Stop Selling And Start Leading

Eric Jacobson

The Five Practices created developed by Kouzes and Posner are all about these behaviors : Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process Enable Others to Act E ncourage the Heart The book teaches you how each practice is linked to today’s modern buyer preferences.

CEOs Should Activate Their Company's Stakeholders

Harvard Business Review

These two simple steps will liberate new energy, lead to the development of new interactions between stakeholders, allow new experiences to emerge for all, generate new value for the ecosystem as a whole, and create wealth for the company's shareholders. Triggering this process of collective engagement — Venkat Ramaswamy and I call it co-creation — is what is missing in the agenda of many CEOs today (to say nothing of our political leaders).

A New Framework for Customer Segmentation

Harvard Business Review

Clients and students questioned it increasingly: here we were, advocating a rigid methodology that carves out the market because "we can''t be all things to all people," while preaching the gospel of co-creation at firms, such as Lego and Starbucks, that enter into a dialogue with their customers, giving them more access, sharing risk, and advocating transparency ( see Prahalad & Ramaswamy''s book The Future of Competition ).