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How to Celebrate Your Birthday – and Every Day

Kevin Eikenberry

It’s my sister Paula’s birthday. Several years ago I wrote a post on her birthday, and later I wrote a post about ways to celebrate your birthday. I reprise and update them today, as a way to tell my little Sis happy birthday, and give us all something to think about. Happy [.]. Creativity Learning Personal Development birthdays celebration

Transforming Perceptions: 10 Steps to Managing the Way You Are Perceived at Work

Great Leadership By Dan

Here's a guest post from executive coach Joel Garfinkle, from his new book, Getting Ahead: Success at work starts with positive perceptions. If your boss and co-workers have a negative image of you, it's a pretty good bet you won't be getting a promotion anytime soon.

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Samurai Bookkeeping

Tony Mayo

Years ago, while I was establishing myself in a new executive coaching practice, I supported my family by working as a part-time, outsourced CFO. Here is a reminiscence of a deep learning I earned during one of those accounting gigs. I sought help from my own coach with the very difficult [.]. For Executives Attachment Conflict Freedom

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Speak Your Truth To Power

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development What we love in childhood often comes back to us with an “ah-ha!” weaving a tighter pattern when we look back over the tapestry of our life and finally see where that pretty colorful thread we once played with has lead us in maturity. Reflective leaders usually have many such stories at play in their [.] Speak Your Truth To Power. Leadership Development Career courage power take a risk take a stand truth

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The Simple Truth of Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

Our current society seems to validate leadership when it’s supported by complex, intellectualized back-up material. And no one seems to question it. As a matter of fact, every day more research gets financed and leadership models are produced to “improve the leadership dynamics” as we know them. This has led to a wild growth of information [.].

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Performance Excellence: Connecting Strategy Execution to Results - Webinar

Six Disciplines

Join Strategy Execution Advisors (a Six Disciplines Partner) for their latest webinar: Date: Friday, October 7, 2011 Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT. Organizations spend thousands of dollars on time planning, communicating and reporting progress on plans; unfortunately most underperform. Join us for a 60-minute complimentary webinar where you'll learn: What is a planning calendar and how can I benefit by using one in my organization? What is does a good strategy plan look like?

How to Magnify the Impact of Your Strengths

Leadership Freak

“A man should never be appointed to a managerial position if his vision focuses on people’s weaknesses rather than on their strengths. The man who always knows what people cannot do, but never sees what they can do, will undermine the spirit of the organization,” Peter Drucker. John Zenger, co-author of the HBR article, Making [.]. Interview Marks of leaders Strengths weaknesses Leadership Development

Are You Creating A Toxic Workplace? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions To Find Out

Tanveer Naseer

Imagine working for an organization where one of the senior managers insists on yelling at his employees because he believes it’s the surest way to garner the respect of those he leads and now, the front-line managers are beginning to follow his example by yelling at their team members.

In the Trenches


We live in a world with many self-proclaimed “experts.” There is no shortage of hubris and bravado. No field of study/endeavor is exempt. Music. Athletics. Business. Military. Academics. Leadership. Church. … It’s amazing to me how this works.

The ONE thing that is holding back the human resource in Thailand…

Talent Technologies

The ‘human resource’ in Thailand undoubtedly faces many challenges.

Catalyst East 2011: Welcome to Atlanta

Ron Edmondson

I’m excited about being at Catalyst East in Atlanta again this week. Look for multiple posts each day this week. I’ll try to give you the content I hear in an easy-to-read format. Are you here this week? Do you want to shake hands? DM me on Twitter. Thanks for reading this blog.

Survive and Thrive

Women on Business

One thing women are good at dealing with is change, especially women business owners and entrepreneurs. We adapt, change and morph with the times. It’s how women and women-owned businesses still thrive. A Citibank survey shows that women still have hope that their own personal financial situation will change for the better, despite what is going on with most of the economic world. This is because women are changing their habits and adapting to survive and thrive!

Here is the October, 2011 New York Times Hardcover Business Best Sellers List

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is the October, 2011 New York Times Best Sellers Hardcover Business Books list. As I regularly note, there are some “long-time” titles on this list (Drive; Delivering Happiness; 4-Hour Workweek; Strenghts-Based Leadership). But there are some new titles this month. The new Friedman and Maddelbaum book, That Used to Be Us, is number one. Basically, [.]. Randy's blog entries New York Times Business Best Sellers

Books 16

The Importance of Girls

Women on Business

This week is “The Girl Effect Blogging Campaign” week. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of women around the world are blogging about The Girl Effect this week. link]. The campaign is asking women to use their voice… asking women to add their voice to the many voices working to raise awareness about the connection between the development of girls and the development of a peaceful thriving world. This campaign is not about investing in girls to the exclusion of boys.

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What is on your own “one piece of paper”?

First Friday Book Synopsis

I agree with Albert Einstein that it is important to “make everything as simple as possible but no simpler.” ” One of the best exercises for learning how to do that is what Mike Figliuolo introduces in his new book, One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership, published by Jossey-Bass (October, 2011). [.].

What Happened to Vision? Your Thoughts?

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Here’s a question I have been mulling over for awhile. I don’t have the answer and am hoping your responses will help provide some clarity. In the 1980’s and 90’s there was great interest in the topic of vision. Countless books, articles, and studies addressed the topic.

Top 45 Blogs for Business Majors Includes WomenOnBusiness.com

Women on Business

This week, DegreeJungle.com released its list of the top 45 blogs for business majors , and WomenOnBusiness.com ranked 27th on the list! The WomenOnBusiness.com blog is in good company on this list.

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Forget Old Biz Myths @alevit

Management Craft

My pal, Alexandra Levit, has a cool new book out about myths called, Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can't Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success (great title BTW). I asked her if she would share a post about the book with my readers and here it is. These are important and I would encourage you to pick up the book for anyone who is at a career crossroad/restart/start. Thanks, Alexandra! To Succeed Today, Forget the Old Business Myths. By Alexandra Levit.

Why true leadership involves less talking and more listening

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development [link] Mary C. Schaefer, speaker, coach, trainer and consultant is this week’s contributing author on SmartBlog for Leadership. Click on the title above to read her insightful post about leading with your ears not your lips. Why true leadership involves less talking and more listening. Leadership Development

Putting Steve Jobs in perspective

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an especially insightful article written by Nancy Koehn. It is part of The Washington Post‘s recent On Leadership roundtable exploring Tim Cook’s succession of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, and how to follow in the footsteps of an icon. At the conclusion of the excerpt, I provide links to [.]. Bob's blog entries Andrew Carnegie Estée Lauder Harvard Business School Henry Ford here's how to lead Apple IBM John Rockefeller Jr.


Israel at the Intersection

Chris Brady

Stone steps great my weary feet once again, while the sun keeps up its constant beaming from above, pounding on my hat and searing my skin. The bag on my back, though small, irritates me from long. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Travel

The 5 Top People Skills for Parents of Teenagers

Building Personal Strength

There are five people/communication skills that are so important to parenting a teenager that the failure to use any one of them - even just once - can cause problems in a relationship. My research of the literature has taught me that there are actually nearly 100 different people skills.

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world?

My Own Coach

Here''s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do! coaching change leadership leadership coaching

Innovative Leadership in the Wild


This is guest post from Bob Lieberman. Bob Lieberman is a business leadership consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. His company, Cultivating Creativity, LLC (cultivatingcreativity.net) helps other companies increase their ability to perform and adapt, by capitalizing on the creative potential of the talent they already have. You can find more at [link]. I’ve just finished reading another good article about an innovator’s need to open the mind.

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Four Reminders When You Are Pursuing New Goals for Life and Work

Leaders. Better. Brighter.

Gaining support is a very important part of achieving ongoing success. It’s actually very wise to gain the support of those who can encourage you at those times when you might lose focus or even your level of commitment for a moment.

Innovative Leadership in the Wild


This is guest post from Bob Lieberman. Bob Lieberman is a business leadership consultant based in the Pacific Northwest. His company, Cultivating Creativity, LLC (cultivatingcreativity.net) helps other companies increase their ability to perform and adapt, by capitalizing on the creative potential of the talent they already have. You can find more at [link]. I’ve just finished reading another good article about an innovator’s need to open the mind.

How to Test Your Advertising Quickly, Cheaply, and Effectively

Harvard Business Review

When I practice my standup routines in front of the mirror, I'm a comic genius. Everything seems hilarious and insightful. Yet when I perform in public, the feedback is, shall we say, more varied (especially when it's fueled by half-price bottles of Pabst Blue Ribbon). But I don't mind the feedback.

Check the Shadowy Corners and the Back Row


Here's a thought-provoking piece at The Hammock Papers on innovation

The Protests and the Metamovement

Harvard Business Review

Across the globe, protests are rippling out like vectors in an epidemic. I believe that we're witnessing the rise of a global Metamovement. The Metamovement is a movement of movements. Not all these movements are similar, and no two are exactly like.

Management Ramblings


Always hire the best qualified person. Understate your case. Do what you say you will do. Err on the side of overcoordination. Return calls promptly. Don't schedule meetings unless there is a clear reason for doing so. Consider the person who carries the heaviest burden. Do the unpleasant task first.

Ten Reasons Amazon Kindle Fire Will Succeed

Harvard Business Review

Apple is a formidable player in the tablet market with almost 30 million iPads sold to-date. Similar tablets from Samsung, RIM, HP and others have struggled to make any dent in the iPad market. And now comes Amazon's Fire. Will it succeed? I think so. Here are my 10 reasons why Amazon has a very good chance to take a big bite out of Apple's iPad business: 1. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO considers Fire as a service rather than a device.

Book Review: Preventing Stress in Organisations

Chartered Management Institute

This is a very practical book, useful, and perhaps indispensable, to managers at all levels. The narrative leads the reader clearly through the theoretical and research background to the detailed guidance on how to develop positive management approaches to reduce or eliminate stress from the organisation. Review by David Stephens FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Become an Extraordinary Leader

Harvard Business Review

Here's a short quiz: When you brought your report card home in high school did your parents: A) zero in on the C's and say, "What's the matter here?". B) focus the A-minuses, pat you on the back, and say, "Great job, now let's push these up to A's"? If you're typical of the high-potential leaders I work with, you experienced A. And I suspect that wasn't only your parent's reaction, it was yours as well — and not just for your report cards but for your performance reviews. And why not?

Service Process Review Will Improve Your Bottom Line ? Michael.

Michael VanBruaene