Hospital Budget Systems Are Holding Back Innovation

Harvard Business

We have identified how hospitals’ budgeting systems have erected three distinct barriers to the adoption of technology. These barriers, however, can be overcome by changing how hospitals acquire new technology and by providing incentives to units to use digital innovations to provide more effective and efficient care. How technology is changing the design and delivery of care. Financial management Technology Innovation Healthcare Digital Article

Why We Need to Update Financial Reporting for the Digital Era

Harvard Business

Since then, we interviewed several chief financial officers (CFOs) of leading technology companies and senior analysts of investment banks who follow technology companies. However, many investors seem to have concluded that the most successful companies with tens of billions of dollars of valuation today could never have justified their valuation at the start of their operation based on discounted cash flow. Martin Konopka/EyeEm/Getty Images.


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How Corporate Investors Can Improve Their Odds

Harvard Business Review

Ideas with positive discounted cash flows get investment. Measure the progress of the teams running the projects not by how quickly they can produce commercial results but by how quickly they can provide vital information (evidence of unit profitability, customer interest in the idea, technological feasibility, regulatory clearance, and so on) to figure out if they will eventually produce sizable commercial results. Innovation Project management

The Largest Risk (and Opportunity) Investors Are Ignoring

Harvard Business Review

Journalist Justin Gillis wrote about the risk of “severe economic disruption” and “wildly expensive” solutions — ones that may not even exist — if we don’t leverage existing technologies to shift the global economy away from carbon over the next 15 years. A key target for Ceres’ work, and the main audience at the conference, is the group of institutional investors who manage tens of trillions of dollars in assets for long-term performance.

What Markets Do and Don’t Get About Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Sustaining innovation inhabits the world of incremental change, deliberate strategy , and most financial and management theory. Investors’ core valuation methods ( comparables and discounted cash-flow analysis) both extrapolate past performance into the future — but they fail to predict when the future will be radically different from the past. Without theory to tell us how the rules are changing, many tools of management and finance seem to break down.