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Introverts and Extroverts

Coaching Tip

Many people believe that introverts, by definition, are shy and extroverts are outgoing. This is incorrect. Introverts and extroverts differ in how they process information. Introverts get their energy internally. Extroverts gain energy from being with other people, often the more the merrier. There are shy extroverts and outgoing introverts. Most of us have a little of both in us, but lean one way or the other.

3 Guiding Principles For Quality Employee Engagement

The Leadership Advisor

Ahhhh…employee engagement. One of my favorite subjects. So many folks are talking about it and singing its praises, and rightly so. A fair few of the business metrics that the CFOs and number crunching crowd are so excited about are directly or indirectly affected by employee engagement.

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The Danger of the Mundane…And How to Fight It…

Ron Edmondson

A danger exists in completing the routine tasks you have to do… Routine assignments at work….

Stop! Your Words are Killing Me!


Congratulations! You got that promotion. Now you believe that you have to let everyone around you know everything you know. You tell them everything, but just can’t figure out why they don’t get it. Your words are killing them, and may also be sinking your organization. The problem is that there are too

Leading Views: Four Ways to Change

Leading Blog

We know what to do to make people happy at work says Brian Tracy.

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If You Don't Ask. Getting the Business Help You Need By Judy Katz

Women's Leadership Exchange

My sweet little grandmother used to advise me all the time, 'Judy darling, remember: If you don't ask, you don't get.'. For too many years I did not take Grandma's sage advice. Building my business, I was busy being all things to a small group of people (clients, family, friends) and some things to a larger group of people (everyone else), with little left for myself. Admitting that I couldn't handle everything myself? Not this juggling fool.

Katz 22

Another Nail in the Leadership Ethics Coffin?

Linked 2 Leadership

Once again the personal ethics of a national leader is brought into question. Leaders are legendary for moral lapses and Anthony Weiner is latest in a long line of those who have slid down that slippery slope of moral mis-management. Rolling Down Hill What needs to be remembered by all leaders is the impact that [.]. Values Measurements

Make Sure You Have at Least One of These…

Ron Edmondson

What I Learned From Calvin Coolidge (Again)

Terry Starbucker

Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the US. I was thinking a lot about “success&# today, and what it takes to get there, however we define it.

How do you determine what someone values about their work? ASK THEM!

Create Learning

Content from the Relevance Enneagram Model. The first area of determining what a person values about their work requires the manager to talk with them, observe them and for YOU to know and share what you value about your work. Do Something. Read the questions below.

Team 14

How to Hire & Manage Consultants

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. While you might be lucky enough to survive in business with little or no advice from others, you will certainly not maximize your potential for success by doing so.

What To Ask Your Team Before Acting On Their Recommendation

Eric Jacobson

There's a great article in the June issue of the Harvard Business Review by Daniel Kahneman that includes a 12-question checklist that is designed to unearth cognitive biases of teams making recommendations that leaders take into consideration before they make their decisions. The questions include those the leaders should ask themselves and questions they should use to challenge the people proposing a course of action.

Leaders – Lapses in Judgment

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Over the last month and a half, two things caught my attention, namely the scandal with former IMF chief Dominique Strauss and the precipitous fall of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Each of them has a long history of service in their respective fields and was well respected by their constituents. What happened? What caused them [.] Leaders – Lapses in Judgment. Leadership Development Character Responsibility values

Fascinating Numbers – What Employees Want From Your Firm In These Difficult Economic Times

Management is a Journey

We all know that the downturn in the economy has affected the entire country. For organizational leaders and operational managers, it has made their already difficult roles even more complicated. Keeping staff members motivated and managing the organization’s talent pool are particularly tough when over 60% of US firms have taken four or more cost [.].

Quote of the Day


You've got to think about big things while you're doing small things so that all the small things go in the right direction. Alvin Toffler


Why I Write About Personal Strengths

Building Personal Strength

Forty-five years ago, when I was a young lieutenant, I attended three months of training at the Army Ranger School, where I learned a lot of difficult combat skills.

Why Missions Statements Suck


I’m not arguing against a clear definition of where a company is going and what sets it apart. My beef is with the way the particular corporation’s guiding principle is expressed; it is generally verbose, convoluted and incapable of resonating with employees or inspiring them. I’m not the first person to say this. Yet, companies large and small from start-ups to blue chippers continue to err in crafting compelling, single-minded mantras.

People don’t care about NLP, TA, and other tools and methods – why do we get so besotted by them?

Rapid BI

People don't care about NLP The majority of our customers do not care if we use NLP, TA, Solution focus, ID, ABC or 123 methods. 99% of the time they just think this is irrelevant jargon - they just want their problem removed or the job they want to do easier or increased performance. Management customer HR nlp problem solving psychology sales tools

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your Career and Your Relationship

Women on Business

Guest post by Susie Collins (learn more about Susie at the end of this post). The tension and stress have been there for, it seems, all time. Historically, as more and more women entered the paid workforce, more and more women felt the tug and pull. It continues today. There are a growing number of career opportunities for women these days. While discrimination has certainly not disappeared, there are more women holding higher-paying and higher authority jobs than in the past.

Why Missions Statements Suck


I’m not arguing against a clear definition of where a company is going and what sets it apart. My beef is with the way the particular corporation’s guiding principle is expressed; it is generally verbose, convoluted and incapable of resonating with employees or inspiring them. I’m not the first person to say this. Yet, companies large and small from start-ups to blue chippers continue to err in crafting compelling, single-minded mantras.

Our Dell Dance to the ‘Bureaucratic Boogie’ Highlights a Common Service Breakdown

The Practical Leader

The CLEMMER Group has been purchasing our computer equipment from Dell since we began in 1994. We like their technology, customizing equipment to our needs, value, and next day onsite service. That may change.

Waiting for Your Ship to Come In?


Take some time today and read the poem by Colin Hay that is posted at The Hammock Papers


The Scary Statistics About Status Meetings

Six Disciplines

In a recent 2011 survey about status meetings, conducted by Harris Interactive of 2,373 information workers found: 70 percent don’t believe status meetings help them accomplish work tasks. Almost 40 percent feel that such meetings are a waste of time. Even though 55 percent spend one to three hours per week attending such meetings. The survey defined a "status meeting" as one in which team members are updated on progress and completion of tasks.

Miscellaneous and Fast


No choices : A celebrity opines. Cultural Offering : Where Gould is king. Eclecticity : Where does he find this stuff ? Michael P. Maslanka : Court case on bias against a group other than the plaintiff's. Wally Bock recalls an episode of effective and unspoken communication. Rick Knowles gives an update on his sugar-free diet. Rob Long wonders about the intelligence of people in their 20's. Anderson Layman's Blog : Trouble with Facebook

Make Your Company a Habit

Harvard Business Review

What makes you effective at work? Perhaps you'd say it is your excellent communication skills, your deep background in your field, or perhaps your ability to think on your feet. Chances are, you wouldn't focus much on your habits. Yet your routines are a powerful force that affects your daily behavior. Habits are associations that relate aspects of your world to an action. Your brain is a habit creating machine that allows you to perform those actions without having to think.

Economy of Effort


Winston Churchill once ascribed his success to economy of effort. He advised not to stand when you can sit and not to sit when you can lie down. Examples of that practice: Taking naps. A mere 10 to 15 minutes can work wonders. Putting your feet up. Bring back the foot rests. Working in bed. Churchill had dispatch boxes. Similar ones can be purchased in fine office supply stores. Dictating letters.

Violence Interruptors


In a new documentary called The Interruptors. Live at Aspen Ideas Festivals interviews one of the main Interruptors. Eddie describes the work as dangerous and rewarding even though he fails more than he succeeds. This is necessary works it has become the character of those neighborhoods.

More Economy of Effort


Note this post from FutureLawyer on economy of effort. I will definitely be checking out ExpressDictate

Mini Saga #103 – Message

Rajesh Setty

For most people, lack of knowledge is not the problem, lack of action is. Mini Saga #102 – Uncertainty. The time to act is now.” – that’s what the post card said. Frank simply smiled. He got that post card every first day of the month.

Talk of the Nation at Aspen Institute


NPR Talk of the Nation with Neal Konan live from Aspen Institute. Ken Rudin – Political Junkie. States that Three governors have been convicted and sent to prison. And soon to be four! What this does speak to is the change in ethics in leadership. The state that is second place for sending Governors to Prison -West Virginia. General Aspen institute

Are You Proud of the Email that You Just Wrote?

Utpal Writes

The energy and time you put into writing emails should be applauded. It gets people to change their thoughts. It coaxes some people into taking decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have taken. If you guess it wouldn’t work, then what’s the point of writing that email? Then, are you responsible for what happens once you hit the ‘Send’ button in your email client?

Apple's News Platform Battle

Harvard Business Review

An interesting battle is looming over Apple's newspaper and magazines subscription pricing for iOS devices (notably the iPad). Apple's offer to publishers is simple. They can offer an app that allows consumers to buy individual issues of their content or to subscribe to it from within the app; the publisher sets the pricing. But Apple will take a 30 percent cut of the revenues and it will also require the publisher not to undercut the price offered to iPad app users.

Barnes & Noble's Smart Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Faced with an eroding core business, most companies seem to do.nothing. In the media and entertainment industry, look at Blockbuster's lackluster embrace of mail delivery and video streaming, newspapers' mainly tepid moves into digital publishing, and television networks' doubling-down on a small number of hot shows.