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5 Steps to Discern if God is Changing a Ministry Assignment

Ron Edmondson

How do you know when God is stirring your heart for a change in ministry assignment? I work with pastors every week who are asking this question.

How to Find a Business Mentor Who'll Help You Achieve Your Leadership Goals

Great Leadership By Dan

I often get asked for advice on how to find a mentor. This guest post by Rene D. Petrin provides a nice 8-step approach: Back in December, Dan talked about " 10 Big Development Goals for Leaders in 2012." Goal #7 in the blog post stated: “Find a mentor and/or hire a coach.”

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It’s Your Choice

Kevin Eikenberry

I didn’t remember who Harry Browne was, or that he ran for U.S. President as the Libertarian candidate in both 1996 and 2000. When I read his quotation though, I knew I wanted to share it with you. I hope you choose to read on. “You don’t have to buy [.]. Accountability Leadership Learning Quotations Success choice Harry Browne

Six Things Successful People Do Differently.

Rich Gee Group

Here's what they do. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Ways & Tips Confidence Connect Motivate Partner Positive Procrastinate Push Relax Successful Track

Business at the Speed of Now: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Business at the Speed of Now: Fire Up Your People, Thrill your Customers, and Crush Your Competition John M. Bernard John Wiley & Sons (2012) Principles and practices to ensure that organizations move faster as well as be more productive and more profitable As with any other strategy, speed needs to be used selectively rather [.].

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10 Power Tips for Connecting with Powerful People

Leadership Freak

Image source: Pat Buntrock Nothing trumps great work but abilities aren’t enough. Ignorance and insensitivity destroy opportunities. You embarrass yourself and short circuit your career by expecting everyone to adapt to you. Talent gets you in the door; sensitivity to corporate culture and personalities propels you up stairs. Embarrassment: John Bernard shared, “I remember a [.].

On Leadership, Gifts, Dreams, and Purpose

Linked 2 Leadership

Where can your dreams take you in 2012 if you allow yourself to take one inspired step at a time? Are you aligned with work that matters to you? “One you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.” ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson On Gifts and Dreams You have a unique gift or two to [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Life Balance Servant Leadership conscious reinvention realizing dreams transform your life work that matters

THINK more. Talk Less

ReThink HR

I have started to post shorter and shorter articles on this site. The reason has a purpose. The reason is on purpose. I am trying, for myself, to work on THINKing more and talking less.

He who asks questions leads, or he who leads asks questions?

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Photo: MMchen/ Resource: Any salesman worth his salt knows: He who asks questions leads. This is old news. But in spite of this, many managers are not aware how important and helpful, but also powerful correctly placed questions can be.

Power 26

Strategy for Nonstrategic Leaders


I didn’t realize it at the outset, but blogging has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to ponder and reflect on the most valued (but often neglected) principles of business. When I was on the ‘hot seat’ and in the line of fire as a CEO, I constantly dealt with pressing day-to-day issues such as bringing in the quarter, forecasting erratic commodity markets, reacting to predatory pricing, and stressing over sales shortfalls and excess inventory.

7 Types of Listeners – Part 2

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development The anticipation has been building for the second half of our “Seven Types of Listeners” post. Check out Part 1 here.) We discussed why listening is crucial to team development, as well as maintaining other relationships in your life. Did you identify with a listening personality? As a refresher, from Part 1, the first 3 [.]. Leadership Development

How to Take the Stress Out of Giving a Performance Review

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Which is worse: receiving a performance review, or giving one? At least with the latter you have some control. When you’re the one conducting the review, try doing [.].

The gift of receiving

Chartered Management Institute

Many of us find it hard to receive graciously. We reject compliments, offers of help, support and gifts. Learning to receive gracefully is a gift for the giver as well as the receiver. We make another persons day and also ease our path in life. Here are some thoughts on how to receive with grace. You are not watching this post, click to start watching read more. gift help receiving self-esteem

Photo Inquiry Friday: What do you need to be more effective?

Create Learning

I have asked the same question to two different large team building & leadership groups this week. One group was Corporate HealthCare staff the other was High School teachers. Both groups developed great ideas and support that they need in order to be more effective in getting their work done.

Team 11

Breaking a Bad Habit - A Trick to Make the Process Easier

Building Personal Strength

Have you ever tried to break a really bad habit - and failed? You can't succeed without motivation and commitment; but even with these in place, the process is always hard. There are more failures than successes. But I've got good news for you. There's a way to make the process easier. But before I explain it to you, let's review what we're talking about here. Routines, habits, skills, and behavior patterns.

Komen and Planned Parenthood: The end of a marriage

Women on Business

This week women’s rights took a big blow with the dissolution of the partnership between the Susan G. Komen charity and Planned Parenthood. One side says its politics; the other side says the rules of the relationship have changed. Sounds like a scene from divorce court right? Well here’s what we can learn from this disintegrating relationship. Communicate perceived weaknesses. Planned Parenthood’s stance is that Komen is bowing to political pressure and that they were blindsided.

What do birthdays have to do with management?

Bud to Boss

By Amy Beth Miller, editor of The Organized Executive. A recent Dear Abby column reminded me how much some people care about office birthday celebrations, although some love them and some hate them. I’ll bet “birthdays” doesn’t appear on your job description, but how you handle them can make a difference. In one great company where I worked, the birthday celebrations became legendary.

Dogma Danger, III

Tony Mayo

Nobel prize-winning physicist Ivar Giaever resigned from the American Physical Society (APS) because the scientific group had become dogmatic on global warming. Their 2007 National Policy Statement on Climate Change emphasized two sentences by placing them apart in their own paragraph: The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. “Incontrovertible” means “not open to question.”

What do birthdays have to do with management?

Bud to Boss

By Amy Beth Miller, editor of The Organized Executive. A recent Dear Abby column reminded me how much some people care about office birthday celebrations, although some love them and some hate them. I’ll bet “birthdays” doesn’t appear on your job description, but how you handle them can make a difference. In one great company where I worked, the birthday celebrations became legendary.

Can creativity be organized?

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Phto: koun/ resource: Does the idea for new product always come from a reclusive tinkerer? Is the chaotic genius from the research department always needed for a game changing improvement? By no means!

Reflecting on Business with Robert Morris

Erika Andersen

Dear readers, this is the second of a series of guest posts with folks I’ve gotten to know online, and for whom I have the greatest respect. Bob Morris and I ‘met’ about five year ago when he wrote a wonderfully clear and supportive review of my first book.

Is "Command and Collaborate" the New Leadership Model?

Harvard Business Review

The theme at Davos this year was "The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models." One of the models up for discussion was leadership. Panels with titles like "Leading Under Pressure" and "New Leadership Models from China" abounded. While speaking at a private dinner hosted by PwC on the topic of leadership and values in a volatile world, the questions put to me were, "What leadership traits will be paramount in the future?" and "What are the new expectations the public has for business leaders?".

People Problem


"People don't want to work with him." That's understandable. Would you want to work with him?" "No, No, but he's been here a long time. I think he went to high school with the founder." "So So that's why you haven't fired him?" That and the lawyers, of course.

Your Marketing Can Keep Pace with Facebook and Google

Harvard Business Review

The reality of web marketing is that almost all of it happens on platforms that are owned by others. Platform owners, such as Facebook or Google, have provided environments where some things are easy to do, some things are much harder to do, and some things simply can't be done. Even tougher for marketers is that these systems are constantly changing as the platforms evolve and grow. The best way to keep attention and stay up to date is to appeal to the philosophy of each platform's users.

The Big Picture of Business: Corporate Communications – Correctly Positioning Your Company

Strategy Driven

Evolution of Corporate Communications Activity. In many professions, the idea of full-scope, sophisticated positioning has been foreign up until now. Business development has occurred primarily by accident or through market demand.

Place in "New Tricks and Old Dogs" File


FutureLawyer has declared that I am the last remaining owner of a flip phone in the world. He may be right. Of course, he should have seen the Korean War model I was lugging around before. I'm still in awe of this one. ("It It flips

The See Do Time Management System

CEO Blog

Lately I have been using a slightly different time management technique which I call the "See Do" method. As the word implies, I see it and I do it. This method works great for keeping things clean and tidy. See a spot, wipe it. See something out of place, put it away. In email. I get an email and deal with it. Previously I had often used a 2 minute rule. If I could deal with it in less than 2 minutes I would but leave the longer ones.

Poor Selection Index


Number on Interview Panel: 4 Number Familiar with Job Description: 4 Number Familiar with Major Job Needs: 0 Total Questions: 12 Questions Related to Main Challenges: 2 Credible Answers to Those Questions: 0 Panel Members Pressed to Complete Selection Rapidly: 4 Reference Checks: 0 Uneasy Feelings Before Hire: 1 Uneasy Feelings Expressed: 0 Subsequent Excuses for Poor Performance: 32

More kudos for Pro.NET Best Practices (RT @ruthlesshelp)

Crossderry Blog

Pro.NET Best Practices gets a great review from Tad Anderson in the.NET Developer’s Journal [link]. . I loved the reviewer’s lede: I personally do not find software development an art form. It is not an unpredictable activity driven by crazy business users that come to work every day inventing a new way to operate their businesses just to savagely changing your requirements.

The Role of Leadership


Wally Bock discusses a topic that should be explored at staff meetings and elaborated on in job descriptions: " What if leadership wasn't a promotion ?" An excerpt: If we see leadership as a role, not a promotion or a position in the hierarchy, lots of things become possible. People can lead in situations where their strengths leverage the strengths of others and their weaknesses are irrelevant. Groups and teams can select a leader, instead of always having the leader selected from above.

Technorati Claim

Bernd Geropp

Tweet. Tweet Dr. Bernd Geropp. Sorry guys, Nothing special in this post! This is just a short blog post to get my blog listed on Technocrati. For that I have to publish the Technorati claim here which is: PWEEKP6TUSPM. Best Regards. Bernd. Führung

The Treasure


You can direct, but often it is better to nudge. You can reveal, but often it is better to remind. Your best praise and reprimands may be made with a look and no words. Combine the right touch and timing and they will be remembered decades from now. People mistake bold leadership as some type of frontal assault. That seldom takes the castle. Know the paths and study the people. Watch the weather. If you are alert, your experiences will bring the treasure known as instinct

The Five Proofs of Facebook's IPO

Harvard Business Review

The record-breaking Facebook IPO proves a number of things. But one thing it won't prove is that investors who buy now will get wealthy. Facebook's success confirms these ideas: The value of networks. Networks become more valuable as the number of users increases. As the largest undifferentiated network that anyone can join, Facebook's value comes from the fact that anyone can join.

Quote of the Day


If you have to keep reminding yourself of a thing, perhaps it isn't so. Christopher Morley