News Literacy – Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR


Vivian Schiller CEO of NPR at the Aspen Institute 2010 gives insights into the importance of New Literacy. Schiller suggests that a reader today needs to look for three things when trying to understand news literacy. Below is a video showing how students are learning and teaching new literacy in their school by having journalists go into schools and develop a learning around the subject.

Are You a Miracle Maker?

Kevin Eikenberry

Learning Personal Development Frederick Schiller Faust miracles possibilities If your answer to the title question is no, think again. According to the author of today’s quotation, you are a miracle maker, once you do one thing. Questions to Ponder - Are you awake to your possibilities? - If not now, can you think of a time when you have been? - How can […].

What Kind of Innovative Does Apple Have to Be?

Harvard Business Review

Other new features announced at Apple''s World Wide Developers Conference Monday, such as the iOS 7 and Mavericks operating systems, had a bit more actual newness to them. Can''t innovate anymore, my ass," senior VP of product marketing Phil Schiller declared Monday after unveiling Apple''s new Mac Pro. Until Apple comes out with its next big new disruptive thing, and it succeeds , the "Apple can''t innovate anymore" meme will live on, whatever Phil Schiller''s ass thinks.