Leading Thoughts for April 16, 2020

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Can the U.S. Become a Base for Serving the Global Economy?

Harvard Business Review

private-sector research and development. These concerns can be heard in many places: the sobering survey by Michael Porter and Jan Rivkin in HBR's special March issue on U.S. The competitiveness of the American economy depends disproportionately on the competitiveness of its multinational corporations, especially those headquartered in the United States. During the 2000s, however, a worrisome trend appeared.

How Companies Can Help Rebuild America’s Common Resources

Harvard Business Review

But these trends also had more negative consequences, as Jan Rivkin and Michael Porter have argued in their work as co-chairs of Harvard Business School’s U.S. The collaboration between Siemens and Central Piedmont Community College, aimed at skill development, is one example. Every company benefits from an educated populace. Every company needs skilled labor.