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Five Principles of Encouragement From a Seven Sentence Email

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Dan – I hope you are doing great! I watched your video about five ideas to avoid complaining and really enjoyed it. Thank you! Also – while I was watching the video… Continue reading → Encouragement Feedback Leadership Development organizational success

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5 Easy Ways to Look and Feel More Confident in Business and Life

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The Power Of Asking, Why Not?

Eric Jacobson

Early on in Eli Broad's book, The Art of Being Unresaonable , he reminds us of the power of a child's instinctive asking, " Why not? Unfortunately, most adults lose that habit and Broad goes on to explain that it was his continuing to ask "Why not?" throughout his career that brought him success. "

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4 Benefits of Incorporating Customer Service Into Your Marketing Strategy

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It is no secret that customer service can make or break a business. When customers are satisfied with the products or services that your business provides, they are more likely to continue doing business with your company.