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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Bohemian Rhapsody

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article. There are classic stadium rock anthems everybody knows. Songs such as We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, or Another One Bites The Dust. These songs are played in sports arenas across the country.

How Well Are You Leveraging The Different Thinking Styles Of Your Teams

General Leadership

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” ” Helen Keller. Whether we’re at work or at home, to varying degrees, those around us don’t value or see events, situations or issues the we do or in the ways we prefer they would. Chris R.

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Turning Observation into Innovation

Leading Blog

E VERYONE WANTS to be an innovator. Every organization wants to be innovative; it doesn’t matter if it’s a church, a for-profit or non-profit business, or a government agency. To not be innovative is to risk being left behind. But how many of us are truly innovative?

That’s It! Let Millennials Go

Lead Change Blog

When is the last time you used or heard the word “Millennial”? How do people say it in your leadership circles? Is it a term of endearment or a scathing word that’s akin to hearing fingernails scrape a chalkboard? If I were to guess, based on what I see floating by on social media these days, it’s probably the latter. In fact, just this morning another “Can you believe Millennials?” style video got tossed my direction, complete with eye-rolls and disbelief about younger coworkers.

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Self-Defeating Behavior

Career Advancement

“Those who say life is knocking them down and giving them a tough time are usually the first to beat themselves up. Be on your own side.”. Rasheed Ogunlaru~.

3 Things All Business Owners Need to Know About Risk-Taking

Strategy Driven

As pivotal as it is to be systematic and strategic with everything that you do in business, you also have to be open to a spot of risk-taking from time to time. To ready yourself for when that time comes for you, you need to know a few very important things.

Are You Prepared for Your Leadership Journey?

Kevin Eikenberry

When I ask a question like this, it presupposes something – that you believe that leadership is a journey. So while I want you to consider whether or not you are ready for your leadership journey, I am starting by suggesting that you must see it as a journey before you can prepare for it. […].

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The Cost of Unclear Expectations

Nathan Magnuson

I’m told that one quote preachers try to live by is, “If it’s foggy in the pulpit, it’s cloudy in the pew.” ” In other words, as the leader and communicator, if you’re unclear about any part of your message, it’s a sure bet everyone else is as well. You don’t have to be a preacher to risk setting unclear expectations. If you’re responsible for performance outcomes of any kind, unclear expectations could be your biggest kryptonite.

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The Assumptions Lurk


We are programmed by our assumptions. Many of them are instinctive and survival-driven, such as "It is wise to be cautious when you sense that something isn't quite right." What needs serious review, however, are the ones which for whatever reason, we casually adopted years ago.

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7 Ways To Finance Your Business

Strategy Driven

Financing a business can be a big obstacle for new startups and established companies alike. It isn’t always easy or even possible to obtain funding through the usual channels, especially if you have no track record to show lenders or investors, and without the money required, it can mean that the business simply cannot succeed.

Get Ready


The election will soon be over. Photo by Michael Dam at Unsplash


How to effectively transition into a new role

Lead on Purpose

For most organizations, individuals starting a new job have 90 days to prove themselves. What happens during this critical time can make or break your career. Your goal is to get as rapidly as possible to the break-even point. This … Continue reading → Team Building balance preparation strategy success transition

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In the Spirit of Shackleton


Consider the expedition of Captain Rudd and what you'll be doing over the next 75 days. Photo by Una Miller at Unsplash] [HT: Hilary


Flipping Websites: Is It Still a Good Business Idea?

Women on Business

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Should Periodically Be Re-Read



3 People to Share Dreams With Today

Jason Womack

When you think about the future, what comes to mind? Do you start with work and go to life? Do you start with family and then go to career? Can you imagine your work/life a year from now? Can you. Balance MITs - Most Important Things

Career 130

"The Peace of Paper"


Steve Wozniak, the uber-geek co-founder of Apple, gave a speech a few years ago when I was in the audience. I’d heard he carried four or five smartphones around at any time that he was testing out, so I expected him to read from one of them, or maybe from an iPad.

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Leadership Caffeine™—A Simple Hack to Resuscitate Your Positive Attitude

Management Excellence

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Quick Look


The trailer for "The Art of War


One Important Way to Enjoy Your Leadership (and Life) More

Lead from Within

For leaders everywhere life can sometimes feel like a barrage of responsibilities, commitments, and things to do. It’s easy to allow them to weigh you down, and at times they can even get in the way of your sense of enjoyment.

Do union-represented moms earn paid maternity leave easier?

HR Digest

Working mothers represented by unions are 17% more likely to use paid maternity leave than mothers not represented by unions. All workers expecting a new baby have the same worry: can she take maternity leave? What are the conditions surrounding it? Will she receive compensation? How can the government help with maternity leave conditions? Policymakers struggle to facilitate paid maternity leave for working mothers and the same trouble is faced by workers in different countries.

Four Day Seminar with Dr. Deming Videos

Deming Institute

Guest post by John Hunter , author of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog (since 2004). The W. Edwards Deming Institute provides online access to a recording, from 1992, of Dr. Deming’s Four-Day Seminar.

Healthcare HR Recruiting Manager – Clinical Management Consultants – Malone, NY

HR Digest

HR Jobs. A small, yet impressive hospital system in the northern New York region is eagerly looking to bring a dynamic Healthcare HR Recruiting Manager on board. 58,832 - $86,738 a year From Clinical Management Consultants - Mon, 05 Nov 2018 22:47:30 GMT - View all Malone, NY jobs. Healthcare HR Recruiting Manager - Clinical Management Consultants - Malone, NY. The post Healthcare HR Recruiting Manager – Clinical Management Consultants – Malone, NY appeared first on The HR Digest.

Research: Self-Disruption Can Hurt the Companies That Need It the Most

Harvard Business Review

Fuse/Getty Images. When innovations threaten to disrupt an industry by replacing an old business model with a new one, incumbents need to invest in that model in order to survive. That’s the conventional wisdom, and it’s given rise to popular mantra “Disrupt or Be Disrupted.”

Using Experiments to Launch New Products

Harvard Business Review

Martyn Goddard/Getty Images. More than ever before, managers are using large-scale randomized controlled trials (i.e., experiments) to guide decisions. This has led to impressive gains for organizations ranging from Amazon to the UK government.

Can AI Address Health Care’s Red-Tape Problem?

Harvard Business Review

Westend61/Getty Images. Productivity in the United States’ health care industry is declining — and has been ever since World War II. As the cost of treating patients continues to rise, life expectancy in America is beginning to fall.

Sisterhood Is Scarce

Harvard Business Review

From the Women at Work podcast: Listen and subscribe to our podcast via Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS. Download the discussion guide for this episode. Join our online community. Download this podcast. The glass ceiling is the classic symbol of the barrier women bump into as we go through our careers. But for women of color, that barrier is more like a concrete wall. If we’re going to reduce workplace sexism and racism, women of all ethnicities need to work together.