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Harry Potter as Servant Leader

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This past Monday night, my wife Diane and I had a once a lifetime experience. We got to attend the red carpet premiere of the last Harry Potter movie at Lincoln Center in New York. Diane has to be. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership

5 Leadership Lessons: What Went Wrong? Car Guys vs. Bean Counters

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In Car Guys vs. Bean Counters , legendary auto executive Bob Lutz gives an eye-opening account about what went wrong in the U.S. auto industry, with details of behind the scenes activities. He puts “numbers” in perspective. Too often they are used to overrule common sense. Where,” Lutz asks, “is the business school that preaches, above all, acceptance of the obvious, simplicity, and that uncommon virtue, common sense?”

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How To Lead Generation “Y”

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The members of the demographic, commonly known as Generation “Y” were born between the years 1981 and 1994, which makes them ages 17 to 30 in year 2011. They are the young up-and-coming leaders of society. There are a lot of them, and since they will soon fill most of the jobs being given up [.]. Servant Leadership business Coaching leadership Leadership Development Management

The Mentoring Survey: Results

Ron Edmondson

Last week I introduced the mentoring Survey. You are free to take the survey if you haven’t yet. You’ll find it HERE. I’ll continue to update any significant changes or swing in numbers, which may occur.

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Have you noticed the two new badges on our left sidebar? We’re honored to be featured on both Alltop and Leadership Digital, two great sources of management insight and advice. Alltop is a content aggregator developed by Guy Kawasaki, Will Mayall and Kathryn Henkens.

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Social Boom

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I am never sure how much personal information to share on my blog. My usual formula is 10% personal and 90% business/self development. And of course lots of book reviews. I realize how lucky I am to be healthy. It is a privilege to be able to walk, run, carry things etc. I had minor surgery on my knee Wednesday and now have to keep my leg straight to let the stitches heal. So - no running or gardening for a few weeks. Cannot even do pushups.

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3 Ways to Think like a Designer

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Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here. Good designers see the world differently. Their unique views enable them to come up with new products and innovations that leave the rest of us envious. Here are [.]. Bob's blog entries "How Good Designers Think" 3 Ways to Think like a Designer Harvard Business Review. HBR newsletters Management Tip of the Day Simon Rucker

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5 ways to stop your mobile phone from being hacked

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It's been hard to escape the News of the World scandal over the past week. Like many I had kind of assumed that the people doing the hacking of voice mail accounts were evil whiz kids, you know, the kind of people you'd find on the baddies side in a Bond movie. Alas it appears that the default setting in a lot of mobile phones makes hacking into them the digital equivalent of taking candy from a baby. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

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Photo Inquiry Friday: The Team Develops and Utilizes Trust?

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Creating metrics to evaluate effectiveness of team development programs can be challenging. Attempting to get the sponsor (usually person who is paying C-level of VP level) to define what they see as great teamwork takes time.

Surviving the Serengeti: A book review by Bob Morris

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Surviving the Serengeti: 7 Skills To Master Business and Life Stefan Swanepoel John Wiley & Sons (2011) A parable for success that sometimes requires a perilous journey of self-discovery Fables may well be among the earliest forms of storytelling and remain popular among several business thinkers, notably Stephen Denning and Patrick Lencione. Personally, I have [.].

Mini Saga #117 – Original

Rajesh Setty

Original is rarely “too obvious.”. Mini Saga #117 – Original. When John presented his idea, the other members of leadership team couldn’t stop laughing. It seemed ridiculous. Frank asked John to come and see him in his office.

The Key Element Your LinkedIn Profile Is Probably Missing

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Here is an article written by Jeff Haden for BNET, The CBS Interactive Business Network. To check out an abundance of valuable resources and obtain a free subscription to one or more of the BNET newsletters, please click here. * * * I think LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for professional and business [.].

Possibility Maximizer: Powerful Beyond Measure from Tony Robbins

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Happy Friday - I hope you have had a wonderful week and are ready to end it on a high note! Each Friday I like to highlight a resource that I have found to be beneficial in my never ending quest to Maximize Possibility and get the most out of life. Today I have a powerful video from Tony Robbins that I am confident you will find moving and inspirational. Enjoy!

40 Business Lessons to Learn from Southwest Airlines.

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Here is an excerpt from an article featured in the July issue of Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine. These are the first five and the last two. To read the complete article, a “must read,&# please click here. * * * Whether you’re founding a company or just want to look brilliant, take some cues from [.]. Bob's blog entries 40 Business Lessons to learn from Southwest Airlines A legend is an asset. a whiskey-stained version of the Magna Carta Crazy is no liability.

Leadership Lessons from the High Seas

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Note from Art: great friend and valued former colleague, Chris Colbert, graciously supplied this wonderful post following his recent experience with his sons and Scout troop at Sea Base. Here are 12 leadership lessons that Chris and the Scouts learned along the way: Career Fresh Voices Leadership Leadership Skills Life and Business Values Leadership Lessons from Life Scouts Sea Base

Team Mascots


The New Republic has a slide show of controversial athletic team mascots. Although the article omits Scottsdale Community College's Fighting Artichokes , I could not resist adding the picture of their mascot

Are You a Good Fit for Potential Employers?

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Determining if you are a good fit for an employer and vice-versa is not always as hard as it might seem. As I describe in my book Career Mapping : Charting Your Course in the New World of Work , you first need to have decided that you want to work in the industry in which the company does business.

Fresh Thinking


I read Nicholas Bate every day. Here's a reason why


The Best of Harvey Mackay - 17 Great Quotes

Building Personal Strength

Harvey Mackay - publicity photo Have you ever read Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive (1995) or Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt (1990)? They're two of Harvey Mackay's best-selling success books.

Have Workshops. Will Travel.


This was a good day. Decision made. I'm getting back in the open seminars biz after having spent years of almost exclusively conducting in-house sessions. Conducting workshops is both exhilarating and exhausting. My favorite part has always been the interactions with class members as we've explored ideas and approaches.

Rupert Murdoch And Schadenfreude

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Pleasure derived from the misfortune of that part of what's going on re Rupert Murdoch ? How did so many people get so far under his thumb? Well, we know why. Desire for influence. Greed. Ambition. Looks like everyone is out to get Rupert since the scandal broke out in the UK. .



Doctor Wade's prescription : Go to The Hammock Papers. Read the entry. You'll be better


Waiting to be found out!

My Own Coach

Are you waiting to be found out? There seems to be a common misconception held that those at the top are confident in themselves and their abilities. However, the more time I spend in the company of leaders - often hugely successful in their own field - the more I hear them say "I don''t know how I get away with it!" Is there an underlying lack of confidence that drives this? Or is it just false modesty?

Movie Business Memories


Some great Hollywood stories - and story-telling - from The Dick Cavett Show : Orson Welles Robert Altman, Mel Brooks, Peter Bogdanovich, and Frank Capra Frank Capra talks about "Lost Horizon

Closeout for 7.15.11


Every friday we review the posts from LeaderLab contributors that has appeared on this blog and elsewhere online. We announced our partnership with organizational scholars to conduct research on ethical climate. If you have 5-10 minutes, please help us out by filling out a brief survey. We posted a review of Dr. Michael Roberto’s new course “Transformational Leadership&# released by The Great Courses.

Global Weirding


This is almost exactly the wrong way to raise leaders for tumultuous times. We need Teddy Roosevelts, Winston Churchills, Harriet Stowes and Alexander Hamiltons. We are producing legions of promotion-hungry bureaucrats and narrow specialists with no knowledge of or interest in the tumult and chaos that inevitably rises up in times like ours. We then place them in large, bureaucratically run institutions and expect them to deal creatively with the unexpected, the revolutionary and the totally new.

Find a Fresh Perspective in a Comfortable Gig

Harvard Business Review

Familiarity, as it relates to management, may not breed contempt — but it does contribute to lazy thinking. Almost anyone who works in an organization long enough begins to adopt a "same old same old" view of problems as well as opportunities. By default, they implement tried and true approaches to problems, not because they'll always work, but because they're not thinking about doing things differently.

Quote of the Day


I started at the top and worked my way down. Orson Welles


HR Ninjas?


This post by Paul Hebert regarding HR Stealth Ninjas deserves a lot of discussion in HR circles because it goes to the role and clout of HR