5 Characteristics of Digital Giants that Enable Domination

Skip Prichard

Own and disintermediate the customer relationship. This disintermediation of the customer account control is a hallmark of digital giants. . Rule the World. How is extreme consolidation changing global business? What are the most innovative companies doing to position themselves?

How To Lead In Uncertainty


Before reaching the top of the S-Curve, there will be disintermediation, which moves humanity from the current S-Curve to a new one. In the last few months, the world has been learning devastating lessons from uncertainty.


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Leadership and Competition

N2Growth Blog

Some leaders completely ignore the topic of competition as if it doesn’t exist, others view competition as a minor nuisance, some executives see the competitive landscape as a battlefield where war is waged on a daily basis, and others view competition as untapped opportunities for collaboration and innovation. If we didn’t study films and scouting reports, develop plays that would exploit match-ups, and execute our game plan we would lose…it was as simple as that.

Disruptive Business Models | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

So, in today’s post I’ll examine the power of disruption as a key business driver… Disruptive business models focus on creating, disintermediating, refining, reengineering or optimizing a product/service, role/function/practice, category, market, sector, or industry. Are your management and executive ranks void of youth? Are any of your executives thought leaders? When was the last time your executive team brought in some new blood by recruiting a rock star?

When AI Becomes the New Face of Your Brand

Harvard Business

Executives should also be wary of how AI increases the dangers of brand disintermediation. Studying those deployments led to several insights around three new types of decisions executives face at the intersection of technology, personality, and strategy. Executives need to make judicious decisions about their use of an anthropomorphic brand ambassador — its name, voice, personality, and so forth. The Curious Incident of Brand Disintermediation.

What Africa’s Banking Industry Needs to Do to Survive

Harvard Business

But banks cannot control the rules of engagement as they have in the past, since customers now have more choices and are more fragmented, and disintermediation by fintech is making it harder to earn fees. Increasingly, executing that capability will be dependent on a new species of talent with deep technical skills to integrate local realities into products. The old banking order is failing in Africa and central banks are losing their powers with all the disintermediation.

How Technology Is Transforming Retail - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM Ocado

Harvard Business

The big retailers are getting squeezed and disintermediated at both ends. Companies that are still talking about digital transformation rather than executing it at scale are frankly like people who are standing around a swimming pool debating how to learn to swim as a tsunami is approaching. By Paul Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Ocado.

The Solution to the Skills Gap Could Already Be Inside Your Company

Harvard Business

In a 2013 Deloitte survey of executives at large companies, 39% said they were either “barely able” or “unable” to meet their needs for talent. To the contrary, I believe programs like AT&T’s provide opportunities to keep employee populations relevant—and those with relevant skills are less likely to get disintermediated. Is the developed world on the verge of a skills crisis?

Procurement's Best-Priced Deal May Stifle Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Every single innovation conversation I've had recently with business unit leaders, product managers and/or marketing executives invariably focuses on the importance of partnership and collaboration with their best suppliers and vendors. Conversely, I have not had one conversation with a procurement executive or officer for whom an innovation partnership with vendors was mentioned as a corporate priority.

TCO 12

The New Trust vs. Due Diligence Dilemma

Harvard Business Review

The executive implications for time management and, more important, people management are enormous. I wasted inordinate amounts of time because I made a simple mistake I see executives make all the time. Disintermediating the analysis was the right and responsible choice. Too many top executives value knowing over looking. The economics and accountability of due diligence have changed.

Who Rules the Web Now?

Harvard Business Review

Our audience was composed of C-level digital executives from nearly a hundred major media brands. Amazon's widget that makes it easy to shop from inside Facebook reveals one way this oligopoly will become increasingly interconnected, while disintermediating as many others as it can. Horan is an entrepreneur and web media executive, and is the former CEO of About.com, AllBusiness.com, and IAC Search and Media. [For more, visit the Communication Insight Center.].

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The Real Secret to Thriving Amid Disruptive Innovation

Harvard Business Review

Then Burda and Sulzberger leave the stage and are replaced by a panel featuring a couple of media executives plus Google's Nikesh Arora (who I guess is a media executive too), LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and venture capitalist (and Facebook investor) Jim Breyer. It's media disintermediation at work! I'm sitting at DLD , a new-media conference hosted by an old media company (German magazine publisher Burda) in Munich. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. of the New York Times Co.

Reinvigorate a Disengaged Sales Force

Harvard Business Review

The issue facing most sales forces is not disintermediation. In business, it''s more important to be contextually right and make decisions that people can execute effectively than it is to be school-smart or statistically significant. Ultimately, companies don''t execute strategy; people do. A stunning 70% of U.S. workers say they are "not engaged" or "actively disengaged" with their work, according to Gallup''s ongoing study of the American workplace from 2010 through 2012.

Innovating the Toyota, and YouTube, Way

Harvard Business Review

Because he and I have taught executive education classes together, I thought I should read his book. Obviously, innovation investments shouldn't make it easier for suppliers to compete with or disintermediate their customers. In terms of people, processes and technologies, Toyota and Google's YouTube have little in common. As global innovators, however, they share a remarkable core value and best practice: they invest in the innovative capabilities of their suppliers.

Making Sense of Owned Media

Harvard Business Review

It is much easier to create an ad campaign, make a media buy, refresh your web site, or execute a PR program. But the future of engagement is about regaining control over your data, disintermediating the current channel owners, and creating ongoing relationships with customers beyond individual transactions. Marketers often distinguish between paid, earned, and owned media. While the strategies are different, the goal is the same — to generate awareness and engagement.

What Salespeople Need to Know About the New B2B Landscape

Harvard Business Review

Specious talk about disintermediation of salespeople obscures the real issues facing firms. The marketing–sales relationship now tops the agenda of concerns in a survey of B2B executives. Selling has always been more about the buyer than the seller. So any effective sales model must adapt to changing buying protocols, not ignore or resist them.

What the Marketing Agency of the Future Will Do Differently

Harvard Business Review

An agency used to act as the executional arm of the marketing department. How do agencies ensure their future by being able to help brands sell more and build stronger loyalty in such a disrupted and disintermediated world, where every individual is consuming so much media from so many different channels? It's a murky, unclear future for the marketing agency, but one thing is for certain: things are changing at an exponential pace.