Why Have We Stopped Talking About Diversity At Work?

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The main topic was diversity. We clearly needed that diversity program. Perhaps you remember the “diversity” era. If I were running LGL in the 1990s, I’m quite sure “diversity” would be all over my website. Is diversity handled?

Why Workplace Diversity Is A Fraud

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We have been saturated with the idea of diversity within our organizations and community. We have heard the benefits of diversity and how we are less empowered when we have less diversity than not.

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Why Diversity Has Become A Problem

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It’s quite unfortunate that the rally cry for diversity has companies scrambling to make sure that they appear diverse to the outsider. A significant percentage of companies have developed informal “quotas&# to make sure they are a diverse organization.

The Diversity Dividend: How Balancing Your Leadership Team Can Pay Off

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The call for greater diversity at senior leadership levels is not new, although it has itself become more inclusive, extending beyond gender, race and ethnicity, to encompass age, education, socioeconomic background and sexual orientation, as well as experience, skills and talent. Sadly, none of the 366 public companies surveyed stood out as leaders on both gender and ethnic diversity axis together. “Is there a diversity dividend?”

What's So Great About Diversity?


The issue of diversity in the workplace continues to be a challenge for many organizations.

Does Your Organization ASPIRE?

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Are there characteristics that cut across all great organizations? Our research* into organizations that sustained high levels of productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction over time, revealed six common traits. High performance organizations account for both.

Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 24 – Diverse Metric Groupings

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When developing the picture of organizational performance, many leaders view their metrics in clusters aligned with the organization’s hierarchical structure. You just finished reading Organizational Performance Measures Best Practice 24 - Diverse Metric Groupings !

Why you need to retain women: The business case for gender diversity

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The bottom-line reasons to achieve gender diversity in leadership are exactly that—compelling. You may already understand the business value of gender diversity. You may know that an organization can only achieve sustainable gender diversity in leadership by having an inclusive culture. But enrolling others in creating a culture of inclusion requires that you present a clear business case that fits your industry and organization.

Why you need to retain women: The business case for gender diversity

Bud to Boss

The bottom-line reasons to achieve gender diversity in leadership are exactly that—compelling. You may already understand the business value of gender diversity. You may know that an organization can only achieve sustainable gender diversity in leadership by having an inclusive culture. But enrolling others in creating a culture of inclusion requires that you present a clear business case that fits your industry and organization.

High Performing Organizations

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Despite the diverse range of industries--business, sports, technology, finance, education, and the arts--each of these successful institutions share a common bond: they are world-class industry leaders and have repeatedly outperformed their competition. "At The authors have sought to highlight those lessons that leaders of other organizations can learn from these institutions to put into practice themselves. People Defining a behavioral code for the organization.

4 Ways Leaders Can Change An Organization’s Culture

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As simple as it sounds, this approach will not only accelerate the behavior change that matters most, but also evolve and align your culture more effectively than forcing a major and potentially disruptive culture change effort on a broadly diverse global organization.

How To Discover Your Organization’s Next Big Growth Opportunities

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One of them is the ability to look at your organization not as a collection of business units but as a portfolio of embedded competencies and assets that can potentially be repurposed, redeployed, or recombined to create new value.

Referent Groups and Diversity

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The concept of referent group can be a useful tool for understanding many differences in organizations, both on a global and local scale. As our organizations become more global and more diverse, it becomes more critical that leaders understand how different referent groups can impact behavior. Younger people tend to have less identification with the organization as a referent group, while older, more tenured employees tend to have more corporate identification.

CEOs Reveal The Top 3 Strategies For Women To Excel As Leaders

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It’s not as though companies haven’t recognized the need for diversity. The Fortune 500 spend $8 billion a year on diversity initiatives, much of it aimed at advancing women. One of the biggest benefits of a diverse workforce is the breadth of intellectual diversity that results.

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Does Diversity Actually Increase Creativity?

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Setting aside social, political, and moral reasons for encouraging a more diverse workplace, there is arguably no better incentive for promoting diversity than the premise that diverse teams and organizations are more creative. And if there is, do the potential gains in creativity produced by diversity come at the expense of interpersonal harmony and team cohesion? The conflicts arising from diversity can be mitigated if teams are effectively led.

Three Millennial Mindsets to Embrace and Encourage

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Within this collaborative mindset is a new diversity of perspectives and ideas. Seeking diversity in ideas and perspectives to find the best paths forward. Organizations provide the place to shine, and leaders can empower the mindset. What drives leadership performance?

Geoffrey Moore on Zone to Win: An interview by Bob Morris

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Bob's blog entries Cognizant Crossing the Chasm Diversion Books Escape Velocity Facebook Geoffrey Moore on Zone to Win: An interview by Bob Morris Google Intel Internet of Things Microsoft MohrDavidow Rackspace Salesforce Stanfod University University of Washington Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption

Diversity Is Useless Without Inclusivity

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Over the past decade, organizations have worked hard to create diversity within their workforce. Diversity can bring many organizational benefits, including greater customer satisfaction, better market position, successful decision-making, an enhanced ability to reach strategic goals, improved organizational outcomes , and a stronger bottom line. There are many reasons that inclusion has proved so difficult for most organizations to achieve. Diversity

Colorblind Diversity Efforts Don’t Work

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As organizations struggle with stalled diversity efforts, some are considering moving toward a “colorblind” approach: deemphasizing initiatives focused on specific demographic groups in favor of more general inclusion efforts. Some studies have shown , for example, that even though many companies’ existing diversity efforts aren’t helping more women or people of color to get ahead, they still make white men think they aren’t being treated fairly.

Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

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Striving to increase workplace diversity is not an empty slogan — it is a good business decision. A 2015 McKinsey report on 366 public companies found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have financial returns above their industry mean, and those in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have returns above the industry mean. Let’s dig into why diverse teams are smarter.

“Wellth” is the New Wealth

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Businesses that want to help their employees avoid burnout can provide unique experiences, such as sponsoring a company cycling team or organizing regular outdoor retreats. Wealth has historically been viewed as financial success in business that translates to success in life.

* 6 Ideas About Creating Organizations That Value Ideas

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I think this is also true of business organizations. So, the question, (or at least one of them) is, how do we build organizations that actively value idea creation and development? Learn to encourage and value diverse opinion ~ People look at things based on their own experiences and biases. To generate ideas that are future oriented we must invite diversity into our conversations. John Cage once said, “ I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas.

Four Types of Meetings that Lead to Effective Organizations


The quality of an organization’s meetings often suggests the quality of the organization’s overall work. Like effective organizations, effective meetings have clearly defined roles and objectives. by Gary Cohen. Four Types of Meetings & Their Objectives.

What 11 CEOs Have Learned About Championing Diversity

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The business case for diversity is clear. Diversity can boost innovation and employee engagement , and companies with greater gender and racial diversity financially outperform their peers. Yet progress within organizations has been slow – there is still a lack of women and minorities in leadership positions, and certain industries like tech and finance are lacking diversity at all levels. And many diversity programs fail.


Should a Woman Act More Like a Man to Succeed at Work?

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New DDI research explores leadership differences between men and women and makes the case for gender diversity in the workplace. The research also provides a snapshot view and analysis of gender diversity across countries and industries. DDI differences diversity gender leaders

Risk Management Best Practice 5a – Monitoring for Organization-Wide Performance Risk Associated with Large Capital Projects

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Large capital projects represent a significant investment on the part of an organization and can therefore impact, either positively or negatively, the company’s financial position, if not its viability.

Two Types of Diversity Training That Really Work

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One of the most common ways that companies attempt to address organizational diversity is through formal training. Yet research on the effectiveness of such programs has yielded mixed results: Some studies show that diversity training is effective , others show it’s ineffective , and still others show that it may actually lead to backlash. This has led to pessimism regarding diversity training, with some claiming it simply doesn’t work.

Diversity Doesn’t Stick Without Inclusion

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Leaders have long recognized that a diverse workforce of women, people of color, and LGBT individuals confers a competitive edge in terms of selling products or services to diverse end users. Part of the problem is that “diversity” and “inclusion” are so often lumped together that they’re assumed to be the same thing. In the context of the workplace, diversity equals representation.

How Mindfulness Helped a Workplace Diversity Exercise

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A couple of years ago I was invited to facilitate an offsite training for the diversity committee of a Fortune 500 company. In an era in which “diversity” has become a buzzword in the business world, the firm’s interest in the topic was both admirable and understandable. The diversity committee, which had been meeting for about six months, seemed interested in trying something new. Nonetheless, I ultimately accepted the diversity committee’s offer.

The Biases That Punish Racially Diverse Teams

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Tech companies, banks, consulting firms, you name it — all are scrambling to create diverse and inclusive environments. But despite pouring millions of dollars annually into diversity efforts, organizations sometimes fail to capture the benefits that diverse groups reportedly offer.

What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest

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In today’s workplace, diversity is more than just a buzzword; it’s a way to build a stronger business. At Pinterest, we understand that diverse teams yield smarter , more innovative results, which are essential in the competitive, dynamic tech industry. But businesses have long struggled to increase diversity across all levels. I joined Pinterest as the company’s first Head of Diversity in January of 2016. Setting diversity goals isn’t enough.

Leadership and Diversity Tulsa June 28

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Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues TCC Department of Continuing Education and Lead Change Tulsa are hosting another breakfast leadership discussion, Effectively Leading a Diverse Organization this Thursday, June 28, at the TCC Center For Creativity, 910 S. Leadership Development Workplace Issues breakfast diversity Local groups Tulsa

Teams Solve Problems Faster When They’re More Cognitively Diverse

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Looking at the executive teams we work with as consultants and those we teach in the classroom, increased diversity of gender, ethnicity, and age is apparent. Received wisdom is that the more diverse the teams in terms of age, ethnicity, and gender, the more creative and productive they are likely to be. But having run the execution exercise around the world more than 100 times over the last 12 years, we have found no correlation between this type of diversity and performance.

10 Ways to Keep “Post-truth” From Crippling Your Leadership

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3) Encourage healthy debate and diversity of thought , opinion, and perspective. Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. Diversity creates dissent, and you need that. Leadership Development diversity facts paradox post-truth

How Royal DSM Is Improving Its Geographic and Gender Diversity

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I reached out to him because I was impressed with how he steered DSM from its chemicals company past to its broad, science-based innovator present; from a Dutch company to a global player; and from a completely male-run organization to a more gender balanced leadership team. Most companies have a very broad definition of “diversity,” which can make implementing change and measuring progress a challenge. They tend to frame gender as one diversity dimension among many.

Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Can Thwart Your Diversity Efforts

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She was talking about her company’s vision of diversity. As someone who has studied diversity for a long time, what she said was music to my ears. We might be creating a situation in which companies will be very diverse in appearance, but intrinsically homogenous.

Diversity Efforts Fall Short Unless Employees Feel That They Belong

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Over the past decade, technology companies and their leaders have launched diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives, hoping to make employees of all backgrounds and experiences feel welcome in our industry. Diversity Organizational culture Managing people Digital Article

Got Leadership Grit and Grace?

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Despite being a vice president who managed a department of 150 people in a $2 billion annual revenue organization, a male boss felt free to describe me to the CEO as a “soft and round Aunt Polly” and a female colleague as a “colorful little butterfly.”

Find Out if Your Message Attracts or Detracts

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Do you have a team or are part of an organization where topics come up that take you out of your comfort zone? Your willingness to build a culture of open communication is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your organization.

Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity

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Likewise, Rosalind Brewer, an African-American woman and Sam’s Club CEO, was called racist for advocating for diversity. We defined diversity-valuing behavior as that which promotes demographic balance within organizations. Diversity Gender Race Digital Article