? Do you dare to go in? How much can you lose?

The Mylan EpiPen Debacle: How Tremendous Greed Can Lead to the Demise of a Leader

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As you have likely heard, the pharmaceutical company Mylan and its CEO, Heather Bresch, have come under immense scrutiny for the firm’s EpiPen pricing policy. ” “The reality is and the brand pharmaceutical market, this isn’t an EpiPen issue.

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New Book For Work-From-Home Employees

Eric Jacobson

About 42 million people -- roughly one-third of the U.S. workforce -- work from home at least one or two days a week. If you are a leader of work-from-home employees, share the new book, There's No Place Like Working From Home , with them.

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"The Most Powerful Idea in the World" - Intellectual Property Rights

Sidd Gavirneni

It is the one that led to most of the development in the developed world, and now in the developing world. My Thoughts - Biz & More Just some random thoughts about the business world. -- Siddhartha Gavirneni Followers Search This Blog Loading.

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Leap: How to Thrive in a World Where Everything Can Be Copied

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Yu examines pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and the soap company P&G to see how they moved across knowledge disciplines to leverage or create new knowledge on how their product was made.

Make Meaningful Work as Important as Results

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The second example, from a pharmaceutical company, states their purpose is “to discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.” They discover, develop, and deliver innovative medicines.

How Great Leaders Support Work Life Balance

C-Level Strategies

This was never more evident for me than when I was negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with teams from major pharmaceutical companies, most of whom were located in New Jersey and New York.

6 Proven Tactics to Design an Effective Executive Healthcare Resume

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Crafting and writing a branded healthcare executive resume, that differs from the traditional medical resume, can make a significant difference in your executive job search results and improve the opportunities to land that next-level position in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

Millennials Speak! 5 Future Leadership “Must Haves”

Marshall Goldsmith

It means that leaders will need to do the following: a) Understand how the intelligent use of new technology can help their organizations; b) Recruit, develop, and maintain a network of technically competent people; c) Know how to make and manage investments in new technology; and.

Getting at the Heart of Leadership

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Ms Ingraham worked as an Administrative Assistant for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. building awareness Employee engagement Human Resources Leadership Leadership Development Leadership Values 21st Century leadership compassion Empathy Mr Holland''s Opus New leadership

Introducing 100 Coaches: Pay It Forward Champions

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14th Administrator, United States Agency for International Development. Rod MacKenzie – Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer for Pfizer, member of Pfizer’s Executive Leadership Team. HR and talent development roles with General Motors Australia.

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John Medina: An interview by Bob Morris

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John Medina is a developmental molecular biologist focused on the genes involved in human brain development and the genetics of psychiatric disorders. He has spent most of his professional life as a private research consultant, working primarily in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries on research related to mental health.

Don’t Forget to Connect Customer Service Week with Strategy

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Not only does this exposure enhance employees’ perspectives and further their professional development, it also helps to fortify a consistent company-wide culture of service. This week, thousands of organizations around the world are recognizing Customer Service Week.

Five Secrets Fulfilled People Use Everyday

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Those who had developed mentors found them particularly helpful. One out-of-work pharmaceutical executive told me that the only time he networks is when he is out of work, lamenting that he has not learned from past mistakes. Are there real tricks to becoming fulfilled in life? You bet.

Most Desired Trait by Companies Seeking Senior Executives

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After motivational ability, the senior executive traits most valued by organizations were: strong ability to manage change (51 percent); ability to identify and develop talent (46 percent); innovative thinking (30 percent); and consistent high performance (26 percent). years), while the pharmaceutical (5.7 I don''t often publish press releases, but this one from executive search firm IIC caught my attention and I thought it was worth sharing.